Democrat governors colluding to end Covid-19 lockdowns

Democrat governors colluding to end Covid-19 lockdowns spark talk of secession

Here comes ‘Cascadia’?

by Nebojsa Malic

As California and New York said they’d coordinate reopenings with neighboring states, mainstream US media suddenly rediscovered the virtue of federalism, while some online activists even cheered the notion of separatism.

California Governor Gavin Newsom got the ball rolling Monday, by announcing his state would coordinate ending the coronavirus shutdown with the neighboring Oregon and Washington further north – both run by Democrats as well – and not follow the lead of President Donald Trump and the federal government in Washington, DC.

Such theories were further fueled by Newsom’s comments last week, when he described California as a “nation-state.” Asked about it on Monday, he defended it as a “choice of words that gives you a sense of the scale and scope,” for a state that’s “larger than 21+ states combined, the world’s 5th largest economy, most diverse state and democracy.”

That was enough for some liberal activists to hear a dog-whistle for separatism, getting “Cascadia” – a term for an independent Pacific Northwest polity – trending on social media.

Chase Cross@chaseacross

Soft launch of Cascadia. 

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said he would work together with five other states in the region to coordinate their reopenings as well. This would involve New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode Island – all run by Democrats. Later in the day the bloc achieved bipartisanship of sorts, when Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a NeverTrump Republican, reportedly joined up.

Unlike “Cascadia,” this seven-state bloc has not yet come up with a catchy label, though there have been suggestions along the lines of “Acela Territories” after the passenger train corridor running through them.

These two regional agglomerations prompted hopeful speculation about how “the US federal government is losing operative control of its two primary economic centers” and “things might be done that aren’t easily undone.”

Matt Parlmer 🌐🌷🌇 #MaskUp@mattparlmer

The greater New York area is setting up to make regional decisions as well. This is going to gain steam over the coming weeks, and things might be done that aren’t easily undone.

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When asked about this at the White House press conference, Trump brushed it off, insisting that the federal government had “total” authority but that he chose not to exercise it. He did not ask the governors about ending the lockdowns, he said, “because I don’t have to.”


and just like that the leftist suddenly discover states rights…

The reality when a national disaster was declared, the rules changed a little

But go-ahead to the states that don’t want to open back up. See how that works out as the people revolt

All this chatter quickly got the mainstream media and Twitter #Resistance obsessing about federalism, with “10th amendment” trending all of a sudden. That tail end of the Bill of Rights says the US states reserve all the power not explicitly delegated to the federal government. It has long been neglected by the unchecked expansion of federal power. The same people now swearing by the Tenth bemoaned Trump’s reluctance to declare a nationwide lockdown just last week.
Meanwhile, it remains unclear whether either of these regional groupings intend to end their lockdowns sooner or later than what Trump might have in mind. That detail seems to matter to them less than their determination to bypass the White House.

That anyone is even entertaining the thoughts of separatism in 2020 is a bit… problematic. The last time there had been a dispute over the primacy between the federal government and the states in the US was 155 years ago. Admittedly, that also involved Democrat states rebelling against a Republican president whose election they considered illegitimate.

That particular conundrum, in case some people forgot, was “resolved” by war and at the cost of more than 600,000 lives; the United States became a singular noun, and the Tenth Amendment tacitly became a quaint relic of the antebellum age.

Fiction writers have long assumed that any modern separatism in the US would involve conservatives seeking to resist the overreaching central government dominated by coastal liberals – rather than the Democrats irritated that the Bad Orange Man in the White House refused to be dictatorial enough for their taste. But here we are.


(TLB) published this article from RT-USA News with our appreciation for this perspective. 

About the writer

Nebojsa Malic

Nebojsa Malic is a Serbian-American journalist, blogger and translator, who wrote a regular column for from 2000 to 2015, and is now senior writer at RT. Follow him on Twitter @NebojsaMalic



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2 Comments on Democrat governors colluding to end Covid-19 lockdowns

  1. Hello Steevypaaw: You nailed it. This “pandemic” has false flag written all over it.
    The world’s economies have been failing for over a decade > hardly any civilians noticed… The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and Bank for International Settlements are all Ponzi banks. All knew that unregulated arbitration of trade derivatives and junk bonds would never bail out the sinking boat. Corona virus is a cover to hide the disintegration of corporate capitalism and the world’s true economic status.

  2. Whether, or not, Leftist have just recently found the 10th Amendment is NOT the point. The point is they are right in searching and finding them now.

    The Free Sovereign people can NOW hold these leaders to the new finding of the 10th Amendment.

    It is quite evident that there was NOT a 100% mandated lockdown, so there can NOT be a release from any lockdown from the Federal government.

    We need to be asking lots of questions, and demanding lots of answers from ourselves, our neighbors, our local community governments, our State governments, and our Federal Incorporated government.

    The numbers of this KILLER VIRUS, simply, do NOT add up. This casual flu like, so called, Novel Corona Virus is rather more of a minor virus as to that as what we were sold , and are being told even now.

    There has been red handed catching of agencies cooking the books on the numbers.

    Yet, what is a God send and a relief is that ALL OTHER DEATHS BY DISEASE HAS GONE DOWN DRASTICALLY. So Covid-19 aka SARS-2, is a miraculous gift.

    Cancer, heart disease, stroke, old age, comorbid extraneous sicknesses, all have been, apparently, drastically reduced if not wiped off the charts as “Cause of Death”.

    It is rather a strange thing in this modern day life, that, all major world events are either preceded or ran concurrent with “exercises” that DETAIL TO THE MINUTIA of what that real world event turns out to be.

    9-11, drill ran concurrent
    Boston Bombing, drill ran concurrent
    Sandy Hook, drill ran concurrent
    LAX-TSA-Ciancia, drill ran a couple days preceding
    Mother Emanuel Church shooting drill ran preceding
    Corona Virus Pandemic, drill ran preceding

    Wow, talk about the amazing accuracy of these drill… I hope they never run a 3rd World War nuclear exchange…


    Well, you know.

    It would happen in real life!

    Why were banks and corporations bailed out once more?
    Why have people sold out to the latest 10 trillion +/- bailout for a pathetic miniscule measly 1200 bucks?

    We have been scammed once more.

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