Justice In A Skin Suit: Trump’s Latest Indictment A Travesty Of Justice

Justice in a skin suit: Trump’s latest indictment a travesty of justice

By: Monica Showalter

So President Trump is not even allowed to have an opinion about whether the 2020 election was free or fair? And those blocked windows in the vote-counting office in Detroit and those rolled-out suitcases in Atlanta after the election observers were forced from the room, and that truck driver who was told to take his ballot boxes from state to state, just never happened? And that Zuckerbucks, state-sponsored Twitter censorship, and the “conspiracy” to save America never happened either? And all was free and fair, or here comes the prosecutor to set you right is how things are done now?

That’s all one can conclude now that special counsel Jack Smith has charged Trump with four felonies connected with the January 6 capital riot over election fraud and he did it with speed and urgency to ensure it got done just ahead of the 2024 election.

It’s the most partisan maneuver yet from Smith and his leftist pals; the act of a flaming Trump-hater with some serious conflicts of interest of his own, seeking to knock out the most popular candidate in the 2024 race from the choices of America’s voters and not caring whether he burns the republic down. You can see it in his dark, ragged, raging, tormented, fanatic face in the news photos.

And now we are supposed to believe that a D.C. jury, from the same jury pool that let an FBI falsifier of documents off scot-free, is going to be all impartial and serious about justice in this case, instead of voting their election choices? No, no, they wouldn’t dream of doing that. If the case is so strong, why didn’t Smith choose a venue where there could be a Republican on that jury? As it stands now, Trump is to be judged by a wall of Democrats just ahead of election time. Sound fair? This is why you don’t prosecute candidates in the middle of the race, but Smith doesn’t care.

And as for the judge, we have another winner — Obama-appointed U.S. District Court Tanya Chutkan, who’s gotten herself famous for holding January 6 defendants in prison without trial for extended periods in heinous conditions, something that would get a hapless third-world judge on the international sanctions lists, and then sentencing them to harsher jail terms than prosecutors sought. We are supposed to believe she, too, is all about fairness and impartiality to all sides here and has no opinion whatsoever about these charges and only wants what’s best for justice, without a political bone in her body.

And the potential sentence? Based on all the charges suddenly leveled at President Trump over the past few months as elections approached, Trump is looking at 600 years in prison, which they will gladly dish out once the all-Democrat judges and juries are done with him. And for what? The actual crime is running for re-election. But 600 years? Not even Putin does that to his opponents.

Let’s cut the crap here. We all know that this is about destroying President Trump who is leading in the polls so that flailing Joe Biden can “win” a second four years in office after an utterly failed first term, brought on by a severely tainted election. The result of that fraudfest speaks for itself because it is not the pattern of American voters to elect these kinds of failures. Defective candidate, defective presidency, and now the revelations are rolling out about Biden’s foreign money corruption scandal on a multi-million-dollar scale never before seen in American politics.

That, of course, is being dismissed by the cognoscenti and also expected to be consequence free for … the Bidens.

But Trump is a different matter. Since they can’t take out Trump through the ballot box, they’ll do it from the courtroom because as they say on the left, ‘by any means necessary.’

Yet it’s a strange maneuver to see it — given that every attack against Trump fuels his political strength, like gasoline on a fire. Voters who were inclined to vote for Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis and hoping to see how he could advance the prosperity that Trump started have now reflexively moved into the Trump camp, vowing to vote for him even if they throw him in prison. That’s because this usurpation of power by the prosecutors and the judges and the partisan, corrupted Department of Justice is screaming for a fix.

Maybe they will win. Maybe they won’t. It’s uncharted waters now, the steering of the great United States republic into banana republic status, astonishing to see in a large and powerful country.

What’s horrible here is the damage this does to the republic as another bottom drops out. What they have done to Trump can now just as easily be done from the other side, just as excused election fraud opens the gates to “two can play that game.” What kind of country is the U.S. going to be with this obvious unfairness now the natural course of government? It’s as if we now are well on the road to becoming Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia or one of the wretched Central Asian or sub-Saharan African republics who claim the title of ‘democracy.’ Whatever we have here, the social capital and culture of civility, the actual trust that has characterized this country is going, going, gone now, crashing down in a miasma of Mobuto-style corruption.

What a terrible fate for the country we once called exceptional.


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