Hall Of Shame: Targeting The Kids

Hall of Shame: Targeting the Kids

Story at-a-glance

  • Betrayal of kids is one of the harshest aspects of the not-so-great reset

  • For now, the aspiring masters have succeeded at tricking the upcoming generation into “raging for the machine”

  • Today’s propaganda techniques show an uncanny similarity to the propaganda techniques in the USSR

  • The quest to use education as a brainwashing tool is a very old quest that has been practiced by the state, corporate and theological powers for a long time

  • The kids of today may be additionally impacted by a significant toxicity burden, and their lack of tolerance for disagreement or nuance may be at least in part a result of their damaged health


Analysis by Tessa Lena

Out of all elements of the not-so-great reset, one of the hardest thing to bear is what is being done to the kids.

Kids in Masks

I am in New York. I still see kids casually walking around in masks. Masks are kind of “normal” to wear nowadays where I am at.

Personally, I believe that the maddening push for masks has to do with grooming us all for smart face tech. I have been thinking that since 2020, and I still think that. Our aspiring masters are trying to kill two birds with one stone: one the one hand, they want trick us into wearing things on our heads that don’t belong there (like trackers and sensors) — and on the other hand, they want create out a market literally out of thin air.

Between the “scary future pandemics” and the suddenly huge profile of air pollution in the news, it sounds like a never-ending commercial for “personal wearable air purification devices moonlighting as smart sensors used to monitor your air quality and your health, coming soon …” or something along those lines. I’ll be shocked if they don’t start pushing smart masks in the next few years.

Compliant Generation?

What strikes me about the generation of today’s teens and college kids — at least where I am at — is their overall compliance and willingness to “rage on behalf of the Machine.” Bizarrely, they passionately defend the sentiments coming from “respectable sources” and go along with the “current thing.”

When I was a teen in Moscow, dancing at the ruins of the Soviet Union, trusting the TV or siding with “official sources” was considered lame and un-rebellious. What happened, man?

In this “new normal” world of ours, “rebellion” is all upside-down. It is the kids with wildly colored hair (a symbol of rebellion when I was a teen) who are often the most militant defenders of the BlackRock-promoted values, also known as woke.

To be fair, that trend is not limited to the children and young adults. At the height of the “COVID pandemic,” my neighborhood of New York was full of respectably-aged old school punks and rock‘n’roll “rebels” in … masks. And no matter how vigorously I rubbed my eyes, they didn’t disappear!

And the more I think about it, the I more I come to the conclusion that the seed of compliance was planted a very long time ago.

Consumerism as a Predecessor of Compliance With the “Current Thing”

It seems like there is a brainwashing trick for every generation and every economic state. The American generations raised during the times of material abundance (and immigrants like myself who have had the great luck and privilege of catching a glimpse of that America) have been abundant room to roam — but, looking back, I am realizing that there has been a potential for betrayal all along.

For example, the rock‘n’roll culture has transformed the natural desire for self-expression into a sales tool. It created a version of entirely harmless corporate “rebellion” through fashion and ownership of branded paraphernalia before there was the word “woke.” It created a pie -in-the-sky image of a “rock star” for the kids to chase, which preceded today’s race for social media likes.

It romanticized the idea of a “starving artist” (an individual who is allegedly free from corporate ties but who is necessarily an outcast with a growing tummy) and a “sell-out” (an individual with a corporate job, well-buttered but caged).

That was the marketing for the times of abundance. And then, as the aspiring masters grew their appetite and got anxious about the amount of goods consumed, by the little guy, they felt the desire to tighten the little guy’s belt by a lot. And so the marketing shifted to the Soviet style “noble austerity” messaging, something that I am intimately familiar with because I am from there.

It was then that working near-unlimited hours for a corporation for a lower pay was rebranded as “being creative” and “following your dream” (a rip-off of the “starving artist” brand). It was then that the masters of public opinion “contextualized” the new austerity-based ideology that they had been trying to usher in as the “the consequence of the selfish earlier generations who’d lived more abundant lives.”

It was then that the “consumerism-centered” propaganda started getting replaced with the propaganda of the not-so-great reset. And who is the best target for propaganda in general? Who has the most malleable minds? The kids. Shame on the marketers. Shame on them.

Soviet-Like Propaganda

Today’s propaganda is utterly unoriginal. When I was a kid, we had large posters placed onto buildings that pictured happy faces of “working people” and said things like “Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union” or “Respect to the workers and the peasants,” etc.

When I started seeing big advertisements on buildings during 2020 that “celebrated essential workers,” I couldn’t help but think back about my childhood and the propaganda in the USSR.

thank you all essential workers
[Times Square in 2020]

And of course, it is as fake today as it was fake back then. They don’t care. In the USSR, the Machine had no respect for any lowly workers or peasants. During the hard times, even during the war, the Soviet elites enjoyed their lavish lifestyles while the “respected” workers and peasants struggled with the basics and barely had any food or clothes.

To add to the similarity between the two, we can ponder the fact that the “Soviet model” itself was seemingly paid for by the robber barons like the Rockefellers to create a vast “planned economy sandbox” that worked for them. Yikes.

Was the USSR a colony? I believe it was. And today, roughly similar interests are bringing the “colony” economic and behavioral frameworks back home. Yikes again.

Corporate “Rebellion”

I would like to share a personal observation that made me think. During the recent Pride Parade in New York, I watched how a bully-looking teen girl opened the “disabled” door on the subway platform and loudly commanded her peers (at least couple dozens of kids) to walk through that door without paying. I also saw the bewildered look on the face of the subway employees. They saw what was going on. They didn’t know what to do.

