Gender Myths & Government

Gender Myths & Government

By TLB Contributing Author: Alan Morrison

There have been many times when I’ve heard it said by a woman:

“You men have had your chance at running the world and all you’ve done is destroy it. So now you can move over. It’s our turn”.

Or, as I’ve also heard it said:

“The patriarchy has had its day. Now it’s time for the matriarchy, like it used to be way back before men began to ruin the world”.

Some questions arise here: Is it really the case that there was a harmonious matriarchy ruling in ancient times? Would women really be better at “running the world”? Is it merely a question of gender which determines how history flows? Or is there another issue which is completely overlooked in any discussion about the world-system and the enhancement or destruction of the world?

Let’s first relieve ourselves of any ideas about an ancient glorious matriarchy presiding over peace and harmony. That is just a pile of romanticized codswallop for dewy-eyed feminists who want to see men where they belong: at the bottom of the pecking order! Many who call themselves “feminists” — especially those who are advocates and practitioners of the “feminist witchcraft goddess” style of spirituality — imagine that there was a time before the “evil patriarchy” started when women were in power and a peaceful matriarchy ran the show in a number of parts of the world. The recent Wonderwoman movie has perpetuated this myth. So many women I know have found this film to be wonderfully inspiring for their womanhood (I think “empowered” is the trendy word they use). An amazonian woman running round the world to save it with a sword and shield is surely the perfect role model for budding feminists (though, somehow, she is perpetually wearing flawless international model style makeup even in the most violent scenes of chaotic warfare! 😀 ). Yet, the whole myth of an ancient matriarchy before men took control with their alleged patriarchy has been debunked by feminist writer and professor of religion, Cynthia Eller, in her controversial book: “The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory: Why an Invented Past Won’t Give Women a Future” (2001). (No doubt many feminist witches have been putting spells on her for the last sixteen years by way of revenge, to no effect of course! 😊 ). It takes courage to write a book like that; though it has to be said that she wasn’t debunking matriarchy itself but merely the false idea of its existence in prehistory. However, the reasoning should not stop there. For the degeneration of civilization has nothing to do with whether men or women are “running the world” but about the way that the world has been “run” — which has nothing to do with gender but with method and purpose, as I will show below.

The popular modern feminist implication of “men bad, women good” is so wide of the mark as to be laughable. It stands alongside the similarly warped belief of a global “male rape culture” — both being the result of a contrived misandry. For feminism is a fringe group with an agenda which has managed to get its ideas to go mainstream through aggressive propaganda and PR. It sounds good on the surface to the unsuspecting, politically-correct liberal human, but its real agenda is not the published program. The thinking appears to be that women are at heart “goddesses” on a much higher plane to men (who are mostly potential rapists and violent predators) and therefore women are better equipped to run the world. But is this true? The reality is that comparatively few women on the planet are consciously-awake and most are still lost in an egocentric, narcissistic, acquisitive mindset in which gossip and makeup magazines (check the newsagent next time you’re in there) plus bagging a guy with money and/or power are more important than making a paradise of either equality or woman-power out of the world. (Not that equality can ever be attainable, as I will show in an upcoming article, but that is their falsely professed goal nevertheless). [NB: even if a woman advertises herself on social media as practicing yoga 24/7 and attending “goddess workshops” or writing “self-actualisation” books, this is no proof of her being consciously-awake, as trendy virtue-signaling is rife today and so much social media posturing is about appearance rather than inner transformation]. Is it not the case that when unevolved women attain positions of power on this planet, they are every bit as ruthless as men in those positions (though their strategy is a little different)? I have witnessed this personally as well as being informed anecdotally. Some women in corporate environments have told me that their CEOs are hard-faced and merciless — often more so than the men they replace. And we all know how bitchy women can be when they are competing with each other (either for a man or a job or some other desired prize). The reason for this is because unevolved women will behave as stupidly and insensitively, and be as brazenly competitive and rapacious, as unevolved men. (Femmes fatales and cougars operate as stealthily in the flesh-market as intrusive male “Lotharios”).  The truth is that the real “divide” in this world is not between men and women but between evolved and unevolved people of both genders. Developed human beings, whether women or men, who are as consciously aware as the Little Prince that what is essential is not visible to the eyes would never “lord it” over anyone else or seek to use power in a ruthless and acquisitive manner.

