In South Africa, Obama Outlines Deep State Globalist Agenda for Humanity

ER Editor: We highly recommend an accompanying article, also published this week, by Alex Newman titled Amid Racist Land Grabs, Obama Praises South African Strongman illustrating Obama’s support for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s regime, which is currently overseeing the illegal theft of land from white farmers. So many white farmers have been violently attacked or murdered that Russia is currently taking in its first group of these farmers. We also recommend Lauren Southern’s documentary on this topic, titled Farmlands. Newman’s piece is also most interesting for the light it sheds on Obama’s African background and true political perspective.


In South Africa, Obama Outlines Globalist Agenda for Humanity


As South Africa descends deeper into the “Second Phase” of Communist Revolution, former U.S. President Barack Obama swooped in to fan the flames of hatred and envy and to argue that the world should follow South Africa into the abyss. Paying homage to South African Communist Party bigwig Nelson Mandela on the 100th anniversary of his birth, Obama (shown) took swipes at President Donald Trump, his countrymen, free markets, the rich, and much more, pushing the globalist establishment’s vision for humanity.

Obama’s speech came amid growing fears of genocide against South African minority communitiesexploding poverty levels, the emergence of racist land-expropriation programs, and even the threat of civil war and societal collapse looming. Ironically, as the truth becomes more widely known, Obama’s own words will likely condemn him and his idol Mandela. And indeed, across America, Obama was ridiculed and criticized for his comments — hoisted by his own petard.

Throughout his speech, Obama sought to divide the world into two opposing camps, further developing a narrative that has been pushed by the globalist establishment for at least several years now. The first camp described by Obama, guided by him and his oftentimes uber-wealthy associates under the banner of a mythical Mandela caricature created by establishment-media propaganda, supposedly seeks only to build peace, harmony, love, tolerance, justice, equality, “multi-racial democracy,” and all things nice. The other camp, led by “populists” and “strongmen,” by contrast, supposedly seeks a world full of hate, division, paranoia, conspiracy theories, war, greed, corruption, evil, and everything bad. “Let me tell you what I believe,” Obama said. “I believe in Nelson Mandela’s vision.” Of course, he never accurately explained Mandela’s vision — communist totalitarianism, by Mandela’s own admission in his unsanitized auto-biography.

Without a hint of irony in his voice, after waging eight years of war against the constitutional republic created by America’s Founding Fathers, Obama even claimed he shared the vision they articulated in the Declaration of Independence. “I believe in a vision of equality and justice and freedom and multi-racial democracy, built on the premise that all people are created equal, and they’re endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights,” Obama claimed before and after taking swipe after swipe at the vision of genuine Christian liberty articulated by America’s framers and enshrined in the nation’s founding documents. In fact, Obama’s globalist speech sought to undermine even the very notion of national independence, claiming that “the only way to effectively address problems like climate change or mass migration or pandemic disease will be to develop systems for more international cooperation.” More international cooperation is globalist-speak for surrendering more sovereignty to the United Nations.

A number of critics suggested that Obama had metaphorically defecated — to use a more polite term — all over the United States and its people, along with Western Christian civilization more broadly. For instance, Obama preposterously suggested that “years of institutionalized oppression have created yawning disparities in income, and in wealth, and in education, and in health, in personal safety, in access to credit.” In reality, of course, the spread of Western Christian civilization and the freedoms associated with it brought unprecedented advances in income, wealth, education, health, personal safety, and access to credit to billions of people around the world. Any honest history book makes clear that before the advance of Western Christian civilization across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, barbarism and poverty reigned supreme.

Throughout his speech, Obama also repeatedly and incorrectly claimed the United States was one of the world’s “democracies.” In reality, America’s founders were clear in their view that democracy was a horrible system of government. Instead, they expressed a desire to create a constitutional republic in which individuals’ God-given rights were enshrined in law. As “Father of the Constitution” James Madison put it in The Federalist, No. 10, “democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” A “republic,” he continued, “by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect, and promises the cure for which we are seeking.”

Despite his flowery rhetoric in support of “freedom” and “democracy,” with his speech packed with soundbites on the supposed glories of “democracy,” Obama’s true ideology and beliefs were easy to infer from the speech, and from his actions as president. And throughout his remarks, it was clear that Obama was promoting drastic changes in the direction of global governance. Among the key policies he promoted on more than one occasion, Obama echoed the rhetoric found in the United Nations Agenda 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals.” He argued, for instance, that “we’re going to have to figure out how do we close this widening chasm of wealth and opportunity both within countries and between them.” That rhetoric is taken almost verbatim from the UN Agenda 2030, which in Goal 10 calls on all governments to “reduce inequality within and among countries.” In short, they are seeking national and international wealth redistribution.

The agenda goes far beyond just stealing wealth from the poor and middle-classes of the Western world and redistributing it to Third World kleptocrats who have kept their victims mired in poverty. As Obama put it in his speech, the ongoing “pace of change” around the world is “going to require us to do more fundamental re-imagining of our social and political arrangements.” Among the policies he proposed was a “universal income,” a scheme also known sometimes as a “universal basic income.” Essentially, the idea, which is being promoted by the globalist-minded Council on Foreign Relations and other key Deep State organizations, calls for making everybody dependent on government by having it hand out money to everyone — no strings attached. The radical plan has been hyped by former SEIU boss Andy Stern, who served on the Council on Foreign Relations’ Trade Task Force, as well as Bilderberg attendee and far-left “economist” Guy Standing. Obama also touted the Rothschild dynasty-backed scheme of “inclusive capitalism.”

