Corporations Rule the World

Everything Is Fake ...

Corporations Rule the World … Everything Is Fake

Commentary by: Ray Greninger

No wonder people are so confused …

Let’s face it, corporations rule the world. They set the narrative. They tell us what’s good and true, and we believe them. Big pharma tells us the wares they are peddling are safe and effective, and we believe them. Even when presented with compelling evidence to the contrary, we believe them.

The tube tells us the time of the electric car is here, and we believe them. No mention is made of the toxic stuff that goes into making a battery for these things, or that the power has to be generated at a coal fired power plant. Coal still provides over 50% of all power generated. We could not power the modern world without it, yet, we demonize coal and gasoline as we charge up our EVs and curse that F150 cruising down the street that is contributing less to our toxic environment than our silly Prious.

Big food tells us the crap they are peddling is safe and nutritious. HA!

We have been coaxed into the virtual world of social media by addictive formats. Big tech is censoring everything they believe is counter to their world view, as if they are the enlightened ones destined to correct the unruly children that are their customers. Tech has created an army of zombies incapable of cogent thought that hang on every word uttered by the “approved” media and anyone who disagrees is censored, shadow banned, or just banned. I suspect they actually believe they can create an alternate reality by banning those they believe are wrong headed or simply don’t have “a good look.” This is the madness that corporations create simply to move product.

Everything is a corporation, even government. From the local police force to the courts to county, city and state governments. Don’t believe me? Go to and type in CITY OF _______ and have a look. It’s a corporation and its business model is fines, fees and licenses. Remember those old sci fi movies where everything is corporations and every available space is plastered with screens advertising the latest fad visible to all zipping by on their flying car-like things? Well, we are there, except for the flying car things. “They promised us jetpacks!”

Most of us have no clue. We are stumbling about in the dark, feeling our way to the next “truth” offered up by the gals at Huffington Post, or some nitwit freshman congress woman with the IQ of a dog treat.

We are told measles is a deadly disease that will wipe us all out if we don’t “get the jab.” That is, if we all aren’t toast in twelve years. So they will pass a law that mandates we all submit to the this medical tyranny, facts be damned!

I could go on and on with the lies we are told. But why bother? You’ll just think I’m lying.

When it comes to corporations we had a more sane understanding in the past. Corporations were franchised for a particular job, like building a bridge, and then disenfranchised when the job was done. We knew what sort of mischief they were capable of. Now, they rule the world. And they pollute the world and blame it on us. When was the last time you dumped a truck load of toxic goo into the river? When was the last time you wiped a village off the face of the earth so you could dig up some rare earth metal that you then used to make a car battery that then exploded in a parking garage killing innocent rats and melting the paint off the cars on either side? Now, one of those cars is circling the globe, its orbit decaying bit by bit until it plunges to the Earth in a firery ball of toxic, molten sludge destined for a mall near you. Oh, that wasn’t you?

I’ll say it, corporations are the manifestation of evil in the modern world. Not only are they created to rid the owners of personal liability for the actions a corporation may take, but they introduced the concept of a legal fiction into everything we do just to survive. The name on your credit card is a legal fiction. The name on your bank account is a legal fiction. The name on your driver license is a legal fiction, The name on the bills that come in the mail is a legal fiction. The name of the “owner” of your house is a legal fiction. The name on your Paypal account is a legal fiction. The name your car is registered to is a legal fiction. The name on your birth certificate is a legal fiction. Shall I go on? Nothing is real anymore.

There was a time when a “person” was the status of a Man in society, the mask he wore when engaged in various pursuits. Joe, the plumber, is Joe’s person when he is plumbing. Father, or dad, is Joe’s person his kids call him when he is fathering, or dadding which is pretty much all the time. A Man’s person is his property because he created it. Joe created Joe the Plumber for when he is wrenching pipes. It separates ordinary Joe  from his alter ego, the plumber. It is a natural thing to do but maritime law made it a separate entity, a legal fiction, and now person means something completely different. It is now a thing that exists in a land of make believe. It is the land of corporations, LLCs, , drivers, voters, citizens, taxpayers, titles, patients, principals and debtors. It is a land created and captained by attorneys. It is all make believe and nobody seems to know the difference. No wonder we are confused. We don’t even know who we are!

We have Satan, the Pope and the lawyers to thank for this fine mess we are in. Satan, who whispered in the Pope’s ear to create the first trust who whispered in the lawyer’s ear’s to perfect limited liability so the Vatican could create the world’s first and only, I might add, corporation. All corporations are under ecclesiastical law, thus are property of the Vatican by way of Unum Sanctum, that crafty little document dreamed up by Bonface III which declared the Earth and everything in it an on it to be the property of the Pope. Satan’s conquest is complete.

But it won’t matter because virtual reality is blurring the line between what is real and what is not. We don’t know, and don’t care, that JOHN HENRY DOE is not John Henry Doe. We don’t know and don’t care about the consequences that follow from that misunderstanding. We just want a bigger screen tv or a nicer car. We are left lost and confused and we just don’t care.

“Pretty soon the creations of man, like government and corporations, will tire of our confusion and lack of understanding and simply dispatch us in favor of robots that never go on strike or question authority. And that will be that.”


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