Government as an Agent of Plunder and Violence (Part IV) 

Government as an Agent of Plunder & Violence (Part IV)


By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

The American sheeple are the exact equivalent of an abused wife that becomes a sycophant fawning at the feet of the Master just to get the abuse to stop.  [I will do whatever you want, just don’t beat me anymore.  Of course the abuser denies all accusations, “I only do this because I love you, this is for your own good”].  “Just tell me what to do, I will do whatever you want.”  The message to the sheeple then is this, “Work hard, pay your taxes, and sacrifice whatever is necessary  to achieve success and be rich.” And now with phacebook and other social media, to be “liked.” Likes are the trophies for a morally, decrepid and empty population.  So much so, that poverty is despised and blamed on the victim and all of their personal failings.  The American slaves are an imbecile and daft population.  See daft in glossary.  Was that a little too much for your sensibilities???  Suck it up and quit your whining. A great statesman once stated, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Fear and consumerism are prisons of our own making.  Fear only yields cowardice and self-betrayal.  Once a human being engages in self-betrayal, there is no limit as to whom they will betray. 

What then is the best system of Plunder that is both efficient and invisible?  Enter the modern Tax system.  “The answer seems self-evident.  Governments [aka, corporations, brackets mine,]  demand taxes because they wish to get their hands on the people’s money.”  Debt, Graeber. We can reduce Dave’s sentence to seven letters, PLUNDER.  The main thing that Dr. Graeber fails to grasp is that all world-wide governments are in fact private corporations. In America, the system professes two principles.  “Every one must pay their fair share”, and “the tax system is voluntary.”  Both of these principles are psyops, thus false, and meant to pacify the sheeple into paying without complaining.  The American sheeple have been led to believe that it is their patriotic duty to support the “system of mind control, aka, ‘government.’”  Or to state it another way, “to support our own enslavement.”  Being a good citizen is tied in directly to paying your fair share of taxes.  Especially during times of war, “support our Troops” is the infamous cry of the sheeple.  “Support our Troops” is simply code talk for “Support the Insanity of War, and do not question the ‘government’.” “Support the Troops” is an oxymoron, it simply means to support organized mass murder of our fellow man.  In fact, in times of War, lack of patriotism can have deadly consequences at worst, and social ostracism at best.   During the insane pitch of War, anti-War stances are devastating. At the beginning of WWI, the United States “government” asked the American population for one million volunteers to go and fight in Europe, it got only 63,000 volunteers. Not to worry, with the draft, it met the quota and any opposition was squashed and imprisoned for the duration of the war. 

[War is the Great Unifier thru the massive suffering of maiming, death and destruction of entire populations and cultures. War bonds societies into the Matrix of Insanity. The goal is to make sure that no single family has not suffered a loss, thus unifying the entire population in this fabricated tragedy. Plus everyone is complicit in mass murder of their fellow man. It is a Matrix tool par excellence].  Commerce is War and War is Commerce. 

The best and most powerful Matrices are bonded to War, also known as “Traumatic Bonding.”  The beating of women by mysoginist husbands also creates this “Traumatic Bonding.”  The raping and pedophiling of little boys by perverse, sick pedophiles also creates this “Traumatic Bonding.”  The American sheeple are traumatically bonded to their rapist, plundering Moneyed Masters. 

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, with out apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”  

[Prior to World War II, no one outside the government paid income tax; the people were, and understood themselves to be, immune from that tax. During WWII, Congress passed the Victory Tax (56 Stat. 884) to impose an income tax on every individual [the word individual is actually a term and one of it’s meanings is ‘corporation’] in the United States, something which had not been done by any previous income tax act.  Excepted from that tax were those already paying income taxes per I.R.C. 211(a) – nonresident alien individuals with no United States business or office but living in a “contiguous country” and having income from United States sources.   

Because the Victory Tax, a wartime measure, was imposed on individuals in the states of the union (and not countries such as Canada or Mexico), those already taxed by section 211(a) had to be excepted from the Victory Tax or they would be taxed twice.  This suggests that the nonresident alien individuals living in “contiguous countries” were in fact living in states such as Virginia and Maryland – being outside the United States (District of Columbia). [The term “contigious countries” is legal-sleaze, gov-speak, for “states of the union.”]   

