by TLB Contributor: Paul James

A quote I borrowed: “When you are dead, you do not know you are dead, its difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid! To remain stupid is a choice most seem to make.”

NOW – those of you that think the flag waving criminal cabal mind controlled people in the picture above are any different to the flag waving mind controlled people in the bottom picture – then this is for you!

Let me explain something! The people in the top picture are propaganda mind controlled slaves directed by Goebbels who was the master propagandist of the Nazi regime and dictator of German cultural life for twelve years. Joseph Goebbels was born a strict Catholic and helped direct Hitler!

The British monarchy, and the City of London’s leading Crown bankers (Khazar, Venetians – Black nobility et al), enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled the Führer’s elections and backed their death machine industries to build the weapons with which they knew would be used to invade Europe and the rest of the world!


American Khazarian ZIONazi Banksters – those that foisted the FED down America’s throat unlawfully also backed the Third Reich!

Side Note – City of London is a Vatican enclave and foreign to England! Most British people do not know this! DC UNITED STATES Inc., militarily occupies (as in to conquer!!!) the 50 Free and Independent States and Crown Corp. under fiat rule (color of office – color of law) , UK Ltd occupies England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales! The Vatican City is foreign to Italy and DC is foreign to the United States of America and the 50 union States.

The DC UNITED STATES Corporation inc.1871 is a war power that has been militarily occupying the conquered people of the The United States of America UNION since at least 1933 and it did so by making the people part of the FOREIGN DC UNITED STATES Corp. aka FEDERAL Employees of US Inc which in effect lifted them off the land of the Free and Independent Union States. In the de jure states the people – as American National – American Freemen – had unalienable rights!

Under the FEDERAL EMPLOYEE Status as UNITED STATES Inc citizens (Corporate persons) they have in-alienable rights granted by the Corporation! Rights equivalent to that granted by Caesar! Such sub class citizens are required to license rights back from Caesar / the corporation – to breath, travel, get married, by land, practice a certain trade et al!

Of course – America was never meant to be this way! Unalienable rights are creator rights – not subservient to mans law. These are rights that you had before any government was created! The right to travel, to eat, to be left alone, to use the land to exists (use the land to provide Food / Water etc).


Now if you do not want to be a corporate slave you can vote with your feet and go back to the land on which your were born and leave the khazarian UNITED STATES Corp of 1871! That’s another story! We call this process status correction!

The above may have given you a clue that the people in the bottom of the picture are equally as confused propaganda mind controlled slaves as those that were captured in the top of the picture! It gets worse!

Those in the image waving the flag are waiving a US Corporate War Powers Flag that represents the Khazarian death cult that has planned the death of those waving the red white and blue flag and Billions more around the world! We are currently witnessing their genocidal acts of the three party state (Vatican-DC-Corp of London) death cult in the form of Fukushima – Gulf poisoning – Chemtrails – weather wars – GMO’s – 911 false flag wars etc.


The UNITED STATES war machine WAR POWERS FLAG which is rightly despised by much of the planet is at its core as Un-American as the one being waived by the mind controlled Goebels programmed slaves in the top of the picture. I say this for several reasons some of which I have explained.

For those of you that do not know it – The Organic – The Republic for the United States of America was founded on the principal of the American people being free and Independent of ANYONE– and absolutely not subservient to a Priest or a King – or a Black robbed foreign Bankruptcy Judge operating for US Inc 1871 – a corporate UNITED STATES officer – (especially the government). This is why many that came here from the old world left the old world in the first place – to no longer be under the whims and controls of MAD MEN!

Those that were running the old world! It can be concluded – at the core level – we the people created government to protect our unalienable rights (rights that can NOT BE liened away – ie licensed away). The other thing to note – was the Confederation was perpetual (forever). No act – post facto – after the fact could change this! The Declaration of Independence was also Black and White and acts by psychopaths do not change the fact that this nation was created by a people that declared themselves to be equal to all others! Not subservient to BAR attorneys or actors in DC or those in law enforcement! Government can not claim rights that people never gave it! It cant have rights superior to those that created it! The suggestion would be illogical! The point here is anything that anyone in government does that harms the people is unlawful and outside of their authority! They may do these acts by legal sophistry – but at the core the people carrying out these acts ought to know they are operating outside the authority that we have them when We the People created government to protect our unalienable rights! If the act in that government has claimed in your heart feels wrong then it is wrong!


