Clueless “Extinction Rebellion” Protesters Don’t Know What CO2 Stands For!

“We are Extinction Rebellion, and we are rising up because we believe we should stop global warming, because it’s caused by humankind, because of CO2, which is… something in the air, and it’s bad, and it’s increasing, and don’t get us started about carbon dioxide”

Clueless Extinction Rebellion Protesters Don’t Know What CO2 Stands For

By: Amari Roos

Exctinction Rebellion (ER) is a silly movement that was originally established in the UK in May 2018. A snapshot of what ER activists have been up to includes gluing themselves to an election bus, going on hunger strike, attempting to glue themselves to the top of a train, smashing windows at the Department of Transport with a hammer and screwdriver, attempting to shutdown an airport, and attempting to spray 1,800 liters of fake blood at a government building in London (the latter attempt backfiring embarrassingly.

ER has also reached the Netherlands with a Dutch version of its website trying to lure in people from all ages to join their nonsensical cause and protests. In the week of October 7th, 2019, hundreds of ER members attempted to block the Stadshouderskade in Amsterdam, an important road in the city.

Perhaps most revealing of all, however, was when Mark Baanders, a reporter with the controversial Dutch broadcaster PowNed, went to the protests and discovered how little the protesters actually knew about what they were protesting about.

The following is a transcript of some parts of the interview:

ER Protester 1: We are here purely to protest against the environmental thing…
Baanders: Environmental thing?
ER Protester 1: Yes, against how the government just, …where they stand regarding the environment.
Baanders: Do you know the difference between CO2 and carbon dioxide?
ER Protester 1: Yes, certainly.
Baanders: What is it then?
ER Protester 1: … <Protester looks at girl next to him who tells him that “they’re the same thing, stupid!”>

ER Protester 2: It’s going too slow.
Baanders: What is going too slow?
ER Protester 2: A number of agreements have been established as to why there must be change. And they are hardly being respected now and that is just… it will have consequences.
Baanders: Which agreements are not being respected?
ER Protester 2: ……Myeah……
Baanders: You do not know?
ER Protester 2: No, look, I honestly have no answer to that, no.

ER Protester 3: Go and talk to the Pope and say that they should do something about the birth rate in Africa. The number of people is going to rise there.
Baanders: So, the solution is actually there, but not in your backyard.
ER Protester 3: Yes, but that is actually a small part of the solution, because we have to emit less CO2 anyway.
Baanders: You may also have to make fewer children.
ER Protester 3: I have three children, yes…
Baanders: But I think that is a bit hypocritical. People out there in Nigeria should be having less children, but here you are with three of them.
ER Protester 3: Back then that problem was still not so clear anyway, ha ha, okay you can stop now <awkward laughter>

Baanders: The carbon dioxide problem, is that a big problem?
ER Protester 4: The biggest problem is CO2.
Baanders: But carbon dioxide and CO2 are the same thing…
ER Protester 4: CO2 is the biggest problem.
Baanders: But carbon dioxide is…
ER Protester 4: Yes, CO2 is one of them.
Baanders: What’s the difference between nitrogen and CO2?
ER Protester 4: I don’t know, and I don’t need to know that, I just believe the scientists.

Baanders: Is CO2 the problem or the carbon dioxide emissions?
ER Protester 5: They go together, I don’t think you can separate them. I think we really need to control all of them.

Baanders: What’s the difference between CO2 and carbon dioxide?
ER Protester 6: One is causing climate change and the other one… I don’t know a whole lot about it, what do you think?
Baanders: I think that CO2 is an abbreviation of carbon dioxide.
ER Protester 6: Can we stop this interview please?
Baanders: Let’s play a little game. If you get the next question right, we won’t broadcast your part, okay?
ER Protester 6: I’m not here to play any games. I’m here to protest against the climate crisis.
Baanders: But of course you don’t want to be broadcasted like this. It’s up to you.
ER Protester 6: Okay, only if you promise so. <Baanders shakes her hand>
Baanders: What does a tree eat?
ER Protester 6: A tree eats water and O2.
Baanders: Wrong. A tree grows from carbon dioxide. You know, charcoal is pure carbon, so those trees are taking CO2 from the air.
ER Protester 6: Yeah, you’re right. You got me ha ha!

In summary, the protesters interviewed had no idea about the basic details of the cause they are so ardently protesting. The video from which the above transcript is taken also included a young lady, with tears in her eyes, saying that she’s unsure about having children because the future is so bleak. It is sad that so many have been brainwashed into thinking that the world is ending soon due to (non-existent) “man-made climate change”.


About the Author: Amari Roos lives in Europe, holds an MSc in psychology, and is a keen animal lover. She has been a contributing writer and editor at since 2012.


This article (Clueless Extinction Rebellion Protesters Don’t Know What CO2 Stands For) was originally created and published by SIGNS OF THE TIMES and is republished here under “Fair Use” (see disclaimer below) with attribution to author Amari Roos and SIGNS OF THE TIMES.



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