Here is a revealing question: Would evolved, consciously-awake men have screwed up the world in the way that it has been by men who are unevolved, unaware and unawake? Surely, the answer has to be an unequivocal “No!” That immediately proves that the fuck-up of history is not gender-based but behavior-based. Men are supposed to be the pioneers in this world. This is their heritage if they want to be real men. But when practiced egocentrically by unevolved men who are not consciously-awake and self-aware, their pioneering becomes selfishly rapacious, acquisitive and predatory rather than exploratory and revelatory, for the good of all. Consider this too: Behind every nasty rapaciously pioneering man in the history of the world has been at least one amoral, gold-digging, ruthless, scheming, competitive woman assisting him and egging him on in his exploits. Think of all those emperors’ wives poisoning their rivals; plotting murderously to get their men in positions of power; lying, deceiving, whoring — even killing their own kids if it is to their benefit. This is what real history consists of. While the man is supposed to be a magnanimous pioneer, the woman is supposed to be a powerful lightning rod of spirituality to enable her man to experience the fullness of his depth and love. Men and women become complete when they complement each other with their relative strengths and powers. This is the ideal. Really, this is a beautiful thing and I could wax lyrical about it day and night. But when that lightning rod presence is practiced egocentrically by unevolved women it just becomes a chaotic, manipulative mess of guile, narcissism, darkness and proxy violence. Both men and women hellbent on forging their selfish nightmare world of fleshly insanity have dragged this civilization into its gathering climax of global darkness. In other words, it is not patriarchy which has fucked up the world but hateriarchy!

So many of those who believe that the “Patriarchy” is fucking up the world would have voted for Hilary Clinton to become US president on the basis that “with a woman in the White House the world would be a better place”. This demonstrates the skewed thinking which prevails amongst so many of today’s feminists. For Hilary Clinton herself is a central part of the fucked-up, conflict-based world-system which they identify as “the Patriarchy”. The number of dead bodies which have piled up around her and her husband in suspicious circumstances is huge (commonly known as “The Clinton Body Count”, which can easily be researched). Yet, she is a woman! The fact that she has a vagina does not absolve her in any way whatsoever. If anything, it should condemn her, for women are the wombs of life-giving. The reason she is part of that fucked-up, conflict-based world-system is because she is an unevolved, unawake woman who dovetails perfectly with unevolved, unawake men. Unevolved, unawake women and men are the problem, not any imagined single-gender “patriarchy”. When women with daddy-issues want to find fault with the world system, it stands to reason that they would have to choose an alleged “Patriarchy” as their “Emmanuel Goldstein” to despise. The direction of the world and society at large has always been determined by people with personality disorders — sociopathy, psychopathy, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, etc. — whether on the throne itself or the power behind it or in mass movements with an agenda. This is the case in our anomic society more than ever before.

The very fact that so many feminists buy into the corrupt political system today in our false democracies is indicative of the level of deception involved in their world-view. Many of those who claim that it is “the Patriarchy” which is responsible for the world’s ills vote at each election, thus being enablers of the continuing corruption. They haven’t even realized that it makes no difference who is voted into office as president or prime minister, or what gender they are, or which party is in power; for the real power lies in the hands of family lines, power elites, mafias, cabals, intelligence networks and militaries. No national or world leader could ever “drain the swamp” (to coin a vogue recent phrase). For “the swamp” operates independently of any political structure. “The swamp” not only runs the world, it also determines who will be president and who it will topple from the presidency as and when it is fortuitous to do so. It is an interesting phenomenon that liberal and left-wing people in general find it very hard to admit that the world is run by a secret power elite ruling through darkness; for their controlling nature means that they have to cling to the belief that they can change the world through lobbying, petitioning, legislation and social engineering. They cannot allow themselves to see that the political arena is just a show-theatre for the masses to mesmerise them with trivia and the cult of the personality, with its “stars” and a supporting cast. It is all fake, with the media acting as a propaganda machine/disinformation outlet to keep the crap flowing.

