Dems Want $300 Million More For FBI Before Midterms – More Election Insurance? [Video]

Dems Want $300 Million More For FBI Before Midterms – More Election Insurance?

by Rick Wells

[… Democrats are up to more tricks, this time attempting to secure $300 million in additional funding for the FBI as election insurance…]

The globalist Democrats have come up with another scheme, since they’ve been so ineffective at making any of their claims made in the Mueller witch hunt become a reality. Now they want to give the FBI more money, $300 million, supposedly out of concern that they crimes they,themselves committed and tried to pin on President Trump, don’t happen in a future election.

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They’re now in the process of trying to sell it to the American people. Media analyst Lionel joins former Democrat propagandist Ed Shultz on RT to take a crack at figuring out what the Democrats are really up to with this one.

Lionel has a pretty good idea as to what’s going on, noting that both the FBI and DOJ have come up with nothing in their inquisition against President Trump and the American people. All they have to show for our wasted millions, chaos and loss of prestige are four indictments, one of which, the Flynn plea bargain, will probably be withdrawn due to prosecutorial misconduct.

Lionel mentions the “13 imaginary, I suspect, Russian bots indicted last week.”  He’s not impressed with the value and dubious legitimacy of the Mueller probe. “And you’re asking the American public to pay $300 million dollars or so more to investigate what? More Facebook ads? More Twitter ads?”

Lionel continues, “You couldn’t find collusion at any point, at any step, but now you are? He asks if the Dems are “tone deaf, brain dead, or a combination thereof.”

Schultz says, “I think a good cynic would say it’s the Democratic leadership grandstanding in front of the American public, making everybody think that they really are concerned about this. They may be concerned about it but they haven’t defined what the issues are and as you’re saying, the experts have come to Washington, testified in front of committees and they have been unable to identify exactly the intrusions into the election that the Russians have been accused of.”

Schulz asks, “So the Democrats want access to more information – what information?” Lionel replies that that is a great question, pointing out that “Normally, the FBI asks, DOJ asks, we need more money because of this. The Democrats are wagging the dog. The Democrats are saying, ‘We want you, and we’re going to give you or ask you for more money,’ which sounds very disorganized, to go back and to try to do what you have been promising and alleging you have done, were able to do.”

He asks if there is probable cause that the non-crime of collusion took place or are they simply target-prosecuting, “are you dragnetting, are you hoping to find something to either A, explain and justify how Hillary Clinton lost a rigged election, and or B, rework or retrofit a kind of a post hoc either impeachment of the president, 25th Amendment of the President?”

“None of this seems to be focused on making America better or safer,” says Lionel, “but vindicating Hillary and or trouncing Trump.”

Schultz points out that the Democrats “are framing it that they’re going to protect the results and the intrusion, potential intrusion of the next election.” He asks, “who counseled the Democrats to ask for that money or that amount,” noting that we get no details.

Lionel responds, “And, if you want to look at collusion, foreign collusion, and again that’s not a legal term, why aren’t we looking at Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, Eric Schmidt? Why aren’t we looking at dossier gate? How is that left out of the calculus of our investigation?”

He asks, “How is it that we have laid out this prescription for  investigation and not plugged in the British component of it, this other aspect of it where the President, or the FBI and the DOJ and Hillary Clinton and Eric Schmidt and others and Perkins Coie basically created a falsified series of lies to affect an election? I mean, if that’s what we’re doing why is that never mentioned?”

He adds, “That’s where we should put the money into or has that been forgotten?” We can be sure that whatever the Democrats are plotting, it benefits them, not the country and is most likely illegal or, at a minimum, unethical.

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