Former Drone Pilots Blow Whistle On “Morally Outrageous” Program

Editors comment:  While the focus of this article is about Drone use in other countries for Military Missions, it is of interest to note there is a drone program in place to carry out the spraying of heavy metal nano-particulates in our skies for the GeoEngineering programs of weather modification, weather warfare and other military applications.

TLB has been in touch with Cian Westmoreland.  (a whistleblower in the following article)  Here is the question posed to Cian Westmoreland by TLB writer Ralph Ely:

“I am an Anti-GeoEngineering (weather modification/SMR/some would call them Chemtrails) activist. It would be interesting to get a Drone Operators take on that program, if you were involved or know of other operators that are/were involved. I am ex-military and I can assure you these spray programs of release in the upper atmosphere of nano-particulates of heavy metals are real in the use of Military Communications and Weather Modification and Control. There is evidence that Drones are carrying out some of these missions.

These programs are ongoing and effecting the air you and I breathe and effecting the health of hundreds of thousands on a global scale. (There are treaties between Canada and other NATO countries that mention these programs in addition to U.S. Patents that are on file for the delivery systems.)

Awaiting a response, I am truly yours, Ralph Ely”

Here is airman Westmorelands response:I’ve never worked with weather modification, nor have any of the other guys. I would be interested in learning about it though if you have anything I can read.”

Westmoreland and his fellow drone pilots worked from the Tonopah test range in Nevada, near Area 51 and S-4, north of Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force Base.  It is not surprising they would have no knowledge of another program due to the strict compartmentalization used in military protocol. ~ TLB


By Sophie McAdam

Three former Air Force airmen spoke out against the USA’s military drone program in a damning NBC special last week. The men, who have over 20 years’ experience between them, claim the use of drones is “one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world,” and branded them “morally outrageous.”

“People think it’s a video game. But when you fire that missile, there’s no re-start,” says former sensor operator Stephen Lewis, who was active in the Drone Program between 2005 and 2010.

It weighs on your conscience, it weighs on your soul, it weighs on your heart. Because of your actions, some child is not going to see their mother or father.

Stephen was so affected by his role in the program that he drank himself to sleep, every single night. His colleagues did the same, saying:

It was the culture there. After every shift, you’d consume a lot of alcohol…to take the edge off, so you didn’t have to think about what you did.

Michael Haas was a technician and instructor between 2005 and 2011. “These drones are very, very good at killing people,” he says. “We were very callous about any collateral damage.” Haas reveals they would often kill people simply because they were associated with a guilty person, and “we didn’t consider other people on-screen.” He also spoke frankly about the de-humanization of targets:

The less they can get you to think of the thing you’re shooting at as human, the easier it becomes for you to just follow through.

Haas reveals the use of code phrases that detract from the real cost of the Drone Program: ‘Cutting the grass before it gets too long,’ for example, is a euphemism for killing people before they become a problem – and the sickening part is, even children are not exempt from this philosophy.

Cian Westmoreland, a technician who served the program between 2006 and 2010, seems mentally and emotionally wiped out in this interview. He says the program is “politically expedient in the short-term” and like the other men, he’s eaten up with guilt about what he did.

I started having nightmares about kids and mothers dying, and I’m trying to help them, but I couldn’t. I just feel helpless, I knew it was my fault.

Cian, visibly upset, feels cheated by his country. “People who join the military…we join because of things we learned in school,” he says. “We learn about our Government, and the great things [the USA] was founded on.” Cian reveals he voted for Obama, who stood for change and human rights, but now he regrets supporting the President.

We learn about our Constitution, and we learn that Americans are always afforded due process. They haven’t honored the Constitution. They should be fighting for that more than anything.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates the USA has conducted between 544 and 568 drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia. The New America Foundation claims these strikes have killed between 2,736 and 4,169 ‘militants.’ But how many innocent people have died as a result? The Bureau of Investigative Journalism warns the figure may be as high as 1,000This Book Could Save Your Life

Another former drone pilot has spoken of his shame at personally killing over 1600 people. These heartbreaking testimonies come as the Pentagon plans to increase drone strikes worldwide by over 50% in the coming years. However, official research suggests the US-led coalition’s foreign policy will never stop terrorism: it simply fuels more hatred towards the West and encourages the radicalization of young Muslim men.

Please consider sharing this video clip to raise awareness of the true cost of the Drone Program, and its devastating impact on both civilians and military personnel alike.  (Click on full screen for better detail)

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Image Credit: The Free Thought Project

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