Continued Twisting/Warping Of Language…

Continued Twisting/Warping of Language…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

First, let’s start with a couple Videos, then on to another one of the REVISITATIONS of an older piece; as I’ve done in/with other TheLibertyBeacon pieces of mine; this one from BeforeItsNews (2019); which itself was repurposed from a 2011 “Rattle With US TEA-Party: site piece (yes, by me); rather than my usual updates of my need to be revisited RedState pieces about LEFT TWISTS LANGUAGE (in part the point/purpose of “Pathetical Corruptness” as I call PC-ism in the West) and do so as part of their attempts/desire to destroy Western Culture and specifically the USA Republic.

VIDEO (5m 44s): PragerU – “Political Correctness”:

VIDEO (27m 28s): Brad and Lex “react” to Tom MacDonald’s “Politically Incorrect”:

[Only partial article reproduction (indented here) from the original RWU piece, see the originals that go much further (RWU piece, B4IN piece); and into how it all applied to the obaMAOcare debate of the time; for more]

The Greater Good” — ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one’ (Movie buffs will easily recognize that dialogue). The misconception, how Liberals misuse it. Which makes this, sort of, a follow up to both Liberal’s Religion is Government and Movies and Politics — The Hollywood Hate-fest (2011 edition). [NOTE: Some of this is current and/or forward looking, while some looks back to the relation of all of this to the ObaMao-care debate and the need for its repeal.]

Before I go on I want to remind any of our Liberal friends that may have casually surfed in via a search, or other link, that they are truly welcome (please see this “welcome” commentary). It is my hope that you wish to HONESTLY engage in this discussion. Try to maintain a sense of humor and composure as I will take a few jabs along the way.

The “Greater Good” bent logic
Just like  Democrat Party leaders (I’m trying to be nice) twist the “It Takes A Village” concept, so too they do this one. You know, their “redistribution” version of having to be able to take away from some supposedly ‘overly privileged’ folk in order to give to those less fortunate in the name of “Fairness” and that society will be better for it.

You folks on the Left may want to think twice the next time you try to trot out your misuse of the “Greater Good” point. Simply put, isn’t the Greater Good, actually served, when the greater number of people have it good! (That is a statement, because there is just no question it is true.) The U.S. System, many Liberals show such disdain for, provides for the greater number of people to have it good. Contrast that with the Russian, Chinese, etc., Socialist Systems, Progressives are moving us to (through Liberal Incremental-ism), provides ONLY THE MINIMUM (certainly not ‘the Good Life’) to the greater number (all but those in charge, ruling elite) of its citizens. It is pretty easy/plain for anyone to see the logic/reason of what the REAL “Greater Good” is!

Just as they (Liberals) refuse (Denial) to acknowledge it is “Socialism” (they know it is, just have to re-brand it), Progressive leaders, and those who buy into it, do not follow it to its logical conclusion as demonstrated the world over and throughout history. Regardless where tried it ultimately brings on misery, not improved lives (increase/abundance), to its citizenry. They would have you believe it will be different ‘just because’ they are the Ruling-elite this time and they (through Obamunism) can do what Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc., have failed to do – create a Redistributive System that does not implode under its own weight (because there is no positive generation of Capital, root word of Capitalism, to redistribute) making all its citizens poor, hungry, and almost hopeless.

Their only Hope? AMERICA!!!! The Republic, if we can keep it! (variation on the original Benjamin Franklin quote)

AUDIO (7m 25s): Define FAIR, in context of twisting of language (WAAM ART Aug 21, 2021) snippet: [(c) WAAMradio – saved/stored/used with Permission] Image: WAAMradio ART host Phil Stargell


What brought this on? Having come across the Hollywood POS The Box; again, having seen it at the theater the first time; (very boring and bad, read the book instead) and the usual Liberal Political message subtext (Movies and Politics — The Hollywood Hate-fest (2011 [RWU] edition)) came through loud and clear with the unsubtle direct commentary from the dark/mysterious character asking ‘Why Humanity (read: America) fails to recognize the Greater Good’ concept. It is, of course, nothing new as we see/hear this in film after film in varying forms to reinforce the Liberal mindset and attempts to subconsciously influence (read: reinforce the Liberal School Indoctrination their Tenured friends impose).

The needs of the many…”
[original had that line snippet Video (from Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan) here, and also contains “Red Dawn” “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” (Red Dawn 2010 release delayed by MGM) clip.]

