Concede Nothing … Because There IS No ‘President-Elect’ Yet

Concede Nothing — There IS No ‘President-Elect’ Yet

By: Marc Sheppard

The media continue to build upon the shaky foundation they poured on Saturday when they prematurely called the 2020 Presidential Election for Joe Biden. Rising from the traditional “nothing to see here” to the admonishing “all votes have been counted” and ultimately to Whoopi Goldberg’s incendiary “suck it up,” it seems clear that the plan is to make the election over simply because they say the election is over.

And, despite Hillary’s strong suggestion that Biden not do so under any circumstances, the mask-muffled screams from Trump-haters of all persuasions demand that the president accept that Election 2020 is over and concede that he’s lost. Lost, believe it or not, to a bumbling, poorly scripted automaton in the throes of rapidly creeping dementia.

Except that it’s not over. Not by a long-shot.

Not with ongoing ballot counting in key states, a fast-growing number of serious legal challenges pending in previously “called” states and an even faster-growing number of sworn (under penalty of perjury) fraud allegations, it’s not.

And more to the point, it’s not over until at least 71 million Trump-voting Americans (that we know of) who have every reason to smell yet another big fat Democrat Rat have been at least somewhat convinced it’s over. Not by dismissive acceptance speeches or talk of transition teams and task forces and ridiculous cabinet choices from Joe Biden. Not by the celebratory dancing of blathering woke-parvenus playing endless games of virtue-signal-tag in the playground of social media.

But rather by reasonable and irrefutable facts, dished out in helpings of very viable responses to very viable accusations of widespread systemic election fraud. Accusations which continue to grow in number, scale, variety and, most importantly, credibility.

In just the past few days, fresh news stories of widespread and wide-ranging vote-rigging schemes, particularly in vital swing-states, have broken as fast as Pro-Joe Media can ignore them and Twitter can block them. To name just a few, I offer ballot-scanner misreads and software “glitches,” all miraculously changing Trump votes to Biden votes as well as dozens (and growing) of sworn affidavits by eyewitnesses of magically appearing Biden ballots and mysteriously disappearing Trump ballots, often at the hands of corrupt election officials.

Speaking of whom, have you heard the story of Richard Hopkins, a Pennsylvania postal employee who blew the whistle on Postmaster Rob Weisenbach’s order to backdate late ballots to Nov. 3? News of Hopkins’s conversations with federal investigators apparently prompted the WaPo to publish a hit-piece on him, wrongfully claiming he had recanted his allegations — something he fervently denies [video]. In a word: Wow.

And there’s more: More late ballot backdating, more mass-voter-fraud by Detroit officials, fabricated proof of residence data for illegal and deceased voters, sudden huge swaps in county Trump and Biden tallies, apparently by intentional injection, and even an alleged link between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and the company responsible for the data-manipulating voting machines, which have added hundreds of thousands of bogus Biden votes nationwide (See here, here, here, here and here).

These incredibly credible whistleblower reports continue to roll in, adding further evidence to the attempted coup and substance to the lawsuits ahead.

Team Trump got that ball rolling on Monday, filing a lawsuit [PDF] in Pennsylvania seeking an emergency injunction to stop officials from certifying Joe Biden’s victory due to “potentially fraudulent votes being counted without proper verification or oversight.”

Trump spokespeople have promised a slew of similar filings, and, given the recent increased inflow of sworn voter fraud complaints, there’s little reason to doubt them.

Yet, by far the strongest of Team Trump’s court challenges is not one of voter fraud, but rather judicial fraud. In March of this year, the 5-to-2 Democrat Pennsylvania Supreme Court bowed to leftist pressure and, purportedly in response to COVID-19, extended the mail-in ballot deadline by an arbitrary three full days. Not due to ambiguities or unconstitutionality, as is usually the case, but simply because after declaring coronavirus a “natural disaster,” they felt empowered to just throw out the existing law and write a new one, effectively changing election day in Pennsylvania.

This one will surely be re-decided quickly by the Supreme Court. SCOTUS had previously passed on the case by a 4-4 pre-Amy Coney Barrett vote, a decision so outrageously bad that one intrepid Justice, Samuel Alito, broke with tradition by making it his personal project to revisit it after the election. Indeed, this one will most certainly go Trump’s way.

So what impact will these allegations, sworn or not, together with well-targeted and favorably adjudicated lawsuits, have on who resides at 1600 Penn for the next 4 years? Check this out.

Image Credit — Real Clear Politics website screen shot   

As of this writing (11/11/2020 02:00 EST) Real Clear Politics has NOT called Pennsylvania or awarded its 20 votes to anyone, media reports to the contrary notwithstanding. Nor Alaska (3), North Carolina (15), Georgia(16) or Arizona (11) – All too close to call. In fact, the renowned and highly respected aggregator of election statistics has Biden 11 electoral votes short of the 270 required to substantiate the dubious title of “president elect” he’s been bestowed.

Indeed, until all votes are not only counted but also verified (and State certified), there is no president-elect. Sure, Sleepy Joe can call himself whatever floats his boat, be it Joe, Jill, or, during particularly demented moments, even Hunter. And so long as the media dutifully parrot his choice, he can lay claim to whatever title his demented mind desires, including president-elect.

And speaking of counting votes, why not do some vote counting of your own – electoral votes that is? RCP has Trump at 214 and Biden at 259. 270 wins; winner takes it all. 65 votes still up for grabs. Oh, and Michigan, which was called blue, has 16. Any guesses why I mention that?

Heads exploded everywhere on Monday when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to an impudent question about his employees’ preparations to engage with Joe Biden’s transition team by declaring with a smile, “There will be a smooth transfer of power … to a second Trump administration.”

How dare he suggest it’s not over and that Trump may still emerge the victor? Did that smile suggest he knows something we don’t?

Finish the math yet?


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