Debunking The 28 Pages Of The 9/11 Report – James Corbett

James Corbett hits another home run – on the 9/11 28 pages and the Saudi threat

Preface by Pam Barker | TLB staff writer

In a typically informative 18 minute video interview with Dan Dicks, James Corbett once again gives us a plausible angle, this time on what could be behind all the fuss, as well as the timing, of the 28 pages of the 9/11 report, and the threat from Saudi Arabia to divest itself of vast sums in US assets if Congress passes a bill which would permit a foreign country like Saudi Arabia to be found guilty in the US courts of committing terrorist acts on US soil.  An article on this topic by Jay Syrmopoulos of Activist Post was posted a couple of days ago. (The link is here.)

What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview with Corbett.  The video is posted below.

Dan Dicks:  Are the 28 pages an ace up the sleeve just waiting to be used?

James Corbett: It’s a 100% limited hangout, planted in the 9/11 story from the beginning.

There are several layers of spin to this story.

We have to question why this is coming out now. Saudi Arabia is preparing for the idea of being sued for 9/11, that their US assets will be confiscated. So this is indeed a preparatory move for that more than it is an actual threat being made. But it won’t crash the dollar. It’s highly dubious that, even if they made good on their threat, it would harm the US economy. In the past 20 months, China has divested itself of $780 billion dollars of treasury bills, yet the $15 trillion US Treasury market is still going strong.

It’s all a type of geopolitical warfare going on between the US and Saudi Arabia.


This Saudi element was put into the story from the beginning, placed inside the 28 classified, censored pages and advertised as the foreign involvement element. So it got reported that Saudi Arabia was THE country behind 9/11 more than 13 years ago.

Why are we being directed to hate Saudi Arabia? That’s the real question.

DD: What does this mean for the petrodollar?

The rift between US and Saudi Arabia has been growing for years. Their alliance is traditionally based on the petrodollar since Nixon dechained the dollar from the gold standard.

Contributor’s note: the petrodollar system means that oil reserves are sold using US dollars internationally. So the exporting country – Saudi Arabia, for example – would be able to maintain enormously large reserves of US dollars, as the Arab countries currently do.   If the USA is a big client, then this practice makes sense. But if the main client becomes China as is now happening, for example, there is no sense in maintaining the petrodollar system.  This would signal the death of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. BRICS nations including Australia and Japan are already trading in each other’s currencies as a way of bypassing the dollar.

Saudi Arabia is seeing the writing on the wall. First, two years ago, China became the world’s largest oil importer, so Saudi Arabia will clearly gain from business with China. But in the longer term, that won’t be the case which is why Saudi Arabia is talking about selling off a part of Saudi Ramco to create a 2 trillion dollar slush fund to transition away from oil.

The fundamental alliance is shifting – the US is trying to hold a stick and wield it over the Saudis as this alliance changes. The Get Into Saudi Arabia Free Card is what this 28 pages is about. It gives the US a stick to beat the Saudis with for whatever reason is needed. It’s NOT about 9/11 truth. It’s about having the potential to wage a type of geopolitical or financial warfare to keep them in line.

Okay, so 15 of the 19 alleged hijackers are Saudis. But where did they get their visas? From the Jeddah Consulate.  I interviewed J. Michael Springman who worked there. He was constantly denying people visas through this consulate during the ’80s for legitimate reasons. Yet these rejections would be overruled by others above him, who included CIA agents. At that time, Osama Bin Laden was the CIA’s golden boy in Afghanistan, and his men were being brought over from Afghanistan for training to fight the Russians. So these alleged hijackers were getting their visas through this consulate – all the usual types of paperwork and requirements for the Saudis were waived months before 9/11. That’s just one of the layers.

The 60 Minutes’ report on the 28 pages shows the Saudi connection, but neglects to mention that 2 of the alleged hijackers were living with an FBI informant during their time in the US. The information about these two men is being totally isolated from any connections with, or payments from, or surveillance by, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. It’s just the Saudi connection that is being highlighted and isolated.

The bigger question is who are these guys – are they hijackers at all, and how do we know that? But we aren’t going to know what really happened on 9/11. We’ll just get the story coming back to the Saudis, which has already been implanted in the story.

The way this story will play out is just benefitting the establishment. The story is just a limited hangout.


DD: What will happen if the bill in Congress to allow foreign governments to be held responsible for terrorism on US soil passes?

If it passes, the Saudis will be expected to sell off their US assets. It could create havoc for the US dollar if they tried to unload their assets at one time, but not if it’s done in an orderly way. But that’s all just speculation.

It’s really about Uncle Sam holding the attack pitbull on a leash. The bill probably won’t pass.

There’s enough propaganda out there to suggest that something is going to happen as a result. It could be the declassification of the documents. And some vague information such as who funded it could be the result, which would cause a few unimportant heads to roll. It won’t affect the real players who had to be responsible for it on the inside. And it diverts attention away from all the other aspects of the 9/11 story. Who was running the drills on that day? Did they rig WTC7 to come down? etc.

We ‘re being led to believe that the 28 pages is the entire answer to the puzzle.

DD: What do we need to understand moving forward?

As with any limited hangout, there will still be something put out there. At minimum, we’ll understand that there has been some sort of cover-up going on for 15 years over 9/11. It won’t go very far toward answering the questions about 9/11, but it’s a foot in the door for a larger conversation.

People in the alternative media need to be willing and ready to get information out there and inject it into the mainstream conversation. The Alt Media has made incredible inroads into helping people understand important issues, such as what false flags are. We’ve got much more progress to make, but we can lever this type of information to create more understanding and get more truth exposed.


By James Corbett

Today James joins Dan Dicks on PFT Live to discuss the 28 pages and the move to blame Saudi Arabia for 9/11. What are the 28 pages really about? Is this really a step forward for 9/11 truth or a step back? Are the Saudis threatening to crash the dollar if they’re hung out to dry? Join James and Dan for the lowdown on the latest 9/11 propaganda.


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  1. It’s not even “the 911 report” and it had nothing to do with the Petro dollar. China has been buying oil from SA in non dollars for twenty years. This is about keeping SA in a losing war against Yemen and Syria.

    Yes the 60 minutes report was crap and yes the passports went through the fast track program in Jeddah. That’s about all he got correct. SA was financing two west coast hijackers and briefly had a handler live with and then next to them. And Omar is walking around free today. This was all green lit by the CIA for its Safire Club aka the safari club.

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