The Victory Tax was repealed by section 6 of Income Tax Act of 1944, which in amending the I.R.C. includes the states of the union in the terms “certain foreign countries” (section 6 (b)(3)) and “foreign countries and possessions of the United States” (section 6 (b)(4)).  This restored the scope of income taxation to what it had been prior to the Victory Tax, as not including individuals in the states of the union. 

The states of the union are then seen to be included in the termscontiguous countries“, “certain foreign countries” and “foreign countries and possessions of the United States”.  This shows that every state of the union is foreign to the United States.  Those taxed under I.R.C. 211(a) must then be those living in a state of the union and working for government or one of its agencies – drawing income from “sources within the United States”. 

But because Congress failed to make it generally known that the Victory Tax was no longer in effect, people did not know to discontinue the withholding begun for the Victory Tax.  One was then considered as being a volunteer in paying income tax.   

The scope of the I.R.C. never targeted all individuals in the union.  Only for a brief period, and under war powers, were all individuals made subject to taxation of income.  The repeal of the Victory Tax means the scope of what is taxed was restored to its original intent, and individuals in the states of the union do not have to pay taxes on their incomes.  And as the Victory Tax was the only act to have levied any such tax, the scope of taxation has never again expanded to include the whole of The United States of America.]   

Individuals in the states of the union do not have to pay taxes on their incomes”  is incorrect.  The term “individual” has been defined by the “government legal-sleaze” to mean and include corporations.  Men and women of flesh and blood do not earn income and thus do not have to pay income taxes. However, there are no men or women of flesh and blood on the USPOWSCC, only captured POWs and slaves. Corporations earn income.  All legal fictions earn income, especially “government employees” working for the fictional Washington, D.C.  

The 16th Amendment applies to corporate entities, to fictions engaged in certain excise taxable activities. The 16th Amendment is an excise tax on corporate activity. Along the Yellow Brick Road, all men and women of flesh and blood in America, were fictionalized into “corporations.” All “Americans were “corporatized.” Here is a funny thing, nowhere in the entire Tax Code is the word [term] “income” defined.  “Income” is legal-sleaze.  It is a shape-shifter, morphing into whatever is necessary, politically and commercially  expedient for the moment to convict the recalcitrant “taxpayer.”  Remember that under Martial Law, “notice” is not required to be given to the newly conquered population. The IRS is a closet Mafia, military organization  that will not hesitate to destroy recalcitrant slaves.   

I will digress a bit here and have some fun.  Internal documents that I discovered when doing battle with the IRS [I read dozens of their technical manuals, thousands of pages] showed that they had classified me as a “high level narcotics drug dealer from the Cayman islands”, and thus everything I had, assets, money, property, was “ill gotten gain.”  Fruit From a Poisonous Tree, Melvin Stamper. [Man, I wish I could have been a high-level narcotics drug dealer from the Cayman Islands.  Only question is, “Where the hell are the Cayman Islands?”]  This way they could use drug forfeiture laws to deprive me of my “ill gotten gain.”  Plus it cleared the way for them to send a SWAT team of twenty men, fulled armed and bullet-proofed, to arrest me, since I was so dangerous. [by the way, this never actually happened, if it had, you would not be reading these words.]  

Additionally, to ensure the entrapment worked, they had a second classification for me, I, somehow, unbeknownst [I love this word] to me, was manufacturing truck chassis in the Virgin Islands. In the IRS Bizarro Opposite World, such an activity is an “excise taxable activity”, and thus taxable under the Internal Revenue Laws. Man, I am going to have a serious sit down with my accountants, as I have never seen a single penny from either enterprise.  They [the IRS] finally left me alone when I sued them and their “special agent” under the RICO laws. Of course, you never win against the IRS, you get phucked a little gentler than you would otherwise. 

So I decided to phuck with some “government” agencies.  I sequentially called the FBI, the U.S. Marshals’ Service and a couple more agencies I can’t remember. I tried explaining to each agency that the IRS had me classified as a “high level narcotics drug dealer in the Cayman Islands” and thus I wanted to turn myself in. Which of course would absolutely puzzle them beyond belief. One agent back East got so enraged, he threatened to fly to NM and arrest me for something the phuck  or other.  In my final interface with the FBI, I accused two white agents right to their face, “I figured you would be “yellow” in the face of the IRS.” I think they got mad because I called them a racial slur, get it, I called them Chinese, LOL. I racially profiled them. Ha! Ha! Their faces turned dark and I could tell they wanted to pound me physically. Ironically, the IRS and the FBI shared a building and had several common doorways giving agents of both agencies free access to each other’s space.  I figured that was a good time to end my joke.]   