Modern feminism’s resentment towards men has been entirely misplaced in so many ways. For example, although I do understand the historical context and the reasoning behind it regarding inequality, etc., campaigning for “the vote” when it was only male was nevertheless a lost cause because voting does nothing at all except to perpetuate a never-ending game of political musical chairs with the genuine power-brokers of the world (who are never voted into office) laughing like a drain at the farce of it all. The real campaign should have been (and still should be) to expose the uselessness and deception of voting and demonstrate the true meaning of democracy, rather than perpetuating false democracies such as we have now in so many Western countries. A further classic example of modern feminism’s misplaced resentment towards men occurs in the realm of domestic violence claims. The amount of female on male domestic abuse is not very far behind that of male on female, as any objective research reveals. (see, More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, report reveals). That was in 2010. It must be much worse now). But those statistics do not suit the misandrous feminists of today, who stereotype those who commit domestic violence as always being male. Despite feminism’s denials, both women and men can be aggressive control freaks. Yet male domestic violence towards women is mostly all one hears about. This is due to hypocritical propaganda by modern feminists. Furthermore, one would conclude from feminist propaganda that only women are not paid as they should be. Yet so many other groupings have also been paid unfairly and exploited, including most of the people who have made the possessions which feminists own and wear. It’s a social justice issue not a women’s issue. To demonstrate the hypocrisy, let’s not ignore the ironic fact that the famous T-shirt imprinted with the words, “This is what a feminist looks like”, as worn by trendy politicians and so-called “celebrities”, was exposed to have been manufactured by women in awful working conditions being paid a pittance in Mauritius! (see, The feminist T-shirt scandal exposes an entire system of exploitation). The same can be said about the bogus claim of a “Patriarchy” running and ruining the world. It’s a chimera! I can assure you that if the feminist Stalinists today set up a world regime, it would be equally as oppressive as any alleged Patriarchal regime (especially for men 😊)!

Incidentally, this little article is not about me “defending men”. (It’s ridiculous that I should have to say this, but there will be those who will say “Well you would say that, wouldn’t you!”). Although I most certainly have maleness fully flowering in my DNA and a desire to experience my gifted manhood to the full in this life — discovering its depth and sacredness — I don’t primarily identify with men as a separate group to which I have to jump to defend, ipso facto. In any case, as I look back through history, I see both men and women who have behaved abhorrently. Both Queens and Kings have been murderous and conniving. Getting women into power is not an action I would see as being of any more worth than having men in such a position. It is the “being in power” which is the problem, not whether or not that involves a male or female. And here we come to the crux of the issue…

For, the real debate is not about whether a patriarchy or matriarchy is “running” things but about the entire concept and practice of an “-archy”. The suffix “-archy” comes from the classical Greek word for a magistrate or ruler, archon, άρχον. This word is derived from the concept of beginning or originating (which is how it translates in modern Greek, as arche, αρχή). The ἀρχὰς (archas) are at the head of things. Thus, they rule over and have power over. The fact that the world of humans is so fucked-up is not a gender issue. It’s a power issue. The world’s problems are not related to whether men or women have been in power or not, but rather on the whole concept of rulership, governance, power and control. The entire basis of the world’s problems is a controlling, oppressive, greedy “- archy” form of governance founded by humans who lack insight, wisdom, sensitivity and love. The fact that such governance disguises itself as a pretended “democracy” doesn’t make it any better. The unevolved human being when involved in a corrupt world-system of rulership — whether male or female — will inevitably make a mess of things, as history reveals. So far, this civilization has based itself on the egocentricity and narcissism of the unevolved, spiritually-unaware human. Those who have been more selfless and evolved have either been too dis-disillusioned and perceptive to participate in a corrupt world-system or have been marginalized and/or assassinated when they have tried to do so. But all this will change.

At present, the vast majority of humans can only perceive human affairs in terms of ruling national governments which both administer public services and maintain armed forces and intelligence agencies to keep control and compete with other national governments through alternating periods of war or commerce. This is what they have been conditioned to believe. They think all this is natural and inevitable. However, this pattern has come about because of the fragmentation of human consciousness which naturally leads to disunited and dystopian human affairs. A world in which most humans experience themselves as isolated, acquisitive beings who must fight “dog eat dog” in order to maintain their existence will naturally result in a divided and savagely competitive society. It is logical, for their perception guarantees their practices. By their fruits, you will know them.

