Government as an Agent of Plunder & Violence (Part II)

Government as an Agent of Plunder & Violence – (Part II)


By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

Section 1021 of the NDAA, authorizes the STATE to carry out “extraordinary rendition” [this is code for unlawful kidnapping or adult-napping] of U.S. citizens on American soil and all around the world, to be held indefinitely and without any charges whatsoever. In essence, the STATE reducing itself to a Banana Republic, with the concomittant tin foil dick-tay-tor. Did I hear you say TRUMP? Don’t mumble, speak up. Never forget though, we as a nation birthed Herr Trump. Additionally, with all of the major spy agencies keeping tabs on our actions 24/7, the STATE has created a real time “electronic concentration camp” [Whitehead]. “They [the STATE] sweep up our correspondence, tweets, web searches, phone records, file transfers, live chats, financial data, medical data, criminal and civil court records, and information in dissident movements. They store this information in sophisticated computer systems. Surveillance cameras, biosensors, scanners, and face recognition technologies track our movements. When a government watches you twenty four hour a day, you cannot use the word “liberty.” This is the relationship between a Master and a Slave.” Hedges, supra. “Millions of Americans are walking around with phones that have, unknowingly, created one of the most disturbing and unintentional “surveillance states” to ever exist.” Tyler Durden Indeed, a real time “electronic concentration camp”. John Whitehead, supra.

Political dissent and rational discourse is criminalized. And of course, now our “drivers’ licenses” are microchipped with the best GPS chips available that gives the STATE real time tracking of any “driver.” Additionally, since 1969, the U.S. Supreme Court has sanctified the “law enforcement officers” of this nation, to lie, cheat, coerce and threaten perps to squeeze counterfeit confessions [private contracts] from them and imprison them without a trial by jury. Frazier v. Cupp, 394 U.S. 731 (1969). These modern “cowboys” now exhibit a reckless and perverse disregard for any law save their own personal aggrandizement and advancement. And the STATE loves them for it. “During the administration of President Bill Clinton, Democrats and Republicans passed a series of “law and order” bills that saw the number of crimes punishable by death leap to 66 in 1994. In 1974, there had been only one such crime identified in federal law.” Hedges, Think about that, now there are 66 crimes for which you can be put to death, not just 1st degree murder. That is how you spell TYRANNY. To what level of insanity must a nation be reduced where this can happen?? Right now I am sick to my stomach and have tears in my eyes. How did we get here?? As always I revert to the penultimate question, Cui Bono? Sadly, in this country, always follow the money.

Though all sorts of reasons have been offered to explain this trend–I’ve described the mechanisms of financialization here for years–two that don’t attract much mainstream media attention are money laundering and control fraud, i.e. changing the rules of what’s legal so what was illegal yesterday is legal today–presto-magico, illegally skimmed wealth is now “legal. In other words, control fraud ranges from masking fraud to bringing fraud (however shakily) into the circle of quasi-compliance to fully legal fraud (i.e. much of what enriched the few at the expense of the many in 2002-2008 housing/mortgage bubble.) As JD pointed out in his email to me, control fraud is a profoundly insightful concept presented by author William K. Black (Wikipedia), the essence of which is that those with control/ power in centralized institutions can defraud the institutions and their users/citizenry by modifying the rules of what’s legal/allowable, and do so legally, i.e. within the letter of the law if not the intent of the law. The ultimate form of control fraud is our auction-to-the-highest-bidder “democracy” in which wealth casts the only votes that count. Just transfer enough wealth to the political class via campaign contributions, “donations” to their foundations, [think the Hillary Clitory Foundation] etc., and then have a juicy targeted tax break inserted into a complex legislative bill.” NWV. These complex legislative bills always end with the phrase, “and other purposes”, mostly perverse and nefarious, never to benefit the American sheeple.