This is the kind of sick, mind-phuck games played by the Plunderers.  The thing that is so astounding to me as a researcher, is that grown men and women, highly trained “professionals” working in the IRS and FBI can actually believe these outrageous fabrications. They live in a Land of Magical Stupidity.  But they get to carry those cool “Special Agent” badges and guns.  Once, I got a “Special Agent” badge from a Cracker Jack box. I think I was about ten, boy I wore that badge till it broke.  Plus never forget, a nice hefty paycheck, and retirement benefits at the end of a career in Plundering their fellow Americans.  What else could be more satisfying???  Its’ like those 1950s commercial ads advertising cigarettes, “What could be more satisfying than smoking a Camel?”  Trust me, there are few things more satisfying than getting raped by the IRS. It makes one feel so special. “I knew you cared.”  Welcome to “Mind Phuck Lane.” 

What I am about to tell you will blow a hole in your Brain from which you will never recover. Here is the reality, Washington, District for the Criminally Insane, was established in 1871 as a secret and invisible “foreign military base for the conquering of the entire American Continent” by England right under our noses. It is British “protectorate.”  It is the equivalent of an English Embassy. This follows the Plain Sight Principle, the best place to hide something is in Plain Sight.  The American sheeple are indeed sheeple.  DC is not a “state of the Union” or a territory, and is entirely under the control of the Congress, via British Corporate Law.  It is a Maritime island on land. It brought the Law of the Open Ocean onto the American continent.  100% extra-Constitutional. This English invasion solidly brought Martial Law onto the entire American continent without being detected.  This continent has never known one second of authentic Freedom.  And then they got us to “volunteer into this jurisdiction” by offering the putrid carrot called, “United States Citizenship”, a total and complete enslavement.   Please read my chapter titled, “What is United States Citizenship.”  All is fair in love and war. 

By 1863, Congress had been usurped and brought under Presidential Executive Power by Lincoln. Here is what happened, in the last Congressional session in 1863, the session was so rancorous and bitter that opposing Congressmen stormed out and thus, under the Robert’s Rules of Parliment, that sitting Congress was legally dissolved. The only manner to save the day would have been for each Congressman to return to his respective district and tell the voters what had transpired and set up new elections. This was way too much trouble.  So they hung out in Washington, District for the Criminally Insane, and two weeks later, the now defunct Congress, were called into session under Executive Authority by Lincoln. At that point, the U.S. Congress became the Board of Directors for the Presidency and under his control and subservience. Thus the Doctrine of Separation of Powers was usurped and destroyed by Lincoln.  Indeed, Lincoln, and his new Mafia Congress, became the Great Pretenders and Usurpers. I know, I know, you were not taught this in the “government schools.” Well guess what?  Everything you and I were taught in “government schools” was a Big Lie. I have six years of college, and it took me ten years after graduation to un-indoctrinate myself from the Matrix. Now I am a didact. Didactic means “self-taught.”  

Lincoln was perhaps the Greatest Traitor to the American sheeple to ever have disgraced the nation.  Legally however, there is no such thing as “betraying the American sheeple”.   How is that for the “Great Emancipator?”  We currently have the entire population of the United States living “jurisdictionally” in the British Protectorate, Maritime island of Washington, District for the Criminally Insane.  We accepted the invitation to become United States Citizens, aka, POWs and SLAVES, via the 14th amendment. A careful reading of the 14th amendment reveals that the word “right(s)” is not mentioned once in the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment granted “priviliges or immunities” to the newly minted slaves on the USPOWSCC. The status of United States Citizen was created by the corporation called United States and thus wholly owned by said corporation.  Just in case you forgot, United States Citizen is a prized status. Please read my two chapters, “Open, Notorious and Hostile Occupation”, and “What is United States Citizenship.” 