U.S. (Founding Fathers method of) governance over Soviet or Chinese Socialism models
As previously touched on, history demonstrates the failings and short-comings of such a System. That Redistribution schemes, in the name of “equality,” only lower the bar for citizens, except for the Ruling elite. Creating even more “have-nots,” than Ruling-elite “haves,” they claim to try to be rectifying. As those in the Productive vs non-Productive sectors of the Economy (as best described by Daniel Hannan quoted explains best in mbecker’s posting) reap less benefits and therefore have less incentive to actually produce overall wealth the Capitalist (Free-markets) System uses to expand/grow and perpetuate an even greater available sum available to all participating in 
working to attain/earn it (The “expanding Pie” Economics model, opposed to the (theoretical) “static model” junk-Economics of Progressives).

As Businesses grow/expand, additional workers are brought on, earnings/wealth DISTRIBUTION occurs. Those with drive (care about doing a good job) and abilities (that bother to try, rather than just coast – show up just to collect the paycheck) go on to help innovate, improve, and/or create yet more Companies – which provides yet more opportunities (growing Jobs base, increasing employee wages, earnings/returns for investors/stake-holders, etc.) FOR ALL. The less those who Produce get to keep, the less incentive they have to Produce, which eventually drags down the entire Socialist societies (except those Ruling-elites that have the power to take yet more from the masses to keep their standards of living while others deteriorate) citizenry.

AUDIO (45m 54s): A Moment Of Clarity (WAAM) show (Dec. 12th, 2020) on “twisting of language” [(c) WAAMradio – saved/stored/used with Permission] Image: WAAMradio MOC host Pastor Richard Clark Deiterin


The Russians and the Chinese; and even to an extent Socialist-Europe; have all but admitted their failings and have been enacting a new grand experiment of trying to introduce restrained quasi-Capitalism to grow their Economies. They try to delicately balance these “reforms” while maintaining all other aspects of Socialism, in order to create just enough incentivized Producers to have some actual “Wealth” (read “Capital”) that they can “redistribute.” All the while, hoping their society doesn’t go too far and their people demand a new Revolution and actual/real Freedoms and reforms. They move closer to American ideals while Liberals/Progressives (and RINOs) try to take us further and further toward their failed System (all other Nations are trying to retreat and recover from).

We cannot boil it down to simpler terms than these for you Liberals to grasp! You have to be willing to try and use reasoned thought, and research of history, to overcome the Liberal Indoctrination and Liberal Laziness (as discussed in herehere, and here) you’ve been lulled into.

How does Bankrupting an entire Nation to the point where it cannot assist/aid (provide that “Safety Net,” we are all willing to allow for, to those truly needy) to NONE (Zip, zero, nada one) of its citizens benefit the Whole (that Liberal warped sense/definition of the greater good)? — It’s a simple question, but when asked of a Liberal/Socialist there can be NO RESPONSE! How can they?!?! It defies the twisted-logic they have been selling (or bought into) and therefore must just ignore the question/premise!

AUDIO (5m 01s): “twisting of language” using distortions and Identity Politics, out of context, as Alinsky Ad-Hom polarization/division (not us versus our Nations enemies, but Left attacks on Right) verbiage usage (also involving PC use of Religion distortions): [(c) WAAMradio – saved/stored/used with Permission]



And since there is no greater twisting that goes on than Bankrupting and issues of Race and often too Religion; let’s go there next (involving a bit of both)…

Since we’re talking warping of language, let’s mention Whoopi (who cares about that) Goldigger… er… I mean… Goldberg… Since her last suspension from The View controversy hasn’t gone away, keeps coming up again on Social-Media, and I’ve written/repeated this (sub-section of this piece) over and over and over again. And, of course, her being one of the biggest Leftist moron Race-baiting #IdentityPolitics bullshitters.


Yes, first, History: Whoopi co-opted a Jewish name to get ahead in Hollywood. Doesn’t prove she is antisemite, but pretty clearly shows she adheres to the Jewish trope about they control all of Hollyweird or PEDOwood if you prefer. Yes, fact, indeed many of the older established Studios were founded by those of the Jewish faith – therefore, they were then headed by folks of that Faith. Since when is it A SIN to employ others OF SAME KIND as a preference been controversial (oh, yes, of course, our modern WOKE and all about DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, EQUITY) manure (and as discussed elsewhere many times we are already (as a Nation of Immigrants (and the great MELTING POT)) the most “diverse” Nation on the Planet; but hey when do the Left ever let facts ever get in the way of their Marxist (more appropriately FASCICRATS) narratives?

But I say that, to say this

#PrinciplesNotPersonalities (Yes, you’ve likely seen me say it before, and you’ll see me repeat it umpteen-millions times going forward in future articles/blogs).…

And, since we’re speaking of Leftists and by extension their Holy-Grail of Propaganda programs. IF Joyless Blowhard ever said ANYTHING VALID, I’d happily agree with her… I sure as Hell will not hold-my-breathe waiting for that day she does say anything REALITY BASED that I could/would agree with, she tells as many lies daily as Biden did in his Sleepyjoe Offering Thousand Untruths (SOTU) speech the other day….

