Is Gonzalo Lira a shill for Ukraine?

ER Editor: We’ve found former weapons inspector and US military intelligence officer (Marine corps) Scott Ritter to be a sane voice and a steady pair of hands, so to speak, throughout the entire Ukraine situation. When we found him questioning the Gonzalo Lira story recently, we paid attention. Other credible independent analysts are doing the same, it seems.

Note that the August 1 video discussion below, of Ritter speaking to Jeff Norman, includes the August 1 tweets of Lira, where Lira claims to be on his way via motorbike to Hungary. Apparently, Lira didn’t make it to Hungary, but we since don’t know what has happened to him. Basically, nobody has heard anything of him since August 1.

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Lira has been tweeting critically of the Ukrainian govt and asking useful questions (especially during 2022). Ritter and The Duran team (Alexander Mercouris & Alex Christoforou) were concerned about his safety while Lira was tweeting and videotaping from Kharkov (inside Ukraine). IP#s, etc., can be easily tracked. The Ukrainians had to know what he was doing yet let him do it anyway. It was either suspicious or foolhardy. In April, 2022 he disappeared for 5 days without explanation. A notorious member of the Ukraine Kraken was supposed to be torturing Lira and nobody was speaking out. Ritter wrote an article in response to this, drawing attention to the media silence in view of reports of Lira’s detention and torture. Fortunately, Lira turned out to be alive but took extreme umbrage to Ritter’s reaction (listen to video for precise details). Ritter then washed his hands of Lira.

First, Lira was arrested because of his critical online activity. Then he was released and given access to his phones and computer which enabled him to continue the activities that got him into trouble in the first place. It likely means he’s a controlled asset of the SBU. Why would they allow him to do this? 

Lira has no original content. His purpose was to draw in people to have conversations; he has a large subscribers’ list and that’s the point.

The second arrest in May of this year was filmed and dramatic (ER: this raised our suspicions – see image below). Then Lira went dark for 9 weeks, and then was quietly released on July 6, 2023. Ritter was informed of this by people, who also told Ritter not to trust Lira, that he was working for the SBU. Lira was still trying to draw people in to speak to him after his release; Ritter was told not to participate. Then Lira sent out a 5-part, dramatic tweet allegedly from the border with Hungary (it’s a long tweet with many parts) where he lays out his whole case with relevant documents. He said he’s taken off his electronic monitor (hmm) and has ridden to the border (hmm) and that his passports have been returned to him (hmm), etc. ‘It all stinks to high heaven.’

Lira has at some unspecified point in the past reached out to Ritter asking Ritter to retract his claims of Lira being an SBU asset. Ritter has refused.

Will Lira make it to Hungary? (August 1) We don’t know (the video interview with Jeff Norman was recorded about 20 hours after Lira tweeted about being on his way to Hungary). This is a set-up. Lira’s ‘brand’ was languishing and not getting the number of followers required. So the idea is that the Ukrainians allow him to go to Europe and set him up to acquire information on anti-Ukraine supporters in Europe. For example, Ritter is on the notorious Myrotvorets‘ hit list, where people are targeted for murder. He’s also on another list for countering disinformation. So others related to Lira will likely be put on such lists.

Ritter is asked about Lira’s precise torture claim, of having the white of his left eye scratched by a toothpick by fellow prisoners torturing him. But there are few additional details about this. And there is no evidence of this on the video Lira made. Ritter finds this, and so much else, odd. Every aspect of his story is not believable. Why was he released before his trial, as a man who’s such a threat? Why release him after all this abuse? Because he now has the names of people who hurt him, who scammed him of money. This is not how it works simply because Lira can say too much if his story is true. Unless the whole purpose is a scam where he can establish his credibility on the outside with a plausible backstory. Ritter has seen this done so many times. This is what the SBU is doing. There is NOTHING about Lira’s story that makes any sense.

Lira is a dual citizen of the US and Chile. The US State Dept. has been silent so far on him. Lira claims to have been visited by personnel of the State Dept but no action has been taken on this. If he gets to Hungary, you’d expect him to get to the US consulate immediately and make his case. Instead, Lira has poo-poo’d this entire option – Victoria Nuland ‘hates’ him, he claims.

Ritter’s sure there are chapters 4, 5 and 6 being prepared right now, wherever he is. Ritter would be shocked if he’s actually arrested, put in prison and awaiting trial.

ER: The additional point we would add is, if you have children you supposedly care about, why would you put yourself and your entire family in danger ONCE by being publicly critical of the Ukraine government, only to turn around and do it all again?



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