The Panama Papers are an excellent place to start.  “Capitalists oligarchs, meanwhile, hoard huge vast sums of wealth—$7.6 trillion stashed overseas tax havens—exacted as tribute from those they dominate, indebt and impoverish.”  America, the Farewell Tour, Chris Hedges.  The elite and rich could not give a flying phuck about being a “good citizen” or “patriotic” in the least bit. The elite and rich worship Mammon with no shame or regret. For the rich, it is all about Power and Control. An interesting trait of the rich, is that they become more miserly and niggardly with the more  money they steal.  Statistics show that the poor and the middle class donate more money to charity than the upper rich percentile.  That does not mean that the rich do not donate, they do, but only in ways that benefits themselves more than the recipient of the mula. Sad but true. Off shore foundations is a fav. Remember the Hillary Clinton Foundation.  

If this is the case, the elite and rich are the “scumbag citizens” simply because they use every tax loophole available, both legal, and illegal, which of course becomes “tax evasion” to reduce or eliminate their tax burden. Of course, “tax evasion” is legalized thru Trusts, Off-Shore Tax Havens, Foundations among many “tax tools.” There is an entire “industry” of tax attorneys and liaryers to further this massive tax evasion.  And of course, in a totalitarian state, simply pass new legislation enacted by their rich Millionaire Club, the U.S. Congress. In recent times, today is 2019, the use of “offshore tax havens” by the wealthy elite have reached epidemic proportions whereby trillions of dollars are secretly stashed by the criminal class.  In effect cheating the tax paying public of billions of dollars of war extractions from the elite.  I correct myself, the moneyed Elite are not subject to the tribute tax, as they are the Conquerors.  Thru legerdemain, tax loopholes are transmogrified into “legal structures” offshore. 

Of course, their favorite donations are to their politico bitch whores.  That produces the best rate of return, buying human whores with influence,  power, and titles. The U.S. Congress is known as the “Rent-a-Whore-Inc” world-wide. The single largest trafficker of U.S. Congressional whores? Big Pharma, hands down!! I would like to see a new law enacted that would require Congressmen/women to announce their going price on their business card or placard around their necks. Or better yet, a sign on their doors. Here are some examples. “$50,000 Cash-But no less than $40,000.” Of course, if you are an Ivy League “Magnum-Cum-Loud”, you could easily demand $250,000 for your services.  “Will work for sex with young, nubile Pages.” “Will work for Bathroom Sex-Call 1-800-HOT-CUMM.”  “ANL SEX-Your Place or Mine.”And for lezzies like Hillary Clitory, “Your Clit or Mine?” This way it is out in the open and you know immediately who you can afford. At the very least I would appreciate the raw Honesty. So if I show up to Washington, District for the Criminally Insane with my measly $100 donation, with a good cause and an open Heart, I better just buy myself dinner and hitch a ride home. These psychotic phucks must surely have a laugh when some poor misguided Soul shows up at their door with 5,000 petition signatures and no “mula.” They probably tell jokes about it in the men’s bathroom. I hereby anounce a new nationwide contest. Send in your best, “Rent-a-Whore” meme to me personally. I will compile these and at the end of six months, I will publish them as a NY times bestseller and share the wealth with everyone that submitted a meme. LOL.  Just kidding, phuck you, I will buy me a Congressional whore.. My apologies to world-wide, Whore Industry. 

It has been stated, “Money has no Motherland.”  Money has no loyalties save to Power.  “[T]he key components in 90 percent of the prescription and over-the-counter meds Americans take are sourced from a country [China] that our Department of Defense considers a major adversary.” John Birch Society.  Show me the money, Babe!!! 

The situation is made more complex by the fact that traditional morphine, plus another few synthetic opioids, would be sufficient to handle all patients’ needs.  BUT, when I started counting the pharmaceutical opioids in the marketplace, I stopped at 50.  This is insane.  There is absolutely no need for all these derivatives.  And they make regulation and enforcement far more difficult.  But the drug companies don’t care.  They pursue profit.”  CBS News, August 30, 2019: “Law enforcement officers in Virginia have seized enough fentanyl to kill 14 million people, busting a massive three-state drug ring…one of the 39 people charged ordered fentanyl from Shanghai and had it delivered to Virginia through the mail.”  So there is that route as well—China direct to the US through the US Postal Service.”  Jon Rappaport.   