And then right after, on the platform, a different crowd of kids started entering the train car invasion style, completely ignoring the fact that other people were trying to come off.

Did all this feel “empowering” to the kids? Did they feel like they were “sticking it to the man”? Perhaps. And to be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to be harsh on the kids as somebody’s taught them to act this way. But the question is, were they really sticking to the man or were they raging with and on behalf of the Machine?

Climate Anxiety

Here is another can of worm, “climate anxiety.” A definition from Yale:

“Climate anxiety is fundamentally distress about climate change and its impacts on the landscape and human existence. That can manifest as intrusive thoughts or feelings of distress about future disasters or the long-term future of human existence and the world, including one’s own descendants.

There is a physiological component that would include heart racing and shortness of breath, and a behavioral component: when climate anxiety gets in the way of one’s social relationships or functioning at work or school.”

And here is a bit from Scientific American that makes me a bit … uhm, anxious. Check this out:

“For years now, mental health clinicians have seen climate anxiety influencing presentations of mental illness in a variety of ways, some extreme.

For example, one case reported in the medical literature discusses a 17-year-old patient who was so concerned about climate change that he became delusional, believing that if he continued to drink water or use it for tasks at home, millions of people would soon die as a result of his consumption of their water supplies.

Similarly, a study of individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder found that nearly a third of individuals with OCD in Australia had compulsions focused on checking light switches, water taps, stoves and other items to reduce their carbon footprint …”

“Young people are a demographic of particular concern, since a recent national survey revealed that climate changes makes 57 percent of American teens feel afraid and 43 percent hopeless.

There is an extensive generational gap in climate change concern, with younger individuals being more likely to believe climate change will pose a serious threat in their lifetimes. Young people also report more functional impairment secondary to climate anxiety than older people.”

“As younger people embrace with growing certainty the likelihood they could be inheriting a dying planet, many are so concerned they’re considering not having children in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Their worries are especially alarming in light of growing suicide rates among adolescents and young adults, with a tripling of the rate among people aged 10–14 during 2007–2017. We don’t know whether climate anxiety might be affecting suicide rates in this demographic, but the possibility of a connection demands ongoing vigilance and investigation.”

Ok Blackrock. Stop scaring the kids for profit!!! What, you don’t care about the kids, and you won’t stop terrifying them or lying about trying to save the planet? I thought so.

Too Much Information

A touchy subject here. Personally, I think that the “new normal” way of teaching young kids about human sexuality and reproduction is designed mostly to mess with the children’s heads. I am not telling anyone what to do, I think each parent can decide how they want to raise their kids — this is what parenthood is about — but the purpose of school should be teaching academic subjects and professional skills, not serving as mini-churches and ideological hubs.

I also believe that it is not one bit healthy to artificially make the kids zoom in on the technical detail of human reproduction at a young age. I don’t believe for one second that all this is for the benefit of the kids.

What the “masters” are really doing is undermining parental rights in yet another way and making sure that the kids get the corporate version of “education” in a way that serves the proverbial BlackRock. And sadly, today’s hijacking of “education” is yet another example of “new lyrics, old song.”

New Lyrics, Old Song

Unfortunately, using schools as mini-churches and ideological hubs is a very old trick. This technique was used in the literal sense when the children of indigenous parents were taken away from their families by force on a massive scale — and placed into missionary “boarding schools” where the kids were trained by beatings and severe punishments to forget about their past.

They were forbidden to even think about the rich culture of their ancestors, or speak their native tongue, or to do anything that reminded them of where they had come from. They were also sometimes sexually abused. I am praying that one day, this crime will be fully atone for, and that the wounds heal.

In my birth homeland of Russia, the Bolsheviks invested in a massive “education” campaign with the purpose of brainwashing the kids, disconnecting them from the values of their parents and making them loyal to the values of the state. They wanted to create a great emotional gap between the parents and the kids and to ensure that the state had a stronger hold on the children’s minds than the parents did.

They succeeded to an extent. I have no kind words to say about the plight of the Bolsheviks. It was a cruel plight.

And here is a fascinating and at times perhaps controversial interview with John Taylor Gatto about the history of American public education. He believed that from day one, it was tied to the interests of industrialists of the day. It is a long and thought-provoking interview.

Poisoned Generation

Another thing I keep wondering about all the time is whether the psychological woes that the kids are experiencing today are purely psychological, or whether they are a result of being poisoned beyond any tolerance limits by the environmental toxins, by the EMFs, and by the injectable products that, in addition to other factors at play, lack any kind of reasonable quality controls and come with risks of introducing God knows what directly into the blood stream.

Are we living through the craziest ever version of mass toxicity (first the industrial revolution, then electrification, then the wireless technology, and now global geoengineering, synthetic biology, space satellites, and 5G)?

Are the often jumpy and intolerant kids really just “spoiled” or are some of them excessively poisoned with toxins and possibly “quietly” infected with pathogens that are messing with their mental health? We are living through such a tragedy of betrayal. The kids have been let down.


In 2021, I wrote this letter to the children of pandemic. It’s a letter of grief and of healing. I think that we’ll be dealing for decades and possibly even for centuries with the consequences of what was done to the kids in the past three years alone. It is terrible, wrong, and heartbreaking. (On a positive side, it has turned many parents into fearless lionesses and lions, I feel endless admiration for them.)

Existentially, I believe with passion that in life, when we are ready, we are given the power to turn whatever has been done to us into love-driven knowledge, strength, and healing. I say a prayer for healing of all this horror. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. I don’t know much at all but I pray for it from my heart. Life works in mysterious ways — and when we finally wise up and heal, we’ll know why we had to go through this. And there will be no pain.


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