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Episode #10: Life is Better Medicine than Drugs – Hosted by Steve Cook, who is a writer and also the Sr. Editor of TLB UK.

Steve’s guest this week is the British martial arts champion and founder of the Drug Free Kids Campaign, Pete Dwan.

Pete returns to the show for an update on the progress of his campaign to ensure that no child misses out on the vital life-changing message of his Truth about Drugs talks. He gives a heart warming success story from a boy who wrote to him after one of his talks last year to tell him how much the talk had changed his life.

Pete goes over how parents and teachers can easily help achieve the goal almost all adults share: ensuring children can grow up happy, healthy and free of drugs. Pete goes over the soon-to-be-released online platform and how this will help parents and teachers in this effort.

At the core of this week’s show, Pete goes over the importance of a child seeing that he can achieve a natural and far more enduring high from setting goals and applying effort to achieving them. He covers how you as a parent or teacher or just someone who cares can help and encourage children in that regard and how much can be achieved with such relatively little outlay of effort.

Doing the right thing by our children is the best investment we can make towards the creation of a better and freer world. Listen to the show to find out how YOU can contribute to the motion!


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