Continued Twisting/Warping of Language (Part 2)…

Continued Twisting/Warping of Language (Part 2)…


By: Joseph M. Lenard

First: If it has not become clear over all my writings here on The Liberty Beacon thus far, let me say so explicitly here: I will single out anyone, anytime, anyplace, for PRAISE (whether it be someone on the Left or the Right) if earnestly deserving in-my-opinion. Always about principles, not the “who said what” of it. Conversely, as I am a Christian Constitutionalist Conservate Republican I wish clear that I will call out for CRITICISM someone/anyone on my side (especially CINOs/RINOs) when deserving also (The Left / FASCICRATS are, of course, easy targets for criticism on a daily basis due to all the stupid delusional things they say and continued #EpicFail of any/all their Policy (“Shall know them by their Fruits” and NOT their empty-rhetoric fake intentions)).

I am not and will never, ever, be a hyper-partisan hack willing to “adjust” (triangulate) my positions for political expedience (though, yes, there are times for nuance, and yes, I always reserve the Right to change my mind on something on occasion). Right (political spectrum speaking) does not always make “correct” as they could have facts wrong, or indeed a hyper-partisan hack on our side (IMO, makes them as dishonest as a Leftist Snowflake) every bit as bad as the propagandists on CNN, the MSNBCilers, others of/in #ENEMEdia (as I coined the tag).

VIDEO (10m 01s): Know nothing Snowflakes on both the Right and Left we must Educate (vlog from 2022):

Well, it has been an “interesting couple of weeks” these past weeks. “Continued Twisting/Warping of Language” was intended to be a one and done article/blog, but additional developments seem to dictate that I delve still further into this. Language, and not just the Left’s continued twisting of it, but too sometimes my fellow Conservatives being a bit “inartful” in the things we say too. No-one is perfect, except God/Jesus. We can all make a mis-speak (whether misstate something that is not factual, or just not “clear” in intent) from time-to-time (I speak extemporaneously all the time, so yes I hope on the occasions my brain and mouth don’t fully cooperate to express what I intend to share, that I can/do catch myself in the moment and am given GRACE and understanding to do so).

If it isn’t readily apparent why I used the word “inartful” will make a whole lot of sense shortly… And like I think I forgot/failed to say in the previous piece on this – IF Joyless Blowhard, also of The View (like discussed Whoopsie), or Chuckie Schumer, ever, as unlikely as it is to ever happen, actually says something of “merit” and “value” I would “happily” (probably not the right word, more like “somewhat reluctantly” but as a matter of honor and integrity) say so. Zero to do with Sex, or Skin-tone, or even Party, and everything to do with probity and uprightness (just as like, an important aside, how Justice is supposed to be Blind and have “no fear nor special favor” for nor against any).

Next, let’s start with a brief recap (for those who haven’t, or for whatever reason won’t go back for the context leading into this post) of last week’s “Continued Twisting/Warping of Language” piece that now Ex Post Facto becomes a part 1 and the REVISITATIONS of an older piece; as I’ve done in/with other TheLibertyBeacon pieces of mine; that one from BeforeItsNews (2019); which itself was repurposed from a 2011 “Rattle With US TEA-Party: site piece (yes, by me); rather than my usual updates of my need to be revisited RedState pieces about LEFT TWISTS LANGUAGE (in part the point/purpose of “Pathetical Corruptness” as I call PC-ism in the West) and do so as part of their attempts/desire to destroy Western Culture and specifically the USA Republic.

As I literally begged in last week’s piece, PLEASE READ ALL THESE WORDS CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY to assure the context is not lost or misunderstood – that we calmly read with logic and reason, and not act/react like Snowflakes in an Emotional Hysterics manner.

VIDEO (1m 05s): NY Post – this/their Video Headline says “CNN’s Don Lemon, 56, claims Nikki Haley, 51, ‘isn’t in her prime’” which is dishonest (lie by omission, distorted context), but included here none-the-less and important you listen carefully for yourself his exact words and reference:

Let me repeat from last week (in case some are coming in cold to this piece, not read last week’s part 1 yet… IF, in order to not be hypocrites, we call out the Left for their constant cries of “Offense” over things that are not really controversial, then we have to call out those of us on the right equally (like Ben Shapiro reacting with Emotional Hysterics rather than logic/reason; in the case of this statement in question) when they do/say SNOWFLAKE like things too (like people attacking Whoopsie over this, when there are indeed so many actual STUPID indefensible devoid of Reality things she says)!!!!!

