Has the government search for herd mentality failed?

Enforcing masks is very bad for your government's health

The UK government and their psychological warfare expert advisors (or handlers depending on  your point of view) have not been able to get people to wear the dehumanising and depersonalising symbols of credulity and submission called masks without making it compulsory. In other words, without forcing millions of people to wear them.

by Jon Davy

I wish the government would make up its mind. It has switched, apparently, from advising us that masks are not much use to making them compulsory in shops. Duh!

They will become compulsory in shops in 10 or so days time.

In order to propagandise this latest episode of devious tomfoolery, the PM was photographed out and about in public looking slightly embarrassed in a mask.

But no-one in the media is asking the obvious question. BJ has had the virus and recovered so he is both immune and non -infectious. So who is he protecting by wearing a mask?

As for making the wearing of masks compulsory in shops, why wait ten days if it is that important for “halting the spread of the virus”? The virus can do a lot of spreading in ten days so why leave a ten-day window of opportunity for the virus to run amuck and strike down millions of shoppers? Or is the virus planning to become deadly only on the 24th July?

Why introduce this measure now and not months ago?

Why wait until the virus has all but played out and, in fact, clearly demonstrated  that it never was the big scary epidemic we were told it was?

It is very notable that the narrative now being run in the MSM is the “new  cases” stat. While the number of fatalities, even per the fiddled stats,  is dropping sharply the “number of new cases” is on the rise or some such thing. This of course can then be used to propagandise the scenario of “the virus is spreading fast, look at all the new cases!”

I am far from the first person to point out that as the number of tests being done increases, the number of people testing positive is bound to increase mainly because the symptoms for this bug are so mild in so many cases many people don’t even know they have it until tested for it!

As for the deaths “caused” by this virus, well the figures we are given are still confusing. After all this time, they are STILL confusing.  They remain confusing because someone makes them confusing. The number of people who died “with” the virus present – not necessarily killed by it, but were already ill and died with the virus present in their system (in other words we are not clear as to whether the virus killed them and they would otherwise have lived, or whether it hastened the demise of those already dying by an as yet unknown number of hours, days, weeks etc) seems to be in the same ball park as the number of flu deaths and much less than annual deaths from diseases such as TB (about which relatively little fuss is made).

The number of deaths from this virus where no other physical illness was present is much lower than that. There are of course other factors such as mental state and iatrogenic deaths. But all in all, the virus is relatively mild in most cases and rarely kills without considerable help and is not even as infectious as we have been told.

Truth is the government is in a bit of a quandary. Public awareness is growing fast that we have been deceived. People are becoming aware that the so called epidemic was more or less smoke and mirrors and hype in terms of its threat to the broad population.  (Empty hospitals, falsified stats, underwhelmed casualty departments, none of the expected observable manifestations of a real epidemic taking place right here and now).

There is nothing government can do now to stop that awareness spreading as the truth has a habit of reasserting itself over time. Which it is now doing. And while that is happening, there is a reckoning to be faced as to the cost of the lockdown – the bankruptcies, job losses, business failures and the huge hike in the national debt (just lovely for the government’s pals in banking) and the increased taxation by which we will have to pay for all this.

Now if we had just been hit by a true killer epidemic or some other natural disaster such as a tidal wave or some such thing, then of course the destruction would cost us and that cost – essentially a temporary reduction in our standard of living – would be felt through crippled commerce, higher taxes and so on. Fair enough.

But what has just happened is not by any stretch of the imagination a true natural disaster. This has been a man-made disaster engineered by propaganda, fear mongering and false reports out of a bug that, whilst not to be taken lightly, was nowhere serious enough to warrant the catastrophic measures that were taken to “deal with it”.

It is too late to admit they got it wrong, that they were badly advised and so forth.  That opportunity passed weeks or months ago and too much damage has been done.

The best they can hope for is to engineer a distraction, another crisis to seize and hold our attention so that their crimes and foul-ups in this instance will be forgotten, much as the Blair government’s Weapons of Mass  Destruction war crimes were forgotten and the criminals responsible never brought to justice.

In the meantime, in a desperate effort to maintain the charade that justifies its cock-ups, to look as if it is doing something effective to deal with its mis-reported emergency, we have the new rules on masks.

Of course, there may be more to all this than mere ineptitude or choosing to listen to the wrong experts. Much of what has happened smacks of a social experiment, to find out just how much a government can instill herd mentality and use PR and deception – psych warfare techniques – to have us jumping through hoops.

Well, they have found out. The kickback against the deception, the speed at which rejection of the elaborate propaganda set in and with which unrest has started to boil have been quite remarkable.

They were not able to get people to wear the dehumanising and depersonalising symbols of credulity and submission called masks without making it compulsory. In other words, without forcing millions of people to wear them.

And forcing the people to wear them is a BIG mistake because it will lose the government further credibility and good will and lay in another layer of disaffection on top of those it has already caused.

I was busy counting people over the past few days as I went about my business – counting the number of people out and about wearing masks and the number not wearing them.

By my reckoning, on the street the number of people wearing masks is around one in eighty.

In the shops it increases to around one in forty.

This is a very rough estimate based on head counting and applies to the area where I live.

But if these percentages are anything like true it means that the vast majority of the population are so not sold on the concept of masks or the the degree of “danger” they are supposed to believe exists.

Despite all the hype, false stats, media horror headlines and so on designed to convince the population to walk in fear, people are so not convinced that they are having to be forced to wear the masks by their government.

Against their will.

It is not that they don’t care, it is just that their observation  and experience of the real world around them contradicts what they are being told by the look-how-dangerous-the-environment-is mob.

It may be that wearing masks is a good idea (I doubt it) but the problem is that so few people really believe anything their government tells them.

Forcing the overwhelming majority of citizens to wear masks against their will is a very bad idea and very bad for the health of the government.

The above was featured on UK Reloaded


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