I remember an incident in 1976, I was a young buck and still believed in this country.  Nelson Rockefeller was being interviewed for the position of Vice President of the United States.  He was asked two basic questions.  “How much money did you earn last year?”, and “How much did you pay in taxes?”  To which he answered, “600 million dollars” and “NONE.”  Rockefeller could not have given a phuck about “paying his fair share.”  “Under Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller became the Vice President, a functional illiterate only a heartbeat away from the presidency.  Every time Nelson was to give a speech, he’d take papers to the podium and then set them aside and make some excuse about speaking from his heart.  He couldn’t read the speech anyway.  Guess who read to him throughout his Vice Presidency?  None other than Henry Kissinger!” NWV. In the 1980s president Reagan commissioned the Grace Commission Report.  This was meant to be the defining showcase for the rightousness and fairness of the tax system.  In a nutshell, here is the result.   

The Grace Commission [Reagan 1980s] found that one third of taxes due to be collected were in fact never collected, one third of the taxes were lost due to fraud, extortion and governmental graft.[Remember the admission by Rumsfeld one day prior to 9/11, “We cannot account for 2.3 trillion dollars of Pentagon spending, that is precisely why building 7 of the WTC complex was demolished”], and of the last one third collected, not a single nickel inured to the benefit of the American sheeple.  Not one cent was spent for the benefit of the American sheeple, but rather disappeared in to the coffers of the banking system in the form of “user fees/war extractions/tribute/plunder” for the privilege of using a private credit system.” 100% pure profit for the 13 Banking/Ruling families and the Vatican.  They are drowning in their credit instruments, aka, fiat “money” to the tune of quadrillions times quadrillions per year, while the average American family drowns in debt and scambles to simply keep food on the table.  Let me backtrack a little here.  66% of all taxes went to “other purposes”, so there are two levels of Plunderers.  First, government extortion, fraud, and graft, sucked up 33%,  and most importantly, the Federal Reserve System sucked up the other 33% in the form of tributel  How do like them apples?  If somehow we, the American sheeple could reverse that statistic, and access the benefit of that 66%, there would be no poverty, everyone would have health insurance, all college education would be free, no child would go hungry, there would be no homeless, then this country would truly be America, the Great.  Sometimes I wonder if I am a little naive or crazy? Hell, I am probably both, just call me “special.”   

Of course, the American sheeple are encouraged to snitch on one another when someone fails to pay his fair share of taxes.  Much the same thing happened in Mao’s Communist China, Stalinist Russia, and in Hitler’s Germany, with the sheeple snitching on one another to curry favor from the authorities. In totalitarian states, snitching and denouncements become “avant gard.”  Forward to 2020, H.R. 6666, known as the TRACE Act. To snitch on our neighbors will become “avant gard” in the New Norm America. Tyrants are master manipulators.  In tyrannies, fear and betrayal rule the behavior of the slaves.  If you have not read my chapter titled, “A Nation of Pigs, Whores, Cowards, Snitches and Traitors”, please do so now. “Since 9/11 Americans are living in a permanent state of fear, a fear fueled by their own government. Under the guise of protecting us from terrorists, the U.S. government has turned a former proud and brave people into a nation of sheep.” NWV, Servando Gonzales.  Judge Andrew Napolitano, wrote an excellent book, “A Nation of Sheep”, a must read for any serious researcher.  Perhaps the greatest challenge we face, is that now that we are a bunch of repeatedly raped sheeple, can we ever regain our status of being “Lions?” We have embraced our Rapists.  Please read my chapter titled, “The Hollow American Male.” 

Taxes are simply “war extractions”, aka, tribute, for the support of the Conquerors [government is the Belligerent Conqueror].  In ancient times, taxes were simply called “tribute” to the ruling class.  While in ancient times, the collection of taxes was brutish and unsophisticated, modern times has seen an incredible refinement.  Plunder has become an exact science.  Any given population that is paying taxes is simply a conquered, slave population under the illusion of “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”  “The problem here is that in the ancient world, free citizens didn’t usually pay taxes.  Generally speaking, tribute was only levied on conquered populations.  This was already true in ancient Mesopotamia, where the inhabitants of independent cities did not usually have to pay taxes at all…Subject cities, however did have to pay tribute…Classical Greeks looked upon direct taxes as tyrannical and avoided them whenever possible.”  Debt, David Graeber.  Perhaps one of the first books to start me on this path was “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by Edward Griffin.  This research conclusively proves the existence of Secret Cabals that have worked incessantly to enslave this nation.  Additionally, Eustace Mullins wrote a great book, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve.” 