However, imagine a world in which the administrative functions which are currently overseen by ruling governments (“-archies”) would be taken on by local or regional cooperatives which have no governmental function and are transparent to public scrutiny. Imagine a world in which war and military activity is no longer seen as even being an option because people have realised that those things only serve the dark needs of power elites and are, in fact, counterproductive to planetary existence. Imagine a world in which national governments are redundant as that world would no longer be rigidly divided into countries. Just allow your imagination to run wild with those thoughts! Of course, such a world could not happen under the auspices of the present civilisation and aeon. Not only would many vast institutions need to be dismantled completely (which their founders and enablers would violently resist) but there would have to be a global rise in the level of human consciousness and awareness. For this to happen, there would need to be an inescapable supernatural intervention in this universe, firstly to prevent further irreversible destruction on the planet and, secondly, to trigger suprarational phenomena in human consciousness. There are ancient spiritual prophetic beliefs which claim that this will, in fact, happen. They speak of a world steeped in darkness which comes to a cataclysmic climax of natural disasters, diseases and international warfare — at which point a global supernatural intervention takes place. I’m speaking here of interactions which involve beings from another realm — what we can call angelic and “divine”. If only we could realise the unseen spiritual reality which lies behind the upheavals of this world — what has been rightly called “war in heaven” (and, as any adept knows, “as above so below”, “on earth as it is in heaven”). For we are not alone. With those words, I do not refer to ETs or UFOs, for that is just a deception theatre from the realm of darkness to inveigle us with a distracting sideshow. I am speaking of the battle between Light and darkness which has entirely forged this dying age and about which almost the entire world is in denial. We now lie on the cusp of a new age in which transformation of this planet becomes a reality. By “new age”, I do not refer to the greedy business-oriented religious movement which deals in trendy “therapies” which claim to be spiritual. I am speaking of a new aeon (aeon, αιών, is ancient Greek for “age”) of Earth history in which all the corrupted qualities of the old aeon are transmuted alchemically into the higher values which they need to be for the furtherance of life on a transformed Earth, and human consciousness is raised to a vastly higher level and dimension, if any kind of civilisation is to continue. This is what will mark the difference between the present aeon and the new aeon to come, as this creation finds its way out of the trap of base matter back towards higher dimensional reality. (In spiritual understanding, an “age” corresponds to astronomical axial precession, the gradual shift in the orientation of Earth’s axis of rotation, which corresponds to approximately 26,000 years).

There will come a point in Earth history when the present civilization will have to disappear up its own backside, so to speak. It has already gone past the point of no return. The time will soon come when it will no longer be able to sustain itself and will be ripe for its karmic comeuppence. Disordered minds project into a disordered world. The greed, violence, deception, hypocrisy, mendacity, amorality, violation of natural law and murderous mayhem brought about through so many being stuck in a lower level of consciousness, in whom being rabidly self-serving is the only motivation, will have reached its climax amidst a furore of cataclysms and global chaos. This civilization of predominantly corrupt men and women will have shown what it is capable of. The pinnacle of this corrupt civilization’s achievement will be a worldwide totalitarian regime, armed to the hilt with heinous weapons, in which the fist and boot reign supreme while love lies bleeding in the gutter. [Cultural/floral context: “Love Lies Bleeding” is the romantic name of a droopingly gorgeous flower, Amaranthus Caudatus, about which William Wordsworth wrote a poem in 1845]. Love really does lie bleeding. Everywhere. I do not mean the “love” which is crooned about in pop songs, Mills and Boon novels, “romcoms”, schmaltzy Christmas films, saccharin sexuality or when humans are in the throes of that hormonal-soup-based affliction known as “being in love”. I mean LOVE in all its glorious and dreadful manifestations. The kind of love which extols our duties to others rather than petulantly demanding “rights” for ourselves. The kind of love which would rather be bathed in uncomfortable Truth than wallow in empty pleasantries or platitudes. The kind of love which makes people lay down their lives for a genuinely higher cause or another person (knowing that the blipdom called death is just a trippy minor staging post on an eternal journey). The kind of love which holds all the elements of this Universe together. The kind of love which motivates humans to discover the true meaning of divinity and the origin of life. The kind of love which hammers superficiality and frippery into an unrecognizable pulp then remakes them into a beautifully unfathomable substance of worth. The kind of love which inspires people to put others before themselves unhesitatingly. The kind of love which demolishes falsehood with gusto and a grand bow. The kind of love which can turn a wilderness into a Palace garden with a mere glance. The kind of love which bursts into song at the sight of a sunset. The kind of love which trees are made of… and birds… and clouds… and puppy dogs… and everything in fact. The kind of love which envelops the death of the man who has a good conscience, a love for Light and a heart of gold. The kind of love which dissolves unnatural divisions through the adhesive cement of integrity. The kind of love which creates natural divisions simply through being love (for a genuinely loving human being deals in Truth and openness and will be hated for it by many). The kind of love which conquers fear in an instant with its tender certainty and an indulgence of yes. The kind of love which has infinite forgiveness even when at the “wrong” end of a bullet. The kind of love which is prepared to follow the Light to the ends of all Universes — even down the longest dark tunnels and across the most inaccessible terrain. The kind of love which welcomes mystery as part of knowledge in life, knowing it to be intrinsic to matter in this dimension. The kind of love which enables a person to stand utterly alone for Truth and Light and never need to crave the solidarity and affections of others. The kind of love which spawns courage and transfiguration. The kind of love which makes it possible to write endless lists such as these! I could just continue with this forever! For the mention of such love thrills me to the core and there is no end to the creativity which it inspires. The kind of love of which I speak is that which will find its zenith and fulfillment in the coming new aeon.