Over the last 30 plus years, the system of “capitalism” has been fully morphed and transmogrified into a system of “Plunder thru Financialization”, where the only rule is, “Be first, be the best, or cheat.” Make money hand over fist, f@#$ck the rules of fair play. The financial crash of 2008 was planned and orchestrated decades in advance. Financialization is not an industry, for it produces nothing, and thoroughly debauches any rules of fair play of capitalism, if they existed at all. Financialization is the newest Ponzi Scheme invented by the the wealthy elite to further Plunder the sheeple, while shouting, “Land of Opportunity” to the sheeple. All Ponzi Schemes, like gambling casinos, are rigged in favor of the “house.” The problem with Financialization is that it is a system purely based on “lying, cheating and stealing.” Financialization is rapacious and self destructive. Financialization is the final nail in the coffin of this once great nation. Bon Voyage, Motherf@#$cker. “The late form of capitalism is built on what Marx called “fictitious capital. And it leads, as Marx knew, to the vaporization of money.” Hedges, supra. Welcome to the World of Virtual Everything.

Between 1917 and 1972 the Soviet Union government murdered 35-65 million human beings. “This business of lending blood money is one of the most thoroughly sordid, cold-blooded and criminal that was ever carried on, to any considerable extent, among human beings. It is like lending money to slave traders, or to common robbers and pirates, to be repaid out of their plunder. And the men who loan money to government, so called, for the purpose of enabling the latter to rob, enslave and murder their people, are among the greatest villains that the world has ever seen.” Lysander Spoon, 1870. National Suicide, Military aid to the Soviet Union, Anthony C. Sutton.

Great Britain, in violation of all the ethics of civilized warfare that had theretofore been respected by our race, and in treacherous violation of solemnly assumed diplomatic covenants about “open cities”, had secretly carried out intensive bombing of such open cities in Germany for the express purpose of killing enough unarmed and defenseless men and women to force the German government reluctantly to retaliate and bomb British cities and thus kill enough helpless British men, women, and children to generate among Englishmen enthusiasm for the insane war to which their government had committed them. [All wars devolve humans into insanity.] Kill, Kill and more KILL!! Indeed, mass murder hidden behind the rationalizing Wall of Patriotism.

It is impossible to imagine a governmental act more vile and more depraved than contriving death and suffering for its own people — for the very citizens whom it was exhorting to “loyalty” — and I suspect that an act of such infamous and savage treason would have nauseated even Genghis Khan or Hulagu or Tamerlane, Oriental barbarians universally reprobated for their insane blood-lust. History, so far as I recall, does not record that they ever butchered their own women and children to facilitate lying propaganda….In 1944 members of British Military Intelligence took it for granted that after the war Marshal Sir Arthur Harris would be hanged or shot for high treason against the British people…” Paul Craig Roberts. Mr. Roberts is referring to the actions of Winston Churchil during WWII.

Estimates vary but they range from 20 to 80 million Native American Indians GENOCIDED within a 300 year period by the invading hordes of the European Whites. “According to historian David Stannard, over the course of more than four centuries “from the 1490s into the 1890s, Europeans and white Americans engaged in an unbroken string of genocide campaigns against the native peoples of the Americas.” Stannard writes that the native population had been reduced savagely by invasions of European plague and violence and that by around 1900 only one-third of one percent of America’s population–250,000 out of 76,000,000 people–were natives. [that is how you spell GENOCIDE] He calls it “the worst human holocaust the world had ever witnessed”, and it leveled off because “there was, at last, almost no one left to kill.” Wikipedia. That is a huge Karmic Debt that must be paid for by the American sheeple. Without genuine atonement for this serious crime against humanity, there will never be true Freedom for the American sheeple, only enslavement and destruction. This tremendous blood debt must be atoned for, accounted for, and paid in full before the sheeple achieve authentic adulthood. Otherwise, we will remain forever in an “imbecile infantilism.” “It is a country cursed by its failure to address or atone for its original sins of genocide and slavery.” Walker Percy, Love in the Ruins.

This country is deeply in blood debt with various genocides committed against many groups, the slave trade is an egregious and enormous crime against humanity. And of course, not to discount the internment of 100,000 United States citizens of Japanese culture during WWII. Until we as a nation atone for every single one of these atrocities, we are destined to be destroyed for those very crimes. The 21st Century is the century in which the bill has become due and will have to be paid. The destruction of America has begun in earnest. Today is June 14th , 2020, and what we are witnessing is just the tip of the iceberg. The greatest irony is that no nation in the Stage of Decadence ever recognizes it is in the State of Decadence, hence, there is never a self correction, but rather an accelerated spiral into destruction. “According to anthropologist Russell Thornton, for the American Indians “the arrival of the Europeans marked the beginning of a long holocaust, although it came not in ovens, as it did for the Jews. The fires that consumed North America Indians were the fevers brought on by newly encountered diseases, the flashes of settlers’ and soldiers’ guns, the ravages of “firewater,” the flames of villages and fields burned by the scorched-earth policy of vengeful Euro-Americans.” Some authors, including Holocaust scholar David Cesarani, have argued that United States government policies in furtherance of its so-called Manifest Destiny constituted genocide.” Wikipedia.