VIDEO break: Megyn Kelly reacts to Don Lemon (approx. 1m)

Well, that was supposed to be it with last week’s piece as a one-off and stand-alone – AND I certainly have no intention of getting into the habit of even “partially” defending really stupid Liberals on any regular basis but I have this “hang-up” about honesty and as pointed out above #PrinciplesNotPersonalities and a desire to be “FAIR” even when others never are toward/for us, however… NOW that Don Lemon got flak I have to weigh in. He now says he was “inartful” in how he said what he said. Sorry folks, I have to agree. He was NOT saying that HE thought Women over 30 were well out of their Prime. He should have said, as what he meant, THE CONTEXT, was/is “The general excepted Patriarchal position of/by/in Society is that ‘Women over 30’ are past their Prime!”

Times have changed, and that is not likely true anymore, but that was his point. BUT the point here is that we should be artful ourselves in the way/manner which we criticize him. Let’s NOT take his comment out of context, but indeed criticize him for what matters and that is hypocrisy – he said what he said because he was groping for an ATTACK against a Republican Woman of whatever the age Nikki Haley (I don’t know, I don’t care) is. He would never ever have said such, in any fashion/form, in a conversation about Hillary Clinton. and that is the proper criticism to levy here! He could, probably should, BE FIRED for that alone; but he may finally land up FIRED improperly based upon a DISTORTION of what he was saying (improper context, which makes such a lie, by omission, in itself).

And now/here some ADDITIONAL CONTEXT in Video form…
VIDEO (1m 29s): USA Today – Nikki Haley’s comments that brought about Don Lemon’s rant and his subsequent apology tweet:

His non-apology apology was actually correct and shows he (or his Publicist, as it may not have been written by Lemon) recognized that the REAL OFFENSE was that what he said was irrelevant to that or any conversation regarding Presidential Candidates – but he thought made sense as an Alinsky Ad-Hom attack toward Nikki due to her statements on Term-Limits (NOT the same as agism). That, is the point I keep trying to make and repeat here – as to what and how and why he should be criticized (for the right reasons, not the distorted context).

Ultimately, it was/is a good thing, that we can/could/should be honest in our criticism of him, as it exposes not just him but all on the Left and their Alinsky (which is what this was) style attacks as they cannot deal on/with Policy – they have great risk of losing such discussions if people hear/see such debate in context (that are had honestly, and based in fact) which is why they avoid that. Nikki had a wonderful comeback about need for Term-limits; so let us also not be hypocrites and say we think “age is completely irrelevant” when we’ve been pushing for Term-limits for a long time which involves issues of age – but, there too, that whole context problem/issue again. We talk in terms of longevity in Office, staying/serving too long and them turning their service to all about themselves rather than those they are supposed to represent, and not a person’s physical age per se’ (though does often mean, someone is “up there” in age).

So, lastly, this piece (as the last) is all about language, so it is IMO actually fitting we end on this note about not distorting or warping terms/context ourselves.

VIDEO (4m 59s): CNN – Don Lemon confronted and responds to Dave Chappelle calling him out on Netflix:

Don may indeed not recover from this one, not for a while. Not due to what he actually said (IN CONTEXT) but how even his on-set female co-hosts reacted to it. After endless lies he’s told, they never cared about. After the endless attacks he’s made on Conservatives and plenty of them “Conservative Women” in the past, all perfectly fine before. CNN, as with the core of the FASCICRATS party, Single White ProBabyKilling Women – majority of CNN’s dwindling Ratings (their only core Base left). If they REFUSE to deal with the situation with logic and reason (and Leftists are never known for “thinking”) but instead their usual knee-jerk Emotional Hysterics “Feelings reactions” to the perception over the Reality – will take years out of the spotlight and time that he will hope people will forget, for him to have any chance for return (Maybe like Cuomo, to a third-rate, oh sorry CNN is third-rate, perhaps to a tenth-rate even lower Ratings than CNN channel). Why hadn’t they dropped him long ago – obviously Identity Politics, as they have plenty other morons in the wings that can/will be able to read the DNC Talking-Points from the CNN teleprompters eager/able to fill his seat (not carrying his past, and now additional present, baggage).