And I said that, to say this

VIDEO (3m 35s): News of Goldberg’s “The View” suspension due to “Holocaust” statement:

Whoopsie was/is actually right, like a stopped clock on occasion can be right/correct, about “Jews are not a Race!” Jews are, Judaism is, a “CLASS!” There are Black Jews, White Jews, every shade in between Jews; and peoples all around the Planet that are Jewish – it is NOT and cannot be a RACE OF PEOPLE it is a RELIGIOUS CLASS OF PEOPLES. We are ONE RACE, the Human Race, with different skin-tones, also a whole other discussion.

But, of course, whenever anyone (esp. someone like her, accused of Antisemitism in the past, and she very well may be an antisemite, just in this case the statement was not, but) starting a sentence with “THE JEWS ______” (or, yes, by extension, “Zionists” as a deflection to try to broaden the argument of Hate) fill in that blank with anything that follows is bound to be TAKEN THE WRONG WAY!

So, again, bottom-line is

1) should always be about principles, not personalities!!!

2) Is Whoopi an antisemite? I suspect so, but that doesn’t mean THAT ONE STATEMENT (though it may have been said from a position of Anti-Semitism) isn’t correct – and partly the point being IF SHE WERE NOT A COMPLETE MORON she would have been able to defend the remark as I DID HERE, but again since she’s dumb and indeed probably only said it as an INTENDED ANTI-SEMITIC ATTACK she couldn’t defend because it came across as (and very well could have been a Defense  of NAZIs) it and therefore deserved most of the flak she got for the comment.

3) Again, Judaism (being “Jewish”) is a RELIGION, therefore a “CLASS OF PEOPLE” (with people of all shades of skin-tone as members) and not a Race. Is Christianity or Islam or Hinduism, etc., RACES?? Of course not either, they are all CLASSES OF PEOPLES.

4) Race, Racist, Racism, endless mis-use (twisting/warping) of those terms (to peddle false-narratives, Leftist Identity-Politics, divide and conquer tactics, abounds!

THINK! WE ARE ONE DAMN RACE: THE HUMAN RACE (Creatures of one God, but yes scattered into “different sub-Cultures” in instances), with varying skin-tones (different “CLASSES” or can say again “different SUB-CULTURES”)!

VIDEO (33m 40s): Rabbi asks “Should we [as Jews] forgive Whoopi?” as well as an honest “Is there any truth in what she said” question/response:

IF, in order to not be hypocrites, we call out the Left for their constant cries of “Offense” over things that are not really controversial, then we have to call out those of us on the right equally (like Ben Shapiro reacting with Emotional Hysterics rather than logic/reason; in the case of this statement in question) when they do/say SNOWFLAKE like things too (like people attacking Whoopsie over this, when there are indeed so many actual STUPID indefensible devoid of Reality things she says)!!!!!


Continued Twisting/Warping of Language (Part 2)…


Image Credit: Graphic in the Featured Image (top) – Pixabay License


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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  1. More on the whole Whoopsie dust-up…

    These worthless POS who cannot and will not ever take any PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (despite some of them actually pretending to be about INDIVIDULAISM) for anything in their Life of failure, not just blame SOMEONE ELSE but a COLLECTIVIST Marxist blame of entire Group/Class.

  2. My Friend Ed Bonderenka had Kimberly on today (his WAAMradio “Your American Heritage” show, Sats 14:00ET) about protecting Children and Family (over Leftists wanting to control them, steal them from their Family) and she brought up the “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” so I called in to promote this piece and discuss the warping of the IT TAKES A VILLAGE by Hillary/Left to IT TAKES THE FASCICRATS’ STATE (and, NO, it doesn’t) as well as equally distorting FOR GREATER GOOD concept too (like discussed here-in). So it was great “accidental” and “coincidental” timing give me time to promote TLB on regular/traditional AM/FM air-waves. 🙂 So, SHOUT OUT, to all WAAMers (or others around the USA that listened in via internet LIVE or podcast delay/replay) now here to take a gander! LOL

  3. Likely to make my TOP 5 MOST CONTROVERSIAL POSTS, but not likely the #1 — which will likely remain my TLB “I Demand my Equity as a Male to Murder for My Own Convenience (like a Woman can Murder her Child)” piece! You’ll want to see that one too… As well as SPOILER ALERT, there will be a PART TWO to this next Sat (2/25)!!! Which will likely SURPRISE AND SHOCK folks again.

    You can, of course, put “Joseph M Lenard” in the TLB search bar to find all my pieces here.

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