Taxes are simply disguised tribute to make it more palatable.  Taxes are the facade, slave tribute is the reality.  A deeper reality is that modern taxes are simply for the commercial benefit of the 13 Banking/Ruling families [the Conquerors] in alliance with il Vaticano to keep the whole world enslaved to an illusion.  Another great illusion is the “national debt.”  Since all credit is a fiction, the national debt could be wiped out with the single stroke of the keypad, “DELETE” and reset to zero.  However, that would release the population from their debt peonage, and FEAR Matrix, a no-no for the ruling elite. Here is great irony, 99% of the American Sheeple fail to grasp and understand that we do no have a “money system” in the United States. We have a “credit system”, but no money. Even our “cash”, that we love so much, in the form of Federal Reserve Notes, is simply “credit.” Please my chapter titled, “The Proverbial Federal Reserve Note.” All taxes are user fees for the use of the “fiat money/credit” created, controlled and monopolized by these same families.  The benefit to the captured slaves is that they get to use fake, credit money and never have to pay for anything, as long as they do not fail to pay the proper tribute/taxes to the ruling elite. [Tied directly into this is the fact that slaves cannot own anything.  Slaves are mere things, a res.  Dogs and cats have a higher status than any slave. You can get more prison time for killing a dog than for killing a man].  Failure to pay tribute has serious consequences, with the worst being heavy prison time.   

Additionally, failure to worship at the Altar of Commerce, results in a life of poverty. The middle class of this nation is being devoured by this rapacious, unbridled “capitalism” where the rules of fair play have been repeatedly raped, and now, simply killed off thru financialization.   In the Matrix, no one is imprisoned as a debt slave, but rather for failure to obey the command/order of the judicial officer.  The IRS imprisons persons mostly for “failure to file/for defrauding the “gov” of its’ Plunder”, not directly as “debt slaves.”  It is all about language, my friend.   In the case of the United States, the ruling wealthy elite are the Shadow Government, the Deep State.  See my chapter titled, “Secret Cabals.”  “In other words, people are in all of these countries getting more and more squeezed, which means the daily life is harder. There is fewer and fewer social services available to them from the government and they see in pretty much all of these countries a corrupt, unaccountable elite, which is enriching itself while the lives of most people become more and more difficult.” With the COVID-19, that is now full-blown [get it, ala Obama] reality in AMERIKA!!!!!! 

One of the Constitutional mandates is that there shall be no “debtor’s prisons”.  No man or woman is to be imprisoned for not paying a debt.  Except when that debt is owed to the “government.”  Several years ago, I spent 10 days in Taos County Jail for a speeding ticket, for arguing with the “magistrate judge”, who knew nothing about law, but naturally he won when he simply tapped his gavel. Originally he sentenced me to ninety days, I would have gotten out on my birthday.  However, this was reduced to 10 days served after I succumbed and hired one of his “ fraternity brothers”, an attorney.  While there, I talked to many of the “prisoners”, who were incarcerated for not paying fines.  For the most part, at the point of arrest, these men were working, paying rent and for a vehicle, all of which were lost shortly after their arrest.  They got caught in a cycle of poverty that was virtually impossible to break out of.  So please, don’t tell me there are no “debtors’ prisons.” Here we see the “governments” logic, now that the prisoners had no job, they were expected to pay for the delinquent fines plus penalties and interest.  Hic est furor!!  “The poor and minorities are also being incarcerated at a greater rate due to their inability to pay fees and fines imposed to generate revenue. By one estimate, 20% of those in local jails are incarcerated because they didn’t pay a fine or fee. Those with fine-only misdemeanors, such as traffic violations, have been jailed for failing to pay fines.”  National Center/Project-21/  Any way you look at this fact, it spells “debtors prisons.”  Ironically, half the prisoners in the jail asserted that they knew for a fact that the “magistrate judge” was a homosexual/pedophile. This is the kind of power hungry, psychotic, and perverse thugs that ascend to power in our society. 