Regarding JoeBiDUMB and the Ohio Train derailment… No, nothing to do with twisting language here, but since I defended Don, let me demand some NON-HYPOCRISY FAIRNESS here about him and that…

GWBush was given endless grief for doing a flyover of Katrina, so-as to not add to the chaos on the ground. HE DID THE RIGHT THING (it is the Presidents place to show Leadership, to “feel the pain” while dispatching people who can ACTUALLY DO THINGS not just do the photo-op thing, Bush would have just been in the way in NOLA and especially worthless BumblingBiden in the way in Ohio). HOWEVER, that is where the Grace ends, and time for the brutal-truth/honesty to begin. Bush had FEMA ready to send in endless aid and Personnel once Katrina cleared. Now, obviously, that was/is different than a disaster you cannot see coming for days in advance. Now, again, that is where the Grace ends to/for JoeBiDUMB, Mayor Pete, and any and all of the other Deep State agencies buffoons. A day delay we can “maybe understand,” several days unacceptable response time, clearly just ignoring the situation completely for more than 10 days plus IMPEACHABLE!

Again, NO the POTUS doesn’t have to show up immediately there-after at any and every “situation” that arises, but he has to SAY SOMETHING and make clear his Executive Branch designed specifically for these incidents (NTSB, DOT, EPA). As the saying goes, the Fish rots from the Head down; and the Biden FASCICRATS regime is rotten all the way through – not a damn one of them worth anything or willing to do anything but that which destroys America, just otherwise there to coast and collect their Taxpayer stolen lavish redistribution (they could never earn a living in the real world).

OK – if indeed NOT what FEMA is specifically “designed and tasked” for. DOT, zero excuse for non-response. EPA, its only sole/legit existence (since Nixon created it, and then sadly like all WELL INTENTIONED THINGS, the Left gets control of, destroys, completely TURNS ITS MISSION on its head and it is all about WOKE shit now) as each State has its own EPA a Federal EPA was/is ONLY for these occasions where CROSS-STATE CATASTROPHE RESPONSE need be coordinated. And they sat by as multiple-States waterways become contaminated!! Also fair-game, to point out all the NON-EMERGENCY GRAND-STANDING chances for WOKE points he does, while zero action/reaction is happening when/where real Americans are hurting and need help – and yes I’m talking about the Ukraine photo-op it is NOT a surprise the year-anniversary would not be acknowledged in such a way (planned well in advance); did not other Presidents who up to support our Troops and our Allies? Yes, so, not necessarily PRINCIPLED to go at him on that UNLESS it is couple with Principled mentions of other not-so-worth trips like Jill again in Africa and Kamala’s endless photo-ops everywhere but our Border. We have to be PRINCIPLE and not hypocrites in our responses!

So, does Biden deserve criticism, HELL YES, but FAIR NON-HYPOCRITICAL criticism (PRINCIPLED, NOT PERSONALITIES based). Criticism for being a failure in virtually any and every sense and him sitting idly by while his ButtBoys in the DeepState also sat idly by and did nothing for damn near two-weeks before even beginning to show any interesting in doing their Jobs, when they actually SHOULD DO SOMETHING versus all the meddling and garbage they do they have no business doing!!!

And lastly in spirit of the old “Rick Roll” (expect one thing, get another)
VIDEO (4m 08s): You have been … “Rebecca Rolled” (after the seriousness need #AMomentOfLevity, though no doubt you’ve been rightly laughing at Don Lemon through this entire piece.):


Continued Twisting/Warping Of Language… (Part 1)


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About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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  1. You were doing well in the video… right up until you started giving credence to the fictitious jurisdiction of “Administrative Law”, claiming people not engaged in commercial transportation can be given speeding tickets because of a “regulation”. Just like you started out in the video, rightfully so… NO SUCH AUTHORITY!

    This, THIS, is why this country is in the state it’s in, because of the insane lack of understanding of law and all the myriad contrivances of mountains of bullshit purported to be law.

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