Manifest Destiny was engendered by a “white hot greed” on the part of the European whites that left nothing untouched on the newly discovered continent. All in the name of progress and “civilizing” the Savages to European standards. These white European settlers came to this country with a “white hot greed” of getting something for nothing even if they had to kill other humans beings to do it. Here is the thing that few people realize, pulling the trigger on a pistol or rifle does not require a lot of effort, in fact, it is very easy and especially if the white European settlers were encouraged by “State bounties of 25 dollars per scalp, and bonuses to boot.” Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Dee Brown. “The colonization of the Americas killed so many people it contributed to climate change and global cooling, according to scientists from University College LondonWikipedia.

But as a nation we are so blind and myopic, we continue to stare into the Great Mirror of Vanity, while self-proclaiming ourselves, like Narcissus, to be the fairest of them all. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Americans do not wait for the Mirror to answer, we declare ourselves, to be the Fairest of them All. Ahh, yes, such sublime Perfection!!

It uses the cant of nationalism and patriotic symbols to mount a continuous celebration of American power and virtues.” Hedges, supra. Ahhh, such sublime perfection. We suffer from an “auto-intoxication”[Hedges] thru our insufferable arrogance, ego-centrism, narcissism and pseudo-intellectualism that will end in our self destruction as a nation. “Professed patriotism may be made the cover for a multitude of sins.” Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, Robert C. Winthrop. Something this way cometh. It is the Dragon, and his is terrifying and gruesome. The Dragon shall destroy this nation, like Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, for all of its’ perversions, debaucheries, and criminality. This nation, has failed to acknowledge its’ own sins, and to repent, and has thus failed before the Great Altar of Prime Creator. Nothing will stop the Dragon, for the Dragon is a creature of the Law of Exaction, all will pay for their sins. The Dragon, thru the Law of Exaction will restore balance and nothing more. It is not a law of revenge.

That is the very nature of governments around the world. All governments are of a criminal nature, plain and simple. “Result of a consistent and total substitution of lies for factual truth is not that the lie will now be accepted as truth and truth be defamed as a lie, but that the sense by which we take our bearings in the real world—and the category of truth versus falsehood is among the mental means to this end—is being destroyed.” TLB. “Falsehood and darkness which have crept into the arts, sciences, religions and government.” The Secret Teachings of all Ages, Manly P. Hall. All dictatorships and military junta governments have engaged in this sick game of blood money. All governments are corporations hiding behind the facade of “the Great Pretenders.” The best government facade is that of “philanthropic, public service.”

Trumps’ best trump card is his refusal to accept the “presidential salary.” Truly a stroke of Propaganda Genius. Herr Trump, what a hoot. “In violation of due process, President Trump claims power, like his immediate two predecessors, to act as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner to kill American citizens or non-citizens alike, on or off a battlefield, whether or not engaged in hostilities, whether or not accused of crime, and whether or not posing an imminent threat of harm that would trigger a right of preemptive self-defense,” the memo reads.” At the international level, governments [aka, corporations] are a cabal of mobsters, pirates, plunderers, charlatans, philanderers, murderers, power and war mongering psychopaths. “There were a few newer friends as well, who had recognized the fragility hidden behind his roar and they too helped Mike maneuver the corridors of his mind as he navigated the dark world of our Government.Mike Ruppert, From the Wilderness.

