Brace yourself, I’m About to Agree With a Democrat (Sort-Of)!

Brace yourself, I’m About to Agree With a Democrat (Sort-Of)!

Brace yourself, I am about to agree with something a #DUMBocrat is (trying, well claiming to try) to do… #PrinciplesNotPersonalities…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Well, let’s be clear, WHAT A FEW FASCICRATS ARE PRETENDING TO DO. They know Pelosi and Schumer will NEVER LET THIS GET ANYWHERE NEAR THE FLOOR. A few DESPERATE FOR REELECTION FASCICRATS now pretending to care about this, knowing it isn’t going to happen cuz their OWN LEADERSHIP IS BLOCKING IT. And, many DUMBocrats will fall for this dumb shit of pretend again. Their entire world is A DELUSIONAL STATE OF MAKE-BELIEVE.

But first, this is a response I made to someone on Twatter about D.C. ENRICHING THEMSELVES…

#CORRUPTION ABOUNDS! Both sides of the aisle.
IMPROVE THE #STOCK (that was, as usual, all show, no substance, and ZERO TEETH vs violators) #DogAndPonyShow ACT… more: B4IN: STOCK Act reforms now!
#DrainTheSwamp, or at least LEASH THE #GATORS.

see too: Wrestling Gators: An Outsider’s Guide to Draining the Swamp – P. Colbeck (MISenate) * AMAZON: Wrestling Gators book

VIDEO (1m3s): Just one of the many Democrats slapped with Trading ethics complaints (using the BUT IT WAS MY SPOUSE dodge (as if MARITAL ASSETS isn’t a thing in Law already)):

You can tell when SOME DEMOCRATS ARE DESPERATE. They actually put forth a POTENTIALLY GOOD #BILL. Jon Ossoff the FASCICRATS member, who knows he’ll likely be a ONE TERM US Senate member, proposed Bill would STRENGTHEN THE STOCK ACT.

That would STOP PELOSI (primary ne’er-do-well) and more from more INSIDER TRADING (though she should be behind Bars for violating the STOCK ACT already).

Of course, THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS, but several US Senate Republicans need to WORK WITH OSSOFF (something I thought I’d NEVER, EVER, SAY (as I usually joking refer to him as Jon LMFOssoff he’s so hilarious in his off the deep-left-end)) to ensure it is indeed a GOOD/SOLID BILL TO IMPROVE THE STOCK ACT THAT HAS ZERO REAL TEETH and STOP both RINO‘s and FASCICRATS from INSIDER TRADING!

#PrinciplesNotPersonalities It is RARE that ANY FASCICRAT would ever put forth any GOOD LEGISLATION Again, it is OUT OF PURE DESPERATION, he is trying to work on his LARGE NEGATIVE APPROVAL RATING and give the Public, something, ANYTHING, positive that this FASCICRATS controlled US House and US Senate COULD DO!

As always, I AM ABOUT PRINCIPLES AND CONSERVATIVE VALUES, and RULE OF LAW, common-sense Legislation, and STOPPING OUR SUPPOSED REPRESENTATIVES from going to D.C. SWAMP to LINE THEIR POCKETS by passing Legislation they know will effect certain Stocks, while buying or selling in advance those Stocks they KNOW will go up or down due to the Bills they are going to Pass, is A VERY VALID PRECEPT.

There is NO REASON that they cannot, and should not, PUT THEIR INVESTMENT MONIES into a BLIND TRUST as only a few of them have. while they are in Office and SERVING THE PEOPLE rather than THEMSELVES (like they do)! It is NOT COINCIDENCE they go into D.C. as middle-class people, and always come out MILLIONAIRES!

VIDEO (13m:40s): CNBC – Congress and Insider Trading:

This piece was originally written at the beginning of the year, Nancy Pelosi (after the cry about her hubbies insider-trading regarding the CHIPS ACT he knew from Nancy was going to pass the US House and US Senate) has now decided Ossoff is onto something – they need an ILLUSION BILL to fake a Win, with some fake/mild changes that really do little, but they know their allies in the #ENEMEdia (as I call them) to tout as something significant just before the mid-terms 2022 (as all else they’ve done has been an epic-fail (and another FAKE CELEBRATION just as the James Taylor headlined event in September over the fake “Inflation Reduction Act” (that will do the exact opposite to #BIDENflation) signing they held the very day more bad economic news dropped they wanted to bury by engaging in the GASLIGHTING of America instead.

