Biden’s SOTU Was A Combination Of Unicorn Dreams & Unicorn Poop

Biden’s SOTU was a combination of unicorn dreams and unicorn poop

By: Andrea Widburg

A hopped-up Biden, who must have ingested a pharmacy to stay up so late, gave an hour-long state of the union speech that opened with a rousing few minutes about a war in which we have no part and went down from there. He rewrote history, misstated facts, and insisted that the government, using our tax dollars, can end inflation and create full employment, all without increasing our energy output.

The speech was a combination of unicorn dreams and unicorn poop. Through it all, the trained seals in the audience…er, members of Congress clapped and cheered. Not that there were that many of them. A few (like the decrepit Jerry Nadler) had ditched the masks but the Democrats rigorously maintained social distancing, limiting the audience size. But about the speech.

Joe ignored the usual presidential habit of opening the state of the union by talking about America and the American people. He spent several minutes giving a rousing cheer for Ukraine and its president. Matt Margolis tweeted that “Joe Biden is trying to rebrand as a wartime president” and Stephen Green noted that “He’s giving a victory speech for a war that isn’t over and we haven’t won.” Biden even gave a call out to the “hearts and souls of the Iranian people.” Ukrainians wondered about that.

Biden explained that, regarding Ukraine, “We prepared extensively and carefully.” That’s a bizarre statement considering he did nothing to stop the attack, saw European leaders negotiate with Putin without U.S. involvement and, now, Putin is escalating the attack.

The smartest thing Biden said—and God willing he sticks with it to avoid WWIII—was “Let me be clear: Our forces are not engaged and will not engage in conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine,” although they will be on the ground in NATO countries.

Biden obliquely acknowledged high fuel prices but pretended they were related to Ukraine. He promised to release “30 Million barrels from our own Strategic Petroleum Reserve.” Don’t be impressed. That’s 1.5 days’ worth of America’s average oil consumption.

As always, Biden brought in his childhood in Scranton and his sainted Dad looking for work. He lambasted the Trump tax cut, which got the economy humming, and celebrated his stimulus, which got inflation humming. When he boasted about creating 6.5 million jobs, he ignored that (a) this resulted from re-opening old jobs following the lockdown and (b) that unemployment is higher than it was under Trump—and that doesn’t count those who dropped out of the workforce.

Although Democrat policies have destroyed the middle class, Biden sang a paean to the middle class, promising the infrastructure it deserves. While celebrating hard infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.), he ignored that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s idea of doing that is to end road racism—although I guess he gave it a nod when he promised to “withstand the devastating effects of the climate crisis and promote environmental justice.”

Sounding like a Republican, Biden promised to buy American—except what he wants to buy is a fleet of electric cars, which will power from an electric grid that doesn’t exist, that will eventually require fossil fuel from…Russia, I guess.

Biden shilled for Intel which is preparing to build a manufacturing plant in Ohio. Except Intel wants to shake down the American taxpayer: “Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, who is here tonight, told me they are ready to increase their investment from $20 billion to $100 billion. That would be one of the biggest investments in manufacturing in American history. And all they’re waiting for is for you to pass this bill.” Intel isn’t putting up the money. If Biden can get his “Innovation Act” passed, you are.

Image: Biden State of the Union Address, with Kamala thinking “I could do better” and Nancy sucking her dentures. YouTube screen grab.

When Biden finally got around to acknowledging inflation, he explained it was all because of supply chain problems, without mentioning printing money or destroying America’s energy sector. He wants manufacturing to come back to America. You might even recognize his slogan: “I call it Building a Better America.” Trump had MAGA; Biden has BABA. Biden has plans to make this happen.

Biden’s going to lower the insulin costs that Trump actually lowered and that Biden, with one of his first executive orders, raised again. Biden’s plan is price controls. This doesn’t mean Biden’s turning against Big Pharma. Later in the speech, he established that Big Pharma will continue to make bank off Biden’s COVID “vaccine” and “treatment” policies. For Big Pharma, making Biden look good on insulin is a small price to pay.

Biden also risibly announced that his plan will “cut energy costs for families an average of $500 a year by combatting climate change.” His green energy plans copy Germany’s, where greenies dramatically increased everyone’s energy costs, not only leading to brown-outs and rationing but forcing Germany to produce videos showing old people how to heat their homes with ad hoc space heaters made from flower pots (per a now-unavailable article at RT).

Because Democrats have never figured out that corporations don’t pay taxes, Biden plans to raise taxes there. (Corporations may write the checks but all the out-of-corporate-pocket expenses are passed on to workers in the form of lower wages and consumers in the form of higher prices.) He explained he’ll keep companies in America through a global minimum tax rate. I doubt it.

Other plans included:

  1. More vaccines (and we must “continue vaccinating the world”).

  2. Grabbing “assault weapons,” which means semi-automatics, which means AR-15s. One would think that events in Ukraine will forever end any gun-grabbing arguments but not for Biden.

  3. Making gun manufacturers liable because, he says, they aren’t. In fact, they are liable if their product fails, not if it properly expels a projectile.

  4. To FUND the police,” a big applause line from the same trained seals who just recently wanted to defund them.

  5. Federalizing elections.

  6. The “need to secure the Border….” This means making it possible for more people to flood the country. Biden assured us that the Chamber of Commerce approves, as if ordinary Americans haven’t taken the measure of that organization and understood that it’s all about them losing their jobs.

  7. Passing the Equality Act, which crashes into the First Amendments explicit religious rights.

Oh, and unity! He wants unity.

Aside from Biden’s manic affect, shouting in the microphone, slurred speech, and periodic brain shutdowns, the whole thing was vintage Biden: Dishonest, expensive, and deeply damaging to America.


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