Power is the greatest of Aphrodisiacs for all governments, corporations and dictatorships. Power drives men mad. George Washington wrote in his farewell address “The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart.” The Rise of Tyranny, Jonathan W. Emord. While this nation professes a “separation of powers”, all three branches have become infested with a maliferous odor coming from the “Liaryer Brotherhood.” Pond scum stinks worse than rotting corpses. “While there is no such thing as a “typical” Congressman, what does stand out is that by training and occupation a majority of our Senators and Representatives are lawyers. Of the 535 members of the 88th Congress, no less than 315 are lawyers. Sixty‐six of the 100 Senators have had legal training, as have 57 per cent, or 249, of those in the House.” Of course, the Judicial Branch is infested with “liaryers.” That leaves the Executive Branch. “There are between 20,000 and 30,000 total lawyers in the executive branch.”

This maliferous odor oozing from the Swamp intoxicates and narcotizes all within its’ reach. The benefit is total control, subjugation and domination of any given slave population. This infestation of all branches of governments by the legal-sleaze non-industry is akin to the infestation of New York City underground by carnivorous rodents. Governments are groups of psychotic, highly intelligent men and women that have an extremely high opinion of themselves. These groups are lazy and parasitical, do not want to earn a living by the labor of their hands or the sweat of their brows, but much more prefer to plunder the activity of their fellow man by pretending to be engaging in the perversion and Grandest of Deceptions of, “public service.” There is no such thing as “public service.” The “United States” is a private corporation. See 28 USC, section 3002, paragraph 15. Every single person working for any government agency, from low to high, is a “private contractor/privateer.” “The politician’s lust for permanent office and power has won out over constitutional sensibilities [i.e. duties].” Brackets mine. Emord, supra. In any decaying empire, the only duty that elected officials consider is their duty to enrich themselves from the Public, Pigs Trough. Getting elected Senator or Representative in this nation is a sure fire ticket to sit at this Pigs Trough. However, the best ticket of all is to be “elected” to be the “prez” of the corporate United States. Nothing more than a closet dictator. All incoming presidents must affirm the United States Dictatorship at 12 USC, 95 (a) and (b),War Powers Act of 1933, and Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, amended in 1933, this is where they get their dictatorial powers to run the country.

All world-wide “governments” are private corporations with owners and shareholders. Albeit, bankrupt corporations. Especially in this country, all “elected officials” are private contractors [privateers]. “Mr. Speaker. We are now here in Chapter 11. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the US. Government … ” Congressman James A. Traficant Jr. Congressional Record, March 17, 1993, Vol. 33. There have been numerous courageous men and women that have stepped forward like Mr. Traficant, however, the price has always been great and devastating. Most have become pariahs walking the halls of Congress. These members of Congress are evicted from the “Inner Circles of Trust” and never get nominated to serve on the “select committees” where the real power is wielded. Or even worse, they are set up and entrapped by the CIA[using Soviet psychopolitical operatives] to depose them of all accoutrements of influence and power. Failure to toe the line and adhere to the party propaganda can have some serious consequences. Change from within the District for the Criminally Insane is impossible. Any threat or challenge to the hegemony of the system is dealt with swiftly and effectively by either killing the “rebel” or imprisoning him/her resulting from sting operations set up to entrap the offender. Traficant was involved in two very unpopular, public trials of John Demjanjuk and Arthur Rudolph. By doing so he revealed himself to not being a “player” for the State. The “State” extracted their requisite pound of flesh for disloyalty and rebelliousness.

On February 12, 1917, Rep Charles Lindbergh, Sr., father of “Lucky Lindy”, offered articles of impeachment against five members of the Federal Reserve Board. The articles were referred to the Judiciary Committee for investigation. “And called it the “United States Chamber of Commerce”, giving it that name in order to deceive the public by making it appear that is is a department of the Government, which organization is administered with more intricate machinery for management than the so-called “Citizens League” was and is with a purpose of taking up the work of coordinating everything social, political, business and other, to work for the benefit of the said conspirators in carrying out their plan to force the masses of all mankind into absolute and abject in slavery.” U.S. Congressional Record, Feb. 12, 1917.

Well developed plans for the total domination of this nation go back more than one hundred years. Perhaps the best developed plan was by Cecil Rhodes, a well known homosexual and pederast, The Killing of Uncle Sam, Browne and Williams. In his Confessions, Rhodes laid out his plan for recapturing America and making it a British colony again.