You can hear detailed discussions of such when I appeared on Savaged Unfiltered Show “Biden Deflections” and Savaged Unfiltered Show “Left Extremism”. They are getting massive blow-back on the announced attempt to ILLEGALLY (by Executive Order) eliminate some “Student Loan Debt” and stealing from many that didn’t go to College to cover costs of those who did and received completely worthless Degrees – and are likely to make far more than the Waiters, Waitresses, Welders, Plumbers, etc, that are going to be forced to cover it with their Taxes; after the James Taylor fail, they need a new distraction.

The fact is this article was written some time ago, and was being held awaiting to see if anything would happen with this effort. As, IMO, it seemed to me that Nancy my be desperate enough for some “perceived Win” they can SPIN in the MSM, in order to try and mitigate the massive, expected, Red Wave for 2022, that they may indeed pass with a few “minor word tweaks” to the STOCK act in US House and pass in US Senate and sent for Biden to sign to great fanfare, though it NOTHING really happen – compared to what Jon Ossoff had actually suggested.

But, again, Ossoff wasn’t serious either, IMO, it was all his desperate re-election ploy attempt, wanted to be able to later grandstand and say “see I tried, they stopped me” and again Pelosi recognized, for awhile, it would be a good scam/con for ALL the FASCICRATS to engage in too and briefly talked about it and considered bringing watered-down version to floor, however the backlash and obvious refrain of it bringing up so many past sins in this regard likely they decided to maybe wait until lame-duck session and they can pretend to “listen to demands of constituents” and pass a con/scam version that really does nothing. Why? To prevent GOP from doing it after we take charge of the Congress.

Bottom-line: The Potomac-two-step remains. Most everything is referred to the Ethics Committee of either the House or the Senate, who of course is full of people appointed by the very Lawmakers they are supposed to be a “Watch-dog” for. It would be like you getting to pick your own Prosecutor, Judge, and Jury, for your Trial if you were charged with a Crime. A COMPLETE JOKE! And equally it would be a JOKE to Charge and attempt to prosecute these insiders in DC via a regular “Jury” Trial, as the Jury pool is whom? It is, of course, other Deep State insiders and their Families and Friends as well as Lobbyists (that grease the Congress-critters’ paws)  that comprise most the way-too-expensive for you and I housing all around the Capitol and even into neighboring States. Likewise, people who voted these crooks into office, and keep re-electing these corrupt individuals, could not be trusted to be a Jury if they were brought back to their own States for Trail. The only way FAIR HEARINGS could be had were to be if we made a deal that we could extradite them to Switzerland (a supposed neutral Nation), but many of these clowns/crooks HAVE SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS to hide much of their ill-gotten gain.

VIDEO: Send CINOs/RINOs (or DUMBocrats) a Monopoly money message:


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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  1. Somebody take my Temperature, I may be Ill… Am I really about to agree with AOC on something (that she, of course, may be right like that stopped Clock analogy here but like that Clock for the WRONG REASONS being on time this particular minute of this hour)?!?!? But here goes….

    Is idiot AOC actually RIGHT about something? If so, of course, for the WRONG REASONS!!!

    AOC and other Leftists have (of course) gotten TIK TOK MONEY so they oppose banning it. HOWEVER, she is Right in that we have to TREAD LIGHTLY on this as THERE CAN BE A SLIPPERY SLOPE with just as THE PATRIOT NOW TWISTED TO USE AGAINST AMERICAN PATRIOTS the banning of a Private company App like this can set a VERY DANGEROUS PRECEDENT — that would be the discussion and reason to oppose; based on FREEDOM PRINCIPLES (and why many Conservatives are opposing based upon that/those Principles (but there is ZERO REASON it cannot be banned on ANY/ALL GOVERNMENT BOUGHT/PAID-FOR DEVICES))!!!

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