On the USPOWSCC, the illusion of “government” is paramount and must be maintained at all costs.  Since taxes are war extractions from a slave population, taxes fall under the Law of Necessity, aka, Martial Law, aka, the Law of War.  Our prisons have a nice hefty population of “debt prisoners.”  The American sheeple live in an open air prison where they are allowed to roam in a seemingly “free” manner, as long as the sheeple do not displease the ruling elite or fail to pay their “fair share of taxes.”  “You allow them enough freedom of choice in areas that are of no importance to you, that most believe themselves to be free. You allow them out of their cages, as it were, but want them on leashes.”  History of Empires, Steven Yates. Now with our own personal tracking devices disguised as communications devices, aka, cell phones, we live in a “Live Electronic Concentration Camp.” Whitehead, supra.   

One could, of course, look to December 23, 1913 as an earlier pivotal date: the creation of the Federal Reserve System, another entity of which few professional intellectuals are willing to speak. During the hundred years this system has been in place, the dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power. Much of this loss has occurred since 1971.”  The Fate of Empires, Steven Yates. The PTB have a saying, “Well begun is halfway won.”  The PTB plan in 50 to 100 year intervals and are extremely patient. 

The yoke of a “voluntary tax system” has worked perfectly for a docile sheeple population.  This eliminated the need for “ brutish tax collectors” of olden times.  Now the sheeple, neatly esconced within the Matrix enforce their own slavery.  “But because Congress failed to make it generally known that the Victory Tax was no longer in effect, people did not know to discontinue the withholding begun for the Victory Tax.  One was then considered as being a volunteer in paying income tax.”, supra.  Once this status was chosen, “un-volunteering” was not, and has never been, an option. Volunteering to pay taxes is a unilateral contract of adhesion based on very ancient customs.  “Such an act of one sided generosity is treated as a precedent for what will be expected afterward…Sometimes the situation is assumed to have originated in some founding act of CONQUEST. [Bingo]…there is always the danger that it will be treated as a precedent, added to the web of customs, and therefore considered obligatory thereafter”, Debt, Graeber, and creates a permanent status and is irrevocable.  That is maximum efficiency.  

Once you file your very first 1040 Tax Return, you are not only expected to file one for the rest of your life, but are in fact required. You set the precedent. Thru you lack of knowledge, you enslaved yourself. In Hoseah it is stated, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge.” In 31 USC, it is spelled out that all taxes paid to the U.S. “government” are considered “gifts/unilateral donations” and thus un-retractable by the donor, aka, tax payer, aka, slave. Plus, these unilateral donations set the future expectations and then become customary. The clique of Plunderers is ruthless in the collection of their war extractions.  SWAT teams of hyper-aggressive and hyper-masculine Hollow Men are the preferred tools for recalcitrant “taxpayers” that refuse to pay their share. Especially for these recalcitrant, drug dealing Caymans Islands drug dealers.  And naturally some prison time for enforcing contrition.  Please read my chapter titled, “The SWAT Team Gangsta: An American Phenomenom.”  For the recalcitrant sheeple, the end of a gun barrel is very persuasive. 

Additionally, above all, they, the “gov”, must maintain the appearance of upholding the law, while breaking the law. I describe this as the Legal Principle. Hence the need for massive legislation that enhances the image of “a nation of laws.” The Conquerors have always seen themselves as superior and of higher intelligence than the sheeple and thus destined by divine right to rule.  Due to the arrogance and egocentrism that they suffer from, they are above the law for the slaves.  However, since  Commerce is War and War is Commerce, the Conquerors operate under the Law of Necessity, aka, the Law of War,  aka, Martial Law.  In common language, this is known as the Law of the Jungle, where might is right, kill or be killed. There is no law or laws, on Planet Earth to protect any slave on the planet.  None, Zero, Zilcho, comprende amigo!!! A slave is a res, a res is a thing, mere chattel. 

In reality,  on the USPOWSCC, there are two tiers of Law.  One for the monied elite with the proper political, blood lines and religious affiliations. Think il Vaticano.  “Furthermore, when it comes to helping out the Soviet Union, the State Department has no hesitation in breaking United States laws.  This practice goes back before the export control laws—indeed into the 1920s.”  National Suicide, Military aid to the Soviet Union, Anthony C. Sutton.  Governments have never hesitated in breaking their own laws in further  perpetuation of their hegemony,  especially thru commerce. America for sale to the highest bidder. “The nation’s resources have been pillaged by elected representatives and appointed officials.  Our nation’s leaders have sacrificed the rule of law, and the Constitution itself, in a headlong rush to build their own wealth and power.  They have replaced liberty with tyranny and have caused the nation, as a whole, to suffer.”  The Rise of Tyranny, Jonathan Emord.  That is the very definition of an invisible, commercial military dictatorship. In other words, a beautiful, good smelling Prostitute. For instance, the U.S. engaged in Commerce with the U.S.S.R. during the entire 20th century and actually provided all of the resources, including atomic secrets, for Russia to become a super-power, especially, thru the Lend-Lease program of WWII run by Harry Hopkins, a known Russian operative.  American Betrayal, Diana West.  