I, upon my responsibility as a member of the House of Representatives, do hereby impeach the said W.P.G. Harding, governor; Paul M. Warburg, vice governor; and Frederick A. Delano, Adolph C. Miller, and Charrels S. Hamlin, members and each of them as members of the Federal Reserve Board, and also impeach all of them collectively as the five acting working member of the Federal Reserve Board of high crimes, and misdemeanors in aiding, abetting, and conspiring with certain persons and firms hereinafter named, and with other persons and firms, known and unknown, in a conspiracy to violate the Constitution and the laws of the United States and the just and equitable policies of the Government, which said conspiracy developed and grew out of and was consummated from the following facts and acts.” Charles Lindberg, Feb. 12, 1917.

Given the realities of the political situation, Lindbergh’s statement constituted a perfect illustration of Michael Kinsley’s famous quip that “a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.” But as a consequence, Lindbergh’s once-heroic reputation suffered enormous and permanent damage, with the campaign of vilification echoing for the remaining three decades of his life, and even well beyond. Although he was not entirely purged from public life, his standing was certainly never even remotely the same.” Paul Craig Roberts. This is easily done applying the Saul Alinsky Principles for Radicals. See my chapter titled, “The Saul Alinsky Principles for Radicals.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, has now openly called Washington, D.C, “the cesspool of the world.” There is no mincing of words here. Indeed, a courageous man!!!

The desire for Plunder is a sickness of the soul. All humans suffer from the desire to get something for nothing. Given an opportunity, most humans will engage in the art of getting something for nothing. All men seek to gain an advantage and upper hand over their fellow men. The temptation is simply too great to resist. “The English words “truck and barter” like their equivalents in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Portuguese, literally meant “to trick, bamboozle or rip off…and as in all things, humans will always try to seek their own best advantage, to seek the greatest profit they can from the exchange.” Debt, Graeber.

Perhaps the most efficient manner to gain a substantial advantage over a class of conquered people is to change the very definition of justice by manipulating and re-defining the language of the laws of a given society, and creating a monopoly of codes that the average person has no chance of interpreting. Article I of the Lieber Code codifies “deception” into the very fabric of Martial Law. The Law of War is also known as the Law of Necessity. See my chapter titled, “Open, Notorious and Hostile Occupation.” Plunder then becomes the number one over-riding principle for this coterie of criminals. “They are no longer capitalists, if we define capitalists as those who make money from the means of production. They are a criminal class of financial speculators that rewrite the laws to steal from everyone, including their own shareholders. They are parasites that feed off the carcass of industrial capitalism. They produce nothing. They make nothing. They manipulate money. And this gaming of the system and seizure of political power by finance capital is why the wealthiest 1% of America’s families control 40% of the nation’s wealth.” Chris hedges, TD.

It was Ceasar that said, “With money we will get men, and with men we will get money.” Years ago when I resigned my stockbroker license, I had already realized that the stock market was the casino for the elite, the rich and the well connected, with all the proper familial, political, commercial and religious connections. Of course, I do not want to be unfair to J. Epstein, the “pedophilically connected” which reaches all the way into Il Vaticano. The process of plundering by the very rich has accelerated exponentially since the 2008 crash. It is a race that will consume and destroy this nation. We must keep in mind, the 2008 Crash did not happen in a vacumm or by chance. It was pre-planned by the Deep State/Shadow Government at least 20 years prior to strip the equity build up on real estate values by the American sheeple so laboriously accomplished since WWII. “Wealth is no longer created by producing or manufacturing products. It is created by manipulating the prices of currencies, stocks, and commodities and imposing a crippling debt peonage on the public. Our casino capitalism has merged with the gambling industry. The entire system is parasitic.” Hedges, supra. Additionally, Plunder by the Shadow Government/Deep State is the primary way of “creating wealth.” The public trough has become a gigantic, massive “Pigs Trough.”

Ephemeral Stock market “crashes”, planned and guided, are now the favorite “go-to” tool for quick, instant riches by the wealthy elite [with their private inside traders disguised as “stockbrokers”] much like a heroin addict getting his fix, however, while the heroin addict ravishes himself, the wealthy elite plunder the public resources of the nation of sheeple. For these wealthy elite, making or losing a few million is boring, the new game in town is to make billions at a time. This kind of power is the great Aphrodisiac that addicts the very Soul, if they even have one, of these wealthy elite. Unbridled power creates Unbridled Insanity.