This includes mandatory pumping poisons in to anyone – in to our air – water! Saying you cant grow food – cant take water – cant travel without a license! Cleary – these demands are actions of lunatics and mind controlled slaves! The only reason those foisting such acts on the people get away with it is because Americans no longer know who they are or what their law is! Secondly those foisting illegal laws on us have men with guns to enforce the laws today – they do not have the force of law behind them – which is why they need guns to enforce vial laws repugnant to the laws of this land!

Again, the people that forged the Declaration of Independence and the  Articles of Confederation 1781 created government for one thing and one thing only – to protect We the Peoples un-alienable rights! Please remember that important word – un-alienable. The foundational law of this new nation was and still is – what we know as the Golden rule – American – English special Equity! I’ll save that detailed discussion for another time! Essentially the law was/is – We are all equal. No one has rights you do not have. Do no harm and treat others the way you wish to be treated! The law of this nation is represented in 20 sacred and ancient maxims that you were never taught:

Maxims of Equity

1. Equity sees that as done what ought to be done
2. Equity will not suffer a wrong to be without a remedy
3. Equity delights in equality
4. One who seeks equity must do equity
5. Equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber on their rights
6. Equity imputes an intent to fulfill an obligation
7. Equity acts in personam
8. Equity abhors a forfeiture
9. Equity does not require an idle gesture
10. He who comes into equity must come with clean hands
11. Equity delights to do justice and not by halves
12. Equity will take jurisdiction to avoid a multiplicity of suits
13. Equity follows the law
14. Equity will not aid a volunteer
15. Where equities are equal, the law will prevail
16. Between equal equities the first in order of time shall prevail
17. Equity will not complete an imperfect gift
18. Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak for fraud
19. Equity will not allow a trust to fail for want of a trustee
20. Equity regards the beneficiary as the true owner


The same parasite entities that funded Hitler and that over-through the The United States of America republic from within did so through overturning our law form and dumbing down the people of this nation through gradualism so they no longer know from whence they came or who they are! This was absolutely deliberate! It would be difficult for this nation to enslaved by psychopaths if Americans really knew who they were and what their REAL laws were and what government was supposed to be and what it was NOT!

Obviously – the flag waving mind controlled slaves in the picture do not yet know the above or that they have been used their entire lives to fund a NWO and played by the same parasite entities that once funded and guided Hitler and the Bolshevik revolution – that it is the Corporation of London Khazarian Banksters, and other similar placed parasite psychopathic entities like the criminal cabal agencies situated in the District of Criminals that are guided by shadow government – to destroy America and all its stands for – that is the CFR, TLC, Bilderbergers, Tavistock Committee, Tax Exempt Foundations CIA et al!


The mind controlled slaves in the picture do not any longer know their true history or what that flag is that they are waving or what it truly represents! They do not know it is actually a symbol of their oppression and ignorance and represents the foreign power that over-through the American republic from within while the American people were being distracted by materialism and media propaganda!

The Century of the Self

Mind controlled Americans have not yet realized that one part of the mind control machine that engineered the dumbing down of America is Religion – guided through American offshoots of the Vatican!

Evidence of this can be found in the Secret Treaties of Verona


ARTICLE 1.   The high contracting powers being convinced that the system of representative government is equally as incompatible with the monarchial principles as the maxim of the sovereignty of   the people with the high divine right, engage mutually in the most solemn manner, to use all their efforts to put an end to the system of representative governments, in whatever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.

ARTICLE 2.   As it can not be doubted that the liberty of the press is the most powerful means used by the pretended supporters of the rights of nations to the detriment of   those princes, the high contracting parties promise reciprocally to adopt all proper measures to suppress it, not only in their own states but also in the rest of Europe.

ARTICLE. 3.   Convinced that the principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their princes, the high contracting parties declare it to be their intention to  sustain in their respective States those measures which the clergy may adopt, with the aim of ameliorating their own interests, so intimately connected with the preservation of the authority of the princes ; and the contracting powers join in offering their thanks to the Pope for what he has already done for them, and solicit his constant cooperation in their views of submitting the nations.

Re-ligio-n (re-ligio – to rebind in to bondage) is part of the mind control system used to distract the American people and direct them in to false beliefs while the parasite entities running America destroyed America from within! It was a masterful plan and a scan across America demonstrates the success of the plan to use big box religion to fool the masses and have them focus on things that matter not while the people of this nation were utterly enslaved and feasted on by their foreign conquerors without a shot being fired!

