C19 Unvaccinated Blood Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree

ER Editor: While we feel this is far beyond our paygrade, we’re going to summarize what we’re reading for clarity.

Unvaccinated blood of people who are around vaccinated people regularly shows the following under darkfield microscopy —

The heavy presence of Quantum Dots (QDs), which are nano-sized SEMICONDUCTOR PARTICLES, necessarily coated in either polyamides, polyethylene glycol (this is anti-freeze) or vinyl polymers. According to what we’ve published elsewhere, these coatings are highly toxic to humans. The QDs have metals inside them, and can have a flexible chemical composition. They replicate and BUILD HYDROGEL, which causes the CLOTTING found in normally vaccinated people, who are either dead or at risk of serious injury.

These components are found in the patents, but they’re also being found in UNVACCINATED as well as vaccinated BLOOD.

As the title indicates, this clarifies what is meant by the Covid-vaccinated shedding to other non-vaccinated people.

We really do recommend checking out her short videos carefully.

The good news is there is a way to clear the body of this. Dr. Mihalcea specializes in this sort of treatment.


For more on Hydrogel and its significance, see this recent piece also by Dr. Mihalcea —

Hydrogel Interfaces for Merging Humans and Machines – MIT Research Review


What Really Is Shedding? C19 Unvaccinated Blood Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree By What Appears To Be Polymer Coated Quantum Dots



I have shown these Quantum Dot swarms before.

When I see the blood light up like this, it is important to remember I am looking at one drop out of six liters. The blood is being transformed by these blinking lights using the cells as energy source into the clots we are familiar with.

This is an C19 unvaccinated individual who has been around vaccinated people daily. You can see it is building hydrogel.


Here is a closer look 400x Magnification


Quantum Dots have metals inside which can be removed by EDTA. When I see this many, I realize that the amounts of EDTA needs to be increased in addition to all other supplements like Vitamin C, etc.


Here are the patents related to polymer and quantum dot technologies from Karen Kingston:


The polyamides are what Clifford and I have been finding in the blood. The Quantum Dots in the literature have been combined with a polyamide or polyethylene glycol or Vinyl polymer coating. We have found all of these chemical signatures via NIR spectroscopy in the blood of the unvaccinated. Our biological information is not only getting monitored, but the body transformed.

Biocompatible Polymer/Quantum Dots Hybrid Materials: Current Status and Future Developments

Quantum dots (QDs) are nanometer-sized semiconductor particles with tunable fluorescent optical property that can be adjusted by their chemical composition, size, or shape. In the past 10 years, they have been demonstrated as a powerful fluorescence tool for biological and biomedical applications, such as diagnostics, biosensing and biolabeling. QDs with high fluorescence quantum yield and optical stability are usually synthesized in organic solvents. In aqueous solution, however, their metallic toxicity, non-dissolubility and photo-luminescence instability prevent the direct utility of QDs in biological media. Polymers are widely used to cover and coat QDs for fabricating biocompatible QDs. Such hybrid materials can provide solubility and robust colloidal and optical stability in water.

Other research groups have demonstrated the utility of amine functionalized polymers as ligands for ligand exchange process. Amine –NH2 modified poly(acrylic acid) (PAA), an innoxious and water-soluble polymer, has been used to generate PAA/QDs hybrids with long-term colloidal stability.

Numerous reports have been published describing the use of polymer/QDs to label and image cells. For example, PEG is an ideal polymer because it can reduce nonspecific adsorption of biomolecules on QDs.

The sheer amounts of these self replicating nano bots is staggering. I know that Nanotechnology is a trillion dollar industry but these findings really make me want to ask for a moratorium on the deployment until we can answer the question of uncontrollable self replication and its consequences for our biosphere

In the meantime I recommend EDTA, Vitamin C, NAC, Humic and Fulvic Acid…

Please click this link for the website: Medfive – Enteric Coated EDTA



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  1. I have no doubt that everyone is being poisoned by these nanoparticle bioweapons but I still don’t see any credible proof that this is shedding from vaccinated to unvaccinated via either close proximity or close contact.
    I think it’s incredibly more likely that this bioweapon is an ingredient in most processed foods and nearly every pharmaceutical pill out there.
    If you are eating from bags and boxes, especially anything packaged or contained in plastic of any kind, mass produced factory food, you are likely exposing yourself to this on a constant basis.
    Wouldn’t hurt to remove, by force, any and all sociopaths and criminals from our public offices either but, it appears the American people just don’t have the will anymore.

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