Obama’s Con about the Khans and Gold Star Mothers

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by TLB Editorial Staff

When it comes to honoring our fallen military and in particular, Gold Star Mothers and their families, Barack Obama has been pretty much off the Radar. (Except for a few photo ops.) When he does show up it is not a pleasant experience.Video credit: Washington Free Beacon

When our military looses a member that is of the Muslim faith, Obama trips all over himself to create Press coverage and Politicize the loss… even extending his Con using the Khans as Pawns with their appearance at the DNC.

Former Presidential Candidate Governor Mike Huckabee weighs in on comments made by Khizr Khan.Video credit: Scott Arthur

In putting this post together it was almost impossible to find anyone (news anchor or guest) that had anything to say about this issue that did not follow “the party line” and serve up “the Kool-Aid’ as furnished by the Obama administration and the DNC. The above video with Governor Huckabee was the closest that came to looking at this story through a wider lens and a common sense approach.


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