By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

August 4, 2016


As suggested or better yet, told by a friend, she encounters censorship and history rewritten, today, as it has been since the whole “holocaust” subject became so controversial.  The point, it seems to me, isn’t whether or not this happened, it’s whether or not people are allowed to discuss it.  That is not to happen here, irregardless of whose wishes are to stop Americans from openly exercising that which is guaranteed by Article I in the Bill of Rights.  What’s immediately below can demonstrate for you what this woman encountered by explaining her account of what happened in the “old country.”  Her writing was altered a bit to accommodate protocol, with respect to TLB Members, and our readers.  References to her have also been removed.  She’s a lovely personality.


The Talmudic “master race” so decides history, based upon their own history distorting prejudices.  A moment from Germany’s  Third Reich 卐 past.  German Third Reich, so they’d choose to censor, because they don’t want people looking too intently into Hitler’s Germany, because they may discover for example, that there were NO homicidal gas chambers, and that not ONE single inmate of the labor camps, let alone a Jew, was every murdered as a policy of the Reich via a gas chamber!

Third Reich 卐

Isn’t it funny (not HA-ha) that of all the emaciated victims of typhus who succumbed in the work camps to that disease, that circumstance was exacerbated by the Allied bombings which intentionally cut off supply lines to the labor camps. Those typhus victims were discovered by the so-called “liberating” (lol) All-Lies, were not victims of homicidal gassing, as the paranoid Zionist fraudsters and their media always infer, if not outright claim.

Point of important fact is that of all the repeated claims by lying Zionists that the Third Reich murdered six million Jews in the German labor camps, not ONE SINGLE JEW’S BODY could be found at the end of World War II in Europe that an autopsy would reveal had died from gas inhalation and asphyxiation. NOT A BLOODY ONE!!! This absence certifies the BIG LIE that not one JEW inmate of the labor camps was murdered by the Third Reich via homicidal gassing. Again, NOT A BLOODY ONE!!!  There’s “law” on Germany that one is not allowed to question the “holocaust.”

Why did the labor camps exist in the Third Reich, and why were Jews interned in those camps? IF world Jewry declared war on your country, which happened in 1933 to Germany, the same year Hitler took office, would that fact make every Jew in your country an enemy collaborator? Of course! So they were urged to expatriate, and many did. Many of those who could not emigrate, but not all, were interned for labor purposes, not for murder. This is why I have to contradict the bloody lie that Germans murdered Jews in the camps, but that allegation is never proven, and cannot be, ever!

So if readers like the march song in the link above, here’s another, albeit the same march with a different title and with lyrics, but worthy of listening too again. Enjoy!

✠ Werhmacht – “Mein Schlesierland” ✠

Again, who made the revisionist historians the guardians of out expressions, or filters for that matter?  It’s bad enough that Facebook wants to edit YOUR expressions, we certainly don’t want it to spread beyond their auspices under their Lord Rothschild.  

Unfortunately for the Zionists, their big Genie popped out of the bottle, forever.  They’re not just lying frauds, we have them good and hooked into 9-11 on top of all their psychotic deeds. What’s next?  The Zionists didn’t pull of f9-11, or that they were the victims?  They’re outed!  They’re the ones behind most of the horrors everyone else has suffered, thanks to them and their incestuous lust for world domination and their New World Order.  The best thing we can do is continue to get the information out there and to keep them from silencing us.

Take a few minutes to look at the work of revisionist historians:

Lies Your Teacher Taught You



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