Devin Nunes Lays Trap For Brennan Over Lying To Congress [Video]

Devin Nunes Lays Trap For Brennan Over Lying To Congress

by Rick Wells

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes is putting the heat on former CIA Director John Brennan and other predatory Democrat deep state criminals…

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Noting the struggle the House Intelligence Committee chairman, Devin Nunes (R-CA) has been constantly facing in the pursuit of the truth, Tucker Carlson asks, “Why is it so difficult to get facts from our government?”

Nunes replies, “Well, it’s been a challenge, as you know, the whole time. We’ve had to subpoena, we’ve had  to threaten contempt, but this is what, we’re having kind of a showdown between the legislative branch and the executive branch.”

He notes that “The facts are not bearing out to what the Democrats wanted it to be. Because, we have found collusion, we found collusion between the Democrats, specifically the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, and the Russians. However, nobody is interested in that collusion.”

Nunes also points out, “We’ve also found felony leaks. Nobody seems to be interested in getting to the bottom of the felony leaks. So it’s part of what the House Intelligence Committee, led by the Republicans, are trying to get to the bottom of, despite we’re up against a lot of odds. We’re not getting help from the Democrats in the House and we’re also not getting any help from the mainstream media.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Tucker raises the issue of John Brennan lying before Congress, testifying under oath that he had no idea who wrote the Trump dossier and that dossier formed the basis of no conclusions by the Intel community. “Seems very much like a lie,” says Carlson, “because the FBI knew exactly who wrote that dossier. He lied to Congress under oath. Is he going to face perjury charges for that and if not, why not?”

Rather than answer that question there and now, Nunes keeps his powder dry, informing Carlson that he sent a letter out earlier in the day to current and former Intelligence officials with ten simple questions such as “When did you learn about the dossier, when did you learn that it was paid for by the Democrats, when did you learn that this was a political piece?”

Nunes says, “These are all questions that we should be able to get answers to and we will. So part of what we sent out today with the questionnaire, with ten questions on it, also was a cover letter that says if you don’t answer this, we’ve given them a couple of weeks to answer it, you will be subpoenaed and you will come before Congress to tell us when you knew about this.”

Carlson reminds Nunes that Brennan has already done that and pleaded ignorance again saying, “It looks really clear that he lied” and asking Nunes if he thinks he lied. Nunes gives Brennan the benefit of the doubt, avoiding accusations of prejudging his response.

The truth will come out, the trap is being set, the bait is in the mail.

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