George Santos for POTUS 2024 (a parody)

George Santos for POTUS 2024 (a parody)

While, yes, this is mostly parody/satire, you will see a lot of great “truths” (and not the Left’s “my truth” sense, actual “truth”) outlined herein…


By: Joseph M. Lenard

You know what, I’m starting to think that George Santos should not be investigated and tossed under the new, or potential interpretations (violations) of the U. S. House Ethics Rules – for lying about just about anything and everything he said during his Campaign and indeed getting Elected. All these Politicians embellish and tell straight up false-hoods!

Instead, we should immediately make him the GOP nominee for POTUS 2024.

[image source: screen-shot of TLBtalk post]

The WHY is simple: He is the only person on the Planet that lies as much as #LyinBiden. Seriously, yes (again) 99.9% of Politicians lie to some degree, but George clearly thought “I see Biden’s lyin’ – hold my beer, I can do even better!”

Instead of a Presidential Debate, they could have a lie-off trading lies so we can award the Presidency to the better liar of the two! Why not, right? If the left want a liar-in-chief (and Biden has been caught plagiarizing writings and lines since his early career started back in the stone-age, and even making up stories out of whole-cloth) then why shouldn’t we put up our “better liar” for consideration?!?!

VIDEO (8m 38s): George Santos on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’: ‘I made a mistake’

VIDEO (2m 3s): George Santos even made CBC (Canadian) news:

This whole article was motivated by two social-media posts, obviously not as long (just the Joke about making him the nominee for POTUS because he’s the perfect lying match to Biden part) as this piece would not fit on most platforms due to character limitations, but here too (going forward) is the other social-media post equally relatable elaborated upon…

Three-quarters of Americans want president under 65, new poll shows (#NYPost)

Another ridiculous knee-jerk emotional hysterics Poll and results. No question respondents replying as they did, just given the current POTUS and climate. Thoughtless – rather than logical, reasoned, responses that should be: age is not the factor (except, of course, for the minimum age requirement as outlined in the Constitution).

Joe Biden” by Ancho. in marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

I (probably those reading this also) want someone that has all his faculties and energetic, regardless of their age (as there are a lot of really STUPID folks in their 40’s I’d never consider for POTUS even if I were to be bribed/paid to Vote for).

Hell, Trump (who I would vote for again in a heartbeat) is far more energetic (and still has all his faculties at his age versus #DementiaJoe) than I am at age 60. The age, like skin-tone, is not a factor (if they meet the “sound mind” requirement), and even applies to what Martin Luther King Jr said about “content of character” too (as another requirement, someone that doesn’t lie every time their mouth opens and isn’t Anti-American)! Biden, fails on any/every qualification test!!!

Or are we supposed to seriously consider Ye (yes, back to parody/satire)??

VIDEO (2m 16s): Kanye West to run for President in 2024, asks Donald Trump to be V.P.

But, again, to tie this back to the top – why not George for POTUS, now that Biden set the lie first, lie second, lie always, precedence?!?!


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Image Credit: Photo (cropped) of George Santos in Featured Image (top) YouTube video screenshot.


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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8 Comments on George Santos for POTUS 2024 (a parody)

  1. I just posted to Social-Media… Wed. Nov. 29th 2023…

    #NEWSMAX scrawl reports: “#Speaker Johnson has ‘reservations’ about #Santos ouster”… IMO opinion should go beyond just “reservations” but this tells me #MikeJohnson wants to FOCUS on the important things while others want delay, stall, DEFLECTION, tactics in #USHouse. #Johnson is 100% correct in his “intuition” this is BULLSHIT. #GeorgeSantos (yes, absolutely #LIED his way into #Congress, how many other there did too? just different #LIES?) already said he WILL NOT SEEK REELECTION, it’s done, it’s moot, BUT OTHERS want to AVOID doing the #Budget and other REAL AND IMPORTANT business so want to waste time on #Santos shit instead! Tell #SpeakerMikeJohnson IGNORE THE BULLSHIT, does NOT deserve time on Floor, DO THE IMPORTANT PEOPLES’ BUSINESS instead.

  2. MON. NOV. 27th 2023 UPDATE…

    The whole #GeorgeSantos farce continues. #Congress that STILL REFUSES TO GET ITS REAL JOB DONE of passing #Budget #Bills appears to feel it OK to spend time to call to the Floor a Motion to EXPEL #Santos from Congress.

    Santos has already withdrawn from seeking re-election so THIS IS MOOT and completely moronic (meanwhile those who have Lied endlessly FROM THE #USHouse and #USSenate floor, have ZERO ACTIONS pending against them (especially looking at Adam Schiff)) at this point and a waste of Congressional time. But since Santos did manage to LIE his way into Congress, now there, HAS A LOT OF FACTUAL/TRUTH things he’s seen and that is the real WHY! They are anxious to expel him to further the LYING GEORGE (not undeserved) narrative so WHEN (not if) he starts spewing the down-and-dirty things going on and by whom it will all be QUESTIONED and TAINTED by/from all his PAST LYING (despite he’ll now be sharing quite a bit of Truth).

  3. WED MAY 10 2023 UPDATE…

    Rules (and Prosecutions for thee) but not for FASCICRATS… Santos to have THE BOOK thrown at him…. Meanwhile, after Comey laid out on LIVE TV for all to hear/see all Hillary’s Crimes – still walks free.

    HILARIOUS, or would be if not so telling of FASCICRATS / DeepState scum usual RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME hypocrisy and Selective Enforcement operations, as Cleptocrats Crimes roam freely w/o fear of any investigation (unless it is a CYA, SPIN a cover-up, operation) let-alone any Prosecution (like Comey had laid out ALL Hillary’s Crimes and OBVIOUS GUILT to then just say BUT NEVER MIND bull….(and, of course, blatant creation of BIDEN LAPTOP LETTER falsehood to cover for BidenCrimeFamily by DeepState complicit corrupt folks)).

    Was BAIL SET? Or is he getting the usual REVERSE of what Liberals get? HE, clearly not a threat to/for/against ANYONE will be held/kept behind Bars – meanwhile Leftists let out Murderers, Rapists, Serial Rioters/looters, habitual ShopLifters, endless REPEAT OFFENDERS, free to commit more Crimes AS WELL ALL KNOW MAJORITY OF THEM WILL. Like 90% of Crimes, are committed by THE SAME DAMN CRIMINALS over and over and over again, the Left REFUSE TO KEEP BEHIND BARS AND OUT OF SOCIETY!!!


  4. Lest we forget…
    BILL CLINTON LIED UNDER OATH – committed Perjury
    Has George done that level yet? So spare us the HE MUST RESIGN manure.
    This is FUN!! I am about ready to order my Pat Paulson… er… Santos2024 bumper stickers.

  5. Timothy Christ over on MeWe (just one of 15 places I promoted this piece) responded there on MeWe…
    “the only liars that can give Bribeden a run for his money are Obama, Schiffless, and Clinton, the rest of the democrats are slightly behind those three/four, and even Joe Isuzu cannot compare to your average democrat! A republican has no chance in hell of even coming close!”

    So I replied back:
    Love the JOE ISUZU mention
    for those of us that get it!
    I should have thought of that reference for/in my article!”

  6. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren: NO COMMENT
    LOL, it’s always fun when we can point out the Left hypocrisy.
    We on the Right are calling out George for his LYING, but at same time WE ARE FED UP and in unison saying: HEY, WE SEE YOUR LIAR, CALL YOUR BLUFF, AND GOING ALL IN WITH GEORGE!!
    NO, we are NOT going to remove him from Office.

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