Of course, Obama’s proposed system of global governance would involve “some form of progressive taxation,” a key plank in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto that has been normalized in much of the West. The reason why “progressive taxation” is needed is “to make sure that everybody else has something to pay for universal health care and retirement security, and invests in infrastructure and scientific research that builds platforms for innovation.” In other words, under Obama’s vision, government would take over your healthcare, your retirement, as well as research and development — and much else too. Ironically, one of the key themes of Obama’s speech was inequality. What he did not say was that, since Apartheid ended and Soviet-backed communists took over, inequality and poverty have exploded far beyond the levels that existed under the previous regime, making South Africa one of the most unequal societies on earth. Average life expectancy has plummeted more than 10 years under the new regime, according to UN data.

And yet, Obama repeatedly hailed Mandela and his takeover of South Africa as a model for the world to emulate. Indeed, his entire plan for the “road ahead” was centered around various “guideposts that draw from Madiba’s work, his words, the lessons of his life.” “First, Madiba shows those of us who believe in freedom and democracy we are going to have to fight harder to reduce inequality,” Obama continued. “Second, Madiba teaches us that some principles really are universal — and the most important one is the principle that we are bound together by a common humanity.” What Obama did not say: Mandela was a communist terrorist (placed on the U.S. terrorist list by Ronald Reagan) who led the Soviet-backed, Communist Party-controlled African National Congress’s terrorist wing and was convicted of 193 counts of terrorism committed between 1961 and 1963, crimes that included manufacturing and using explosives in a campaign that slaughtered thousands of innocents. Mandela’s original autobiography manuscript promoted violence, terror, and communism before being sanitized by one of Obama’s officials.

Obama was also clear about what he opposed. For instance, he blasted “populist movements” as a backlash against the inevitable forces of progress and globalization, and suggested that those involved in fighting back against big government, globalism, and open borders were merely pawns being “cynically funded by right-wing billionaires intent on reducing government constraints on their business interests.” He also lambasted people who hope to secure their borders and maintain their nations, liberties, and self-government, suggesting that everyone who opposes his agenda was a vile racist living in the past. On multiple occasions, Obama lashed out at what he described as “strongman politics,” which virtually all analysts said was a veiled attack on President Trump and other leaders Obama hates. It seems Obama’s speech writers forgot that it was Obama, not Trump, who vowed to bypass Congress and impose his agenda on unwilling Americans using his “pen” and “phone.”

Critics slammed Obama after the speech, though. Writing in Townhall, for example, prominent Cuban-American commentator Humberto Fontova ridiculed Obama’s criticism of “strongman politics” by examining some of Mandela’s own heroes — especially mass-murdering Communist dictator Fidel Castro and his regime’s mass-murdering chief executioner, racist extraordinaire Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Mandela claimed that Che Guevara, who executed thousands of alleged “counter-revolutionaries” after sham trials or no trial at all, was an “inspiration for every human being who loves freedom.” “The cause of communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind!” Mandela also said, despite having lied about his membership in the SACP all his life. The South African revolutionary also claimed Fidel Castro “stands out head and shoulders above the rest” in his supposed “love for human rights and liberty!”

Ironically, Obama and other self-styled “progressives” in the United States and other Western countries like to tout Mandela and his Soviet-backed communist revolution in South Africa as a model for America to emulate. But Fontonova highlighted the facts. “For all its faults, in its record of repression, Apartheid South Africa couldn’t hold even a teenzy-tiny candle to the regime co-founded by Mandela’s idols Fidel Castro and Che Guevara,” he explained. “Mandela himself provides the perfect proof. You’d never guess it from the international hoopla regarding his imprisonment, but before his imprisonment (for communist terrorism,) Mandela enjoyed a bona-fide day in court with civilized standards of jurisprudence and under a judge who was not beholden to a dictator for his job (or his life.)” Of course, Mandela and his ANC were also vigorous supporters of the mass-murdering communist strongmen enslaving the Soviet Union, China, Libya, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and countless other nations.

Despite occasionally using language familiar to Americans, it should be abundantly clear that Obama’s vision is completely alien to everything America’s founders held dear: Individual liberty, God-given rights, limited government, Christian civilization, and more. Obama’s attacks on social media for helping to promote “paranoia” and “conspiracy theories” suggest that even the most fundamental Western values such as free speech would not survive in the utopia he and his comrades envision. As this writer and others have documented extensively in a book and a series of articles (see below) over a period of many years, Obama and Mandela share a deep bond — and that bond includes a desire to overthrow Western Christian civilization and all of the God-given liberties that Americans enjoy. And unfortunately, while Obama may be out of office and Mandela may be gone, the international Deep State network that built them up and put them in power remains firmly in place. Americans must get involved, or lose it all.


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Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman moved to South Africa on his 18th birthday and developed a deep love and respect for its people while living there in 2004-2005. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at [email protected].

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