The Lend-Lease program was hatched by Armand Hammer and Harry Hopkins, both Soviet psychopolitical operatives, [American Betrayal, Diana West], and they made hundreds of millions in commissions. During FDR’s twelve year Reign of Treason, the U.S. “government” was infested with Soviet psychopolitical operatives. During this Reign, U.S. “government” anti-Communists were discredited, humiliated, and exiled by the high ranking Soviet psychopolitical operatives.  “The first wave was in 1937, when even the Russian research library at the State Department was broken up, the files on Communists, foreign and domestic, ordered destroyed. The second wave was in 1943.  Both purges took place under Soviet pressure and even direction as when in March 1943 Foreign Minister Litvinov, incredibly, handed over a list [presumably to Harry Hopkins] of American diplomats the Soviets wanted fired.[It was well known in the Inner Circles that Harry Hopkins had the Soviet interests at heart, and his American counterpart, an Army general, the American interests.] West, supra. Of course, the United States never presented the Soviet government with a similar list of grievances about Politburo hardliners who were antagonistic toward the United States.” American Betrayal, Diana West, Chapter 7, pages  180-218. Even less, a list of the known psychopolitical operatives operating the Communist Party USA, and numerous Soviet infiltration fronts. There was a virtual Red Army Occupation of the US “government” under FDR. Martin Dies Story. 

When it came to dealing with the Soviet Empire, FDR was “magically stupid.”  “FDR, Dunn writes, seized on the theory of “convergence” as it applied to the United States and the USSR, the idea being that capitalism and Communism would take on enough characteristics of the other to “converge.”  FDR’s belief in convergence makes perfect sense. After all, the New Deal—in Martin Dies’s apt formulation, [was] the classic “Communist Front” organization secretly directed by Communists—expanded the powers and reach of the centralized state, becoming a gigantic, one way “convergence” enterprise of its own.” West, supra. During and since, there were 180+ new federal agencies created. Emord, supra. FDR’s “magical stupidity” led “the United States down a path of unreturned concession and unredeemable  appeasement. As our most respected and beloved leaders increasingly sought refuge in this world of pretend, they led the nation on a disastrous retreat from reality from which we have never, ever returned.  In our retreat, we left morality [and all American values] behind, undefended. The United States had to retire to a new fantasy world of its own creation.”  West, supra. Welcome to my Bizarro Opposite World. “Who controls the Past, controls the Future. Who controls the Present, controls the Past.” George Orwell. Indeed, a Tyranny of the Mind. 

In the Super-Matrix of the United States political system, the hardest thing to understand is the depth of betrayal by our own “government officials.”  That is why the Conquerors must always re-write the histories, to portray themselves as the Benefactors of the Conquered. Sorry I digressed, a wee bit. And the other tier of law, for the slave/sheeple population.   

Every four years, the outgoing president of the United States will “sell” pardons to convicted felons [that have “reformed”] that ante up the proper amount of cash to his secret coffers. I would imagine the going rate is 5-10 million Federal Reserve Notes per pardon.  Or maybe it is as high as 40-50 million per pardon.  Only the prez knows, he is the one that negotiates the price. 

End of Part IV. 


Government as an Agent of Plunder and Violence

Prelude to Part V

How do the Conquerors make the system of Plunder invisible?  This follows the Plain Sight principle. The best place to hide something is in Plain Sight, right under the noses of the sheeple. The 16th Amendment states:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, with out apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

If you have been keeping up with my writings, you will remember that the Planck # 2 of the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Marx, was in fact a graduated income tax. The Sovietization of the United States was accomplished surreptiously and incrementally during the 1900s. This was a Soviet coup for Communism/Socialism/Facism/Marxism. Well done indeed. Please read my chapter titled, “A Communist Blueprint for the Destruction of America.”


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