HPV Commercial a NEW Low!!!!!

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

Ok, so I am house sitting for friends and under the weather so I have been watching television something that I seldom do. During my hours of binge watching home improvement shows and crime dramas I ran across Merck’s guilt inflicting commercial for the HPV vaccine. This was not one or two times but over a dozen times! How is this commercial even on the air? It preys on the fear of parents and it is designed to make teens feel cheated if their parents do not get them this vaccine. This is a new kind of low! This is brainwashing 101 and one of the many reasons I avoid most television.

For those who have not seen this commercial I am posting it below along with video that discusses the real impact of the HPV vaccine. I beg of you to do your research and refuse to obey any law that tries to push vaccines on your family. Life is short and health is precious, please look out for those you love by any means necessary. (CW)

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3 Comments on HPV Commercial a NEW Low!!!!!

  1. This is such a cruel commercial. Every time I see it it pisses me off! Why not have a lead “education” commercial and make all the parents that have sick, delayed children feel horrible they allowed that to happen even though at the time they were unaware. Education is great. Shaming is cruel. Especially since this commercial is for profit. What a disgusting company.

  2. Got cancer from hpv vaccines probably! OMG, the crap propaganda, is unbelievable. angela coral eisenhauer facebook [email protected] for information on the crap flu vaccines you GOT this season in USA, or Tdap, Dtap fraud, and the microcephaly caused by vaccines in pregnancy. Wow, 25,000 a year, vaccine damaged BEFORE they even born in USA now. Yeah, more than Brazil ssshhh CDC somehow still want to blame a mossie. UMM?

  3. If people only knew that they will prevent cervical cancer by regular pap smears. The drug industry knows it, the CDC knows it, the doctors know it. The commercials don’t know it. By watching these ads, you would think kids are dying of cancer, right and left. Cervical cancer has almost been eradicated in the US. The ads also don’t tell you that the vaccine causes two types of especially dangerous cervical cancer which is fast growing and can not be prevented by pap smears.

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