Israeli Espionage has compromised US national security


 Some in US  Congress make career out of serving Israel

by  Jim W. Dean

The United States has a “compromised” national security policy when it comes to dealing with Israel for its cyber-spying program, an American columnist says.

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“There has never been any prosecution that we’re aware of for Israelis cyber-spying because our national security is totally compromised when it comes to Israel, you just cannot prosecute Israel,” Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veterans Today, told Press TV on Monday.

He made the remarks when asked about accusations levied against China by FBI Director James Comey.

In an interview on Sunday, Comey accused China of using extremely aggressive methods to break into US systems to steal information that would benefit their industry.

He said that the United States spends billions of dollars each year to counter what he described as China’s cyber-war against the American companies.

“Everything that he (Comey) accused China of doing, strictly with stealing trade secrets, the Israelis have also been doing for years and years, and including to that is military espionage and stealing nuclear secrets,” Dean said. “Treasonous Americans even in Congress, they make a career out of serving Israel in attacking the US and not only American Jews participate in this but non-Jews also,” he stated.

He went on to say that the US has been hiding the truth about its cyber-spying program.