In America, the number one way of making money for the wealthy elite is to lie, cheat and steal by manipulating their little whores, aka, politicos, laws, educational institutions, religions, trends, and just about every thing that can manipulated. Monopolies are alive and well in the United States Prisoner of War, Slave Concentration Camp, thank you for asking. “They use lobbyists and campaign contributions to build monopolies—and to rewrite laws and regulations.” Hedges, supra. WTF, I thought monopolies were illegal in this country? Not on the USPOWSCC. In the prison system, “The industry is comprised for the most part of monopoly providers who share financial interests with the same agencies that award the monopoly contracts in the first place.” Hastings Poverty and Law Journal, vol. 19, Winter 2020.

Government and corporations are the same Demon with different masks. Their motto is, “Be first, be the best or cheat.” Thru massive corporate legislation, written by unelected officials, [75% of all law is written by unelected officials—Emord], the corruption of language into Double-speak and Legal-sleaze, and legerdemain, the professional criminal class, have created a vast killing field, where capitalism has been the victim, and PLUNDER, the Victor. Plunder is Satans’ capitalism. There is a great Conspiracy of Silence among all of the traditional institutions of this country, wherein the average citizen is kept in the dark and is treated like a mushroom, “Keep it in the dark and feed it bullshit.” “(Library of·Congress has over three million different law books on file–approximately 80 linear shelf-miles of law books)”. Jordan Maxwell. A bit ironic, the good book gave us 10 Commandments, now we are inundated by well over 50 million Martial Law statutes on the books. Indeed, this Wall of False, Corporate Law dwarfs the Great Wall of China.

The wealthy elite [Deep State/Shadow Government] are haters of humanity. They disdain any man, woman or child not in their “circle of trust and wealth.” Having being “educated” in the “International Art of Plunder”, they look at us, and treat us, as if we were mere cattle to them. Which in their system of Plunder, we are exactly that. The Stock Market is an international human trafficking organization. However, it trades “human energy” vs. human bodies. “In other words, people are in all of these countries getting more and more squeezed, which means the daily life is harder. There is fewer and fewer social services available to them from the government and they see in pretty much all of these countries a corrupt, unaccountable elite, which is enriching itself while the lives of most people become more and more difficult.” The real haters are “the financiers, bankers, politicians, public intellectuals, and pundits, lawyers, journalists, and business people cultivated in the elite universities and business schools who sold us the utopian dream of corporate capitalism and globalization.” Hedges, supra. However, there are no free lunches in capitalism, the bill has come due and the “pound of flesh must and will be extracted from the sheeple using any means necessary.” The next crash [today is 1-2-2020] will make the Great Depression of ’33 look like a Sunday picnic.

In order to shield themselves from the potential revolution and violence of the working class, the wealthy elite, Shadow Government/Deep State, must continually create numerous “eternal bogey men”, “War on Poverty [Johnson]”, “War on Drugs”[Nixon], “War on Immigration”[think the Wall], “War on Illiteracy[Nancy Reagan], “War on Terror [Bush].” That is the fabric of this nation, War, War and more War. Because these wars are all fictions, they are all “unwinnable.” But they sure consume a lot of “public resources” and provide the politicos the most opportunities to create the most wonderful soundbites. The most common soundbite for War has now become, “national security.” And not to be outdone, “pre-emptive strikes” has gained ground fabulously on national security. Of course, pre-emptive strikes is just code talk for “you have resources we covet, and we will take them one way or another.”

The military industrial complex does not care to endanger its gold-plated F-35 stealth aircraft and $13 billion apiece aircraft carriers in a real war against real powersInstead, the war party likes little wars against weak opponents who can barely shoot backState-run TV networks thrill to such minor scraps with fancy headlines and martial music. Think of the glorious little wars against Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya. Iran looks next.” TLB. Colloquially, this is known as “bullyism.” The U.S. military industrial complex is the world’s biggest bully, flexing it’s military might to threaten, intimidate, and if necessary, submit weaker opponents to its will. Plus like Genghis Khan during his reign, laying siege thru “sanctions” that wreak havoc and cause irreparable damage to any given society that happens to be at the receiving end of these “international sanctions.” International sanctions are mere code talk for an “international derby of the infrastructure” that razes the rebellious country to the ground. Hip, Hip, Hooray for America!!!