The absolute main institution behind the over-through of the American republic from day one was the CROWN Corporation of London which controls the American legal system through the Crown BAR Franchise! The BAR is the British Accredited Registry which is the revenue collector under the exchequer of the CROWN Corporation of London!


All attorneys in America are in fact waring against the organic laws of this land according the still standing Original 13th amendment of this nation which BANS anyone in a public office from having an oath to a foreign nation or trans national organization!–13t-amendment.html

Of course the BAR parasites have gotten around this law because they do not any longer represent the Original republic – but the imposter DC UNITED STATES corporation. This being not too dissimilar from Mc Donald’s simply operating and pretending to be the government of the original United States! Yes – that’s right – the actors in DC are a private mutual corporation pretending to be government! The actors  have as much right to control you and make laws over you as a hamburger flipper at McD’s! Do not challenge them on this though – the mind controlled actors have been told they are GOD’s and they carry guns and tazers! Now these private corporation spurned off other corporations that also think they are government and they are GODS on the land! You know these Private Corporations as CALIFORNIA Inc., ABC POLICE Inc., ABC SHERIFF Inc., DHS, Inc., FEMA, Inc. et al! Are you getting the picture – they are just private corporation pretending to be government with as much authority as hamburger flippers!  It is these hamburger flippers that have decided they will drop bio-chemical weaponized pollutants on you – that you cant collect water – that your children must be vaccinated! That they want 1,000,000 acres of your state et al!  Are you getting the picture – EVERY government entity – STATE, CITY, TOWN is a privatized corporation like Mc D’s that has no lawful authority to exist under the foundational laws of this nation! Everything is FIAT and operating under color of office and color of law and created through TREASON and FRAUD!

The BAR institution was the vehicle to introduce these frauds and it has been used to overturn American Organic Law form and subject Americans to the whims of a foreign judicial system COMPLETELY controlled by the Crown Corporation of London/International Bankers and repugnant to the founding laws of this nation! The same has taken place in all nations now under this system since their nations were bankrupted under the International Bankstas!

The 20 maxims of LAW above have been replaced by 66,000,000 rules and codes pretending to be LAW – each designed by the BAR  actors to tax you and extract your life energy in the form of FRN’s – that is military debt script! Not lawful money according to the foundational laws of this nation!

This fraudulent system foisted in Americans by BAR attorneys in FOREIGN BAR controlled administrative tribunals pretending to be American courts is the primary mechanism relied on by the ACTORS to TURN Americans off their land and from their property! Note that the 20,000,000 fraud closures perfected on Americans by the Rothschild’s Bankstas and BAR attorneys are all perfected on the basis that Americans can’t own anything since March 9th 1933 and the US Corp owns EVERYTHING! That is because the name that you hold stuff in was created by the US Corp actors! Of course – its all fraud for there was no TRUE disclosure or meeting of the minds which are the principles of an lawful common law contract!

The word Attorney comes from the French Word. Attorn – to turn! Meaning to turn ones rights / property away from another! Since an attorney works for the STATE – the court – he is job is to get property turned back to the state!  In the case of America – the State is fraudulently in receivership to the receivers of the US Bankruptcy! So all Court cases – excepting those in private special equity – are processed to turn property back to the state! All cases are further bonded / securitized – you never here about this but this is where the real money is made in the Court system! You can read more about this here!

CRIS, stands for Court Registered Investment System. This is the accounting system used by the Judicial Branch who mis-allocate justice, in the interest of continuing the transfer of wealth from the defendants (that would be actual people, most of the time) to their bank accounts. All cases and documents are Collateralized and securitized? Securitization of a legal case, happens when Judges attach a monetary judgement, or a penalty to a case, and then hold the defendant as the collateral, until the promised amount shows up in the account of the Judicial Branch. All state systems, and local municipalities have financial ties to CRIS…that is one of the ways to keep the rabble in line (Rabble = those who believe in their unalienable rights). Usually, the penal sums is done by attachment of a bond, to a prisoner or a judgement.

The county, municipality or agency then profers that bond into the bond market, guaranteed by the taxpayers, but promising a nice rate of return. The prisoner is held as the surety, until the bond reaches maturity. The Bonds are indexed under a system known as CUSIP, C.U.S.I.P. You can look it up online.  Of course, if you ask a BAR attorney or judge, this injustice has never happened in any court, because Judges take an oath to support the constitution, and they actually allow that constitution into their courtroom… right…


The entire legal system in America from end to end is the 2nd biggest fraud perfected on a nation! The 1st being the theft of lawful money by the FEDERAL RESERVE system!

