Help! The (Pretend) President’s Fallen & He Can’t Get Up!

Help! The (Pretend) President’s Fallen and Can’t Get Up!

By: J.B. Shurk

In as sure a sign of a disloyal White House staff as any, reports have leaked that Joe Biden is “rattled” by cratering public approval polls and is desperately “pressing aides for a more compelling message.” (Remember, folks: only the fairy-tale “narrative” matters, not Biden’s real-world dumpster fire of a presidency.) High-level staff have been leaving the White House in droves. Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, is reportedly planning to skedaddle soon after the midterms. A massive exodus of black staffers is undermining morale. Old Joe is so “frustrated” with his advisers’ regular “clean-up campaign” of his public comments that he has begun reprimanding them that it is he who is president. Meanwhile, his handlers’ never-ending efforts to save their boss from his impaired brain and loose lips have given the White House’s propaganda machine the appearance of a veritable “clown show.”

I’ve been waiting for this freak-out — the moment when either a temporarily lucid Joe or his nurse-wife Jill finally comes to the realization that this administration is on a path to being remembered as the most incompetent, corrupt, or evil (or maybe all three) in American history. At some point, the Biden’s wounded pride was bound to clash with Barack Obama’s maneuverings to use “ah shucks” Joe as a stalking horse for “fundamentally transforming” America into a Marxist theocracy. (When the priests of political correctness force people to betray their consciences in order to comply with the State’s dogma, then you’re living in a theocratic dictatorship.)

A lot of very smart, savvy people have pointed out that this has never actually been Dementia Joe’s presidency. In exchange for giving him a spot to nap behind the Resolute Desk, Biden handed his administration over to the likes of Susan Rice, Elizabeth Warren, Jim Clyburn, and many of Obama’s other communist comrades in arms eager to usher in their precious New World Order, where the few will rule and the many will obey. Astutely, the Marxist-socialists knew that the only way to implement their brand of totalitarianism was to put a decrepit Establishment figurehead in office to provide the appearance that the Old Guard had things under control, while the New Guard began their crackdown on free speech, freedom of movement, private property, digital privacy, self-defense, and just about anything else strictly protected from government tyranny by the Bill of Rights.

Ironically, the Democrats and the World Economic Forum oligarchs scuttled the ascendant 2020 campaign of out-and-proud communist Bernie Sanders (who nobody believed could be lifted to victory over President Trump, even with an onslaught of illegal mail-in ballots) in order to usher in a “centrist” Joe Biden who would nonetheless agree to push Bernie’s despicable policies. In return for giving a crooked and corroded D.C. relic what he always craved — that Oval Office all senators covet — Joe sold any residual control over his own presidency to Obama’s leftist confederates. That was the deal with the devil Biden made, and because venality has been the chief calling card of the Delaware Dimwit’s half-century of squatting in federal office, he never batted an eye before selling the meager remnants of his cirrhotic soul for the chance to play “Mr. President.”

The American people, for what it’s worth, got hosed twice. First, they were forced to surrender their common sense and accept (through a combination of censorship, intimidation, and criminal punishment) that a man of mediocre talents and consistently low national support over the course of fifty years in the public eye had somehow won more votes than any politician in American history. Then, after having watched Biden assume office behind layers of barbed wire security fencing and a military cordon that belied his “popularity,” they have been forced to endure eighteen months of unbridled Marxist authoritarianism while being told by a criminally complicit press that Joe is the face of “unity,” “compassion,” and “moderation.”

For the most part, Americans have known they were sold a bill of goods ever since a handful of deep blue cities in battleground states found enough mail-in ballots to secure Biden’s victory four days after the election and the corporate news cartel and social media tech lords combined their malevolent monopoly forces to make it strictly verboten to question that dubious outcome. Nothing says, “Trust election integrity” like large-scale censorship campaigns, followed by a despicably unjust mass arrest of political protesters (too many of whom are still in jail today, awaiting some semblance of constitutional due process), whose questionable “crime” of trespassing on public property has been ludicrously transformed into banana republic rhetorical charges of “insurrection” and “treason.” Rather predictably, as Puppet Joe’s “presidency” has progressed, a solid majority of the American people have confirmed in poll after poll that they believe that “cheating” affected the 2020 election outcome. Still, one look at President Senile’s face tells you that he really expected the American people to come around, accept him as legitimately elected, and champion his stewardship of the White House.

Maybe some statistically significant portion of the American people would have allowed themselves to be steamrolled by government propaganda had Joe’s promises to be a “Uniter-in-Chief” been anything more than pure horsepucky, but for a guy who has ostensibly made it his mission to divide Americans more hostilely against each other, who has no compunction about using the blunt instrumentality of the federal government to punish his political enemies, and who has shown a natural tendency to rebuff calls for seeking common ground, he has made no new friends among the American electorate. Somehow, the same man who the corporate news media insist shattered vote totals in 2020 is now sitting at record-low approval ratings with the American public. You could be forgiven for thinking somebody who allegedly managed to beat Obama’s 2012 vote totals by fifteen million would have an impregnable cushion capable of withstanding politically daunting challenges. Whether or not Biden’s 2020 support was just another media-manufactured mirage, it’s certainly gone now. Nobody anywhere sports shirts, hats, or bumper stickers claiming fidelity to his name. His vaunted record-breaking support has dried up faster than a parched man’s spit in the desert.

What kind of president (installed stooge or not) could rationally expect to survive politically when everything he touches brings more pain for the American people? If Americans didn’t understand how Marxist Green New Deal policies inevitably precipitate inflationary fuel and food prices, they do now. If Americans didn’t understand how the Biden-McConnell Establishment axis depends on never-ending war all over the world (including reckless dalliances with nuclear-armed powers) in order to enforce a “rules-based international order” that rarely benefits ordinary Americans, D.C.’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine has made things crystal-clear. If Americans thought the government’s war on free speech would miraculously stop with “hate speech,” the bureaucracy’s efforts to treat dissent as “disinformation” have opened up a lot of eyes. If Americans once gave government the benefit of the doubt when infringing on the Second Amendment, Congress’s efforts to treat ordinary rifles as “assault” weapons and Joe Biden’s own comments suggesting he intends to follow fascist Canada’s approach in strangling handgun ownership make it difficult to dispute that gun confiscation has always been the real goal.

Marxist authoritarianism is never popular policy. That’s why only defenseless populations with heavily regulated speech and markets (surviving under threats of social stigmatization, job losses, “cancellation,” and criminal punishment) eventually decide unanimously to support the tyrant controlling their fates. Until America descends further into that madness, however, Biden’s presidency will remain fallen and unable to get back up. And from the looks of it, nobody is coming to help.


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