This new aeon, of which we are on the cusp, cannot come into the fullness of visible reality until the crossing has been properly made from the present doomed aeon. The period of time before that will inevitably involve chaos and cataclysm as the forces and energies of each of these differing aeons clash mightily as the old resists the new, propelled dramatically by discarnate forces from unseen realms, both dark and light (for angels have their dark counterparts which we call archons or demons). These are fearful times and they will become considerably worse; but they are only fearful for those who cling to the old aeon and can therefore not enter the new. Therefore, those whose lives are already dedicated to the new-aeon-in-waiting must encourage others. We who know — who understand — must also be the interpreters of current affairs and movements and all the craziness for those who are becoming increasingly confused by what they see around them and lead them into a way of seeing things which involves a different kind of thinking altogether, away from the propaganda and disinformation of governments and tendentious movements which are each oppressive in their own ways. We cannot stop these powerful world upheavals. We can only purify ourselves and be there for each other, men and women together (imagine!) — educating and encouraging.

Thus, the real division today is not at all gender-based. It is not a contrast between men and women. It is a question of the outworkings of levels of development amongst all people in the world. It is the disparity which exists between those who engage in service-to-self and those who are devoted to service-to-others. It is the manifestation of a spiritual battle between Light and darkness which typifies the differences between the values of the old aeon and the new. Thus, the division which has dogged this civilisation, and which is climaxing now is not between men and women — as feminists would have us believe due to their biased view of reality — but between the dark forces of the old aeon (in which people are unawake and unaware) and the light powers of the new (in which people are consciously-awake and self-aware). It has not been a question of “men bad, women good” but “old aeon forces destructive, new aeon powers creative”.


Can we now see that the problems of the world are not rooted in gender but in spiritual immaturity? Old aeon thinking screws the world up, not either of the genders. Both genders have been responsible. People as a whole. Screwed-up men and women have systematically screwed-up the world. Together. Now men and women are called to be the avant-garde of the new aeon, living in advance already, as pioneers, in the dying embers of the old aeon as if that new aeon was already in full swing. Do not be deceived by the unspiritual claims of feminism or any other “-ism”. Feminism is a political movement designed to divide men and women and, in particular, to emasculate men. For men are called to be pioneers, and, especially as the new aeon draws closer, to be spiritual pioneers. The forces of darkness seek to subjugate the world’s population by any means. Part of that mission involves gelding the men from a metaphorical point of view — diluting their fatherhood, undermining their leadership, undoing their pioneership. The feminist movement is playing its role in that development to perfection. I know so many men who have been cowed by this movement and even broken by its aggressive influences. Obviously, if one’s masculinity has been darkly channelled into authoritarian, oppressive or vulgar activities, then it’s definitely time to change all the way through. But this is not a political or even a social matter. The way to effect that change is not through legislation or social engineering. Neither is it through brow-beating, guilt-tripping or damning an entire gender. I have met many men who are waking up and looking for ways to channel their masculinity positively. We must all flower uniquely in our own way. Life is not a cookie-cutter project.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned what I called “unnatural divisions”. I used the word “unnatural” deliberately. Unnatural divisions are human-made. But, as I alluded, there are divisions between people which occur naturally as a direct result of Truth or Light doing its necessary work. We live in a world wherein if someone speaks Truth or Light into darkness, a large portion of the world will turn against him or her with malice. S/he might even be assassinated. So be it! This is a natural division, which occurs because of resistance to those two mighty pillars of wisdom, Truth and Light. Do not be put off by this phenomenon; and do not be afraid to be the cause of such reactions, which will intensify as this aeon draws to its conclusion.