In the case of the US  Court system all property is turned over to the Crown (Receivers) controlled State for the Bankruptcy receiver of the Bankrupt UNITED STATES Corporation of 1871! Note the REAL estate – means kings estate – property is being turned back to the Crown!  All titles to land are what is know as legal title! In reality – Equitable claims are still held by the living men and women that live on the land – the courts however will not recognize such claims for they can not see the living – as insane as this reality is in this day and age! We literally have mad men running the judiciary and every aspect of the 50 Free and Independent states~!

As a result of this over-through of America from within – AMERICANS do not OWN ANYTHING today! Americans are debt slaves – landless peasant’s with-out any rights according to the rules and codes foisted on Americans unknowingly since the Act of 1871 by the BAR in subsequent years! Those of you that have been through a Fraud closure or custody battle will recognize what I am implying here! If you happen to wake up through your case you will find the system will do its utmost to alienate you further and steal your stuff at a ferocious pace!

So – for those of you that still think that the flag in the bottom picture represents the land of the Free and the Brave – now you know it does not – it represents the land of the Fee and the Slave, the indoctrinated and mind controlled!
The people of America no longer know what the foundational laws of this nation ARE – of course this is by design!

The dumbing down of American

Charlotte Iserbyt – The Secret History of Western Education (Full Documentary)

Most Americans can tell us what Kim k was wearing on the red carpet last week but they know nothing of the foundational aspects of America! This is of course by design! The entire US based Khazarian – jewish controlled entertainment, Music and Sports industries are an absolute integral part of keeping America distracted and DUMB! The TV is a mind control tool and the garbage that is perpetuated through it is called programming for good reason!

Americans for the most part have no idea what it means to be free under the Organic laws of this nation! They do not know that everyone living here, including parents, grand parents have been the victims of a military occupation their entire lives and the subject of an all encompassing Mind Control program of the most sophisticated kind from cradle to grave! Because nobody told American the truth about ANYTHING them they do not know much beyond what they have been programmed and indoctrinated to know! This is why America is ranked at the bottom in most international educational studies!


Americans – up until now – have simply believed everything the talking heads from DC and their news anchors told them! They have listened to what they were told by the UNITED STATES NWO propaganda machine and have accepted it – just like those under Goebels did! They are told they are free and therefore they think they are! This ended with the Internet! A new generation has grown up recognizing at the get go that something was wrong! They never trusted the TV – they grew up on the internet and they trust for the most part what they can discover for themselves! The facade of US propaganda lies is eroding at a rapid rate – not only in America but around the world! The NWO will be defeated by the truth and knowledge!

What about that flag the people in the bottom picture are waving! Are the flag waivers as confused by that flag as those in the top picture! YES! They were not taught that it is a version of the East India Corporation flag which enslaved half of the planet for the Vatican CROWN Corporation since 1600 – aka Corporation of London!

The East India company morphed from the East India Corporation Crown Stock company to assuming control of America as a municipal corporation and it operates as the Crown North American Slave plantation, for the benefit of the receivers of the UNITED STATES municipal corporation of 1871! Please google: East India Corporation Flag on Google Images.

So what is the connection? Leopold V, Duke of Austria, 1177 AD; The Holy Roman Empire / Austria -> Great Britain / East India company -> United States of America

The House of Hanover is a German royal dynasty which has ruled the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg, the Kingdom of Hanover, *the Kingdom of Great Britain*, the Kingdom of Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

All Western countries – are in fact privatized corporations under the CROWN Corp. now owned and operated by the Khazarian NWO mafia – what historically was known as the monopolistic money powers – they own the DC US Corp of 1871 through a bankruptcy action of 1933 – all created on fraud over fraud. The UNITED STATES private municipal corporation receivers are unlawfully ruling over TUSA since 1871 through fiat – color of office and color of law – more fraud, lies and deceit! Americans are party to this con by DECEIT and lies and can step out of it with out every firing a bullet. They simply need to attain the knowledge and elect to be part of another system! This is the equivalent to finding your parents pledged you to party to a Gym club when you were young and now you have come of age you now wish to cancel your membership and join another club! As absurd as it sounds – everyone is in the US Private municipal corporate system voluntarily because our parents unknowingly through filing of a birth certificate which pledged the infant to the US Corporation! Talk about an insane act of fraud!  No disclosure – no meeting of the minds – et al! Such are the people we are dealing with!