Dating to March 8th, 1933, this nation was put under the National War Powers Act, and the amended Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, to bring the whole nation under openly declared Martial Law. The Deep State/Shadow Government needs the entire nation to be under the Law of War, aka, Law of Necessity, aka, Admiralty/Maritime Law of the Open Ocean to engage in Plunder of the productivity of the sheeple. “The true credo of the white race [Deep State/Shadow Government] brackets mine, is we have everything, and if you try to take any of it from us, we will kill you. This is the essential meaning of whiteness. As the white race turns on itself in an age of diminishing resources, it is in the vital interest of the white underclass to understand what its elites and its empire are actually about.” Hedges, supra. “But remain acutely aware of the fact that there is a “highly concealed and dangerous agenda” behind each of these agents of Deep State. And, if they’re not CIA agents or CIA contractors, they are controlled by higher ups at The Company in Langley (as the C.I.A. is well-known within intel circles).” TLB

Don’t worry, we will bring democracy [Coca Cola, Mcdonalds’, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC] to your backwards ass country even if we have to kill you to do it, ungrateful cur. “The Saker explains that Americans with intelligence, honor, courage, and integrity have disappeared from the US national security establishment. In their place are arrogant morons high on hubris who believe: (1) We can buy anybody, (2) Those we cannot buy, we bully, (3) Those we cannot bully, we kill, (4) Nothing can happen to us, we live in total impunity no matter what we do.” 2018-war-or-no-war . The United States of America is waging bloody economic wars against the entire world, and now against us Germans. Oskar Lafontaine is a German politician, candidate for Chancellor in the German federal election of 1990, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party from 1995 to 1999, Minister of Finance from 1998 to 1999, leader of The Left in Saarland since 2010.” TLB

The American sheeple have been narcotized into believing that the rest of world hates us because of our great freedoms, while in reality, the American sheeple are the best slaves credit can buy. The world hates American arrogance, egocentricity, stupidity, braggadocio, hypocrisy, gluttony, and war mongering. Additionally, America loves to meddle in other countrys’ internal affairs. For a timeline of “police actions” by the U.S. go to:

Timeline_of_United_States_military_operations. Why do I still love my American sheeple cousins? For their tranquil stupidity, their supernatural gravity, their self-righteousness, their ineffable self-complacency, and being so unspeakably self-satisfied. Mark Twain. This arrogance starts early. I served in the U.S. Military between ages of 18 to 21 and I was assigned to West Germany. At that point, East Germany still existed. Even though we were guests in their country, most of our G.I.s would insist that these “krauts” should learn English for our convenience. How do you like them apples?? “This battle against collective self-delusion is a battle I fear we will not win. American society is fatally wounded. Its moral and physical corruption is beyond repair.” Chris Hedges,

End of Part II.


Government as an Agent of Plunder and Violence

Prelude to Part III

War is like a poison. If we don’t understand what war is, how it perverts us, how it corrupts us, how it dehumanizes us, how it ultimately invites us to our own self-annihilation, then we can become the victim of war itself.” TLB, John Whitehead. By now many American sheeple have realized that ISIS and Al-queada were CIA creations. Here is a slap in the face, since the sycophantic declaration of our independence from Britain, this nation has been involved in more “coup de etats”, overthrown more “democratically elected leaders”, and involved in more “police actions” than any other nation since the collapsed Roman Empire. We, as a nation, are war-mongering Whores. But it sounds and feels a lot better to call ourselves the Land of the Free and Land of Opportunity. The problem for the American sheeple is their constant denial that we are responsible for, and co-conspirators, in every single war atrocity committed by our criminal, corporate government. From above [(1) We can buy anybody, (2) Those we cannot buy, we bully, (3) Those we cannot bully, we kill, (4) Nothing can happen to us, we live in total impunity no matter what we do.”]2018-war-or-no-war Number 4 is known as “denial.” As long as the American sheeple dwell in the land of Denial, there is no hope of survival. Indeed, America is the Great Land of Denial.


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About the Author, Rico S. Giron: I have been writing and journaling non-professionally for 43 years. My adventures into personal literature began when I was 18 years old. My life has been an exploration and adventure in consciousness and philosophical meanderings …

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Journey Into Insanity: Adventures In Consciousness and Synchronicity

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