Lastly, if the contents of this article have triggered some strong feelings within you, may I respectfully suggest that you quietly search your heart and see why this should be so, rather than shooting the messenger from the hip. The contents of this piece have been germinating in me for decades. I realise it could be controversial in some quarters. However, I am not writing in a reactionary manner but after years of meditation and deliberation. Only now has it come together as an actual piece of writing. I love women, and I have a special place in my heart for those women who are deeply comfortable in their femininity and feel no need to join movements which demean that femininity and even hijack the word and “-ist-ify” it to use as the name of their movement. I’ve been greatly dismayed to see the way that so many women have been deceived into thinking it is a movement for equality, when in reality feminism is historically a Marxist movement designed to create division, demonise men with misandry, overthrow his pioneering spirit and undermine male-female relations. Many women will find that preposterous, having been brainwashed to believe that the feminist movement is merely a popular uprising for women’s equality, equal pay, etc., and never realise that there is another agenda behind it altogether which they are enabling as collaborators. It is rather like freemasonry, which has millions of members who think masonry is just a watering hole for men to network (even if the rituals are rather odd); when in reality it is an occult movement with a global agenda. My father was a freemason for most of his life (and rather too open about what happens in the lodge — showing me his regalia and his little book of terms — which once led to him being terrified by what he was threatened with for that openness). I remember asking him what degree he had attained. He replied: “The highest”. I said: “Gosh, you’re 33rddegree?” He replied: “No, 3rd degree. It only goes to 3rd. There is no 33rd. I then showed him proof that 33rd degree exists, and he refused to believe it. “Don’t talk bloody nonsense!” he said. 😊 I get the same response when I try to explain to well-meaning feminists that there is another agenda altogether for those working full-time behind the scenes in their movement and that they are just fodder for a destructive cultural development. Then, predictably, to my amusement, I am told that I feel threatened by women who are liberated. Such a silly assertion. I love genuinely liberated women (by which I do not mean feminists, for they are not liberated!). What kind of guy wants to be intimate with a fettered or enslaved woman? Genuinely liberated women who work tirelessly and courageously for the furtherance of the Light are interesting, exciting, inspiring and utterly beautiful in the eyes and heart of a genuinely liberated man. When a woman wakes up spiritually — that is, when she is truly liberated — there is no need any longer to be involved in gender-divisiveness. Believe it or not, one can be a liberated woman without being a feminist. In fact, I believe that a woman can only be truly liberated if she is not a feminist, for feminism is enslavement to low-frequency ideology. Genuine liberation does not come from worldly movements tinkering with a corrupt social system through political action (which is rather like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic) but from deep within, personally, on a spiritual level, as the ego dissolves in its last remaining puff of vanity.

You can see here how we have moved a long way beyond mere patriarchy or matriarchy, or any other “-archy”, looking ahead to the new aeon on a wholly renewed planet (the properties of which we can presently only dimly imagine), which will be populated with liberated men and women whose lives are dedicated to the Light and who would travel anywhere in any Universe for its advancement and shimmering.


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  1. Dear Tova, Many thanks for your kind comment. Assuming that you are a woman (from Norway?) then I salute you for being so receiving of this article. I long to see more and more women understanding these issues and pray that you are the tip of the tip of the iceberg. With love, Alan

  2. I read the whole article. It’s the longest thing I’ve ever read on my computer. I just couldn’t stop reading till I got to the end. There was at one point in there, (can’t go back and find it now), something that reminded me of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. I recommend people to read this whole article, and maybe you will find the “Imagine”. I have always loved that song. I always wished it could be like that. Thank you, Alan Morrison.

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