The CROWN agents (Vatican Bankers: Rothschild’s/their agents et al ) took over the US banking system in 1913, the US Corporation in 1933, they overturned our courts in 1938 to operate on FOREIGN ROMAN CIVIL LAW repugnant to the organic founding laws of this nation! The BAR was inserted gradually from the late 1800’s and in to California with out any Corporate Constitutional amendment in 1919 – all in absolute violation of even the standing corporate rules of that time. All US courts Administrative tribunals are illegal and unlawful as concluded by a federal court judge recently – note this goes back to the new deal – which was not such a good deal for the American people as they were lead to believe. FDR being the ultimate traitor of the American people and the one that has enslaved generations for a foreign criminal power:



The Foreign criminal controlled ZIONazi US Inc. runs the Foreign US military (N.W.O. military) which is NOT IN ANY WAY AN AMERICAN MILITARY. It DOES NOT SERVE AMERICA and has not since the 1860’s. If you think it does – ask yourself – why does America really need 900+ military bases around the world to protect the American peoples unalienable rights??? That was the sole  role of government and why it was created PERIOD. – to protect our unalienable rights! Not overthrow the planet for parasites and psychopaths!

So the flag waiving people are waving the Flag of the foreign Crown Corp controlled US inc. which is a de facto government (by force – not by right or of law) corporation FOREIGN to the Organic The United States of America and the Free and Independent states and it has enslaved hundreds of Millions of American people since 1933 and subjected the world to untold death and destruction since 1871. Since 1933 it has subjected the planet to a debt ponzi scheme for the benefit of perhaps 300 Private families that run the planet today!
Do you still want to waive that Crown Corporation Stock Company flag!

Contrary to all the lies you have been fed – The UNITED STATES Corp has been up to one thing and one thing only – killing poor people around the planet so the khazarian mafia bankers can steal their stuff and put those that survived their invasion in to the Rothschildia debt slavery system perfected on Americans since 1933!

The UNITED STATES military exists to expand their NWO for the international bankstas and build a slave system to imprison you and I and ultimately – now they have almost achieved at their end goal – foisting everyone under the debt slavery system  – to liquidate you and I (terminate)!

It appears that the shadow government have now decided that they can not accommodate an educated population awaken to their scam and lies so it’s better now for them to kill off the population in Quiet Wars and start again with indoctrinated young people! This is what is perpetuating the Genocidal acts we see going on around us and why Monsanto wants to feed America GMO’s, vaccines et al!

Here is the truth on vaccines and why alternative wellness specialists have been dropping.

Did you know about the CANCER ACT 1939?



The foreign UNITED STATES cabal enslaved every American on March 9th 1933 in to a debt slavery and then expanded the same scheme across the entire planet since then! Cuba, Iran and Syria are the last to be forced in to the fold!

Time to wake up America! Please – for the benefit of you and yours – UNLEARN and pass this information forward!

The NWO = The Vatican + DC US Corp + Corp of London + other Parasite de facto entities + likes of CFR, TLC, CIA, Bilderbergers et al and Black nobility (aka shadow government).

Still Don’t Believe In The New World Order?


What is happening in Palestine and America by brainwashed IDF and so called US law (code) enforcement is not an anomaly. It is a window into a sure future that will face all of us should we fail to arrest the fascist forces creating the NWO and destroying our world around us under the pretense that Government is making us all safer and keeping us safe from the Monsters that they have created. Government terrorist events are hints of a dystopian, militarized world that is being prepared for all of us, a world with vast disparities of income and draconian systems of internal security and endless tyranny and abuse of power. These are the markers of a global POLICE STATE organized by the khazarian – cabal directed: Corporation of London – DC Military Industrial Complex and puppet regimes – Rothschilds criminal khazarian banking empire that controls the same entities. The Crown Corporation of London, District of Criminals UNITED STATES Corp. and Rothschildia aka Israel. There will be no freedom for America or its people! Palestine is the model we will follow if we do not stop the obvious threat to our peace and security! There will be no peace or freedom and independence for any nation locked down in internal plantation colonies and terrorized by indiscriminate cabal driven state and police violence! We either accept the police state or we destroy Rothschildia fascism and the parasite system that sustains it which is the global ponzi military debt slavery system. We can do so simply by voting with our feet to no longer support it! Think about that as you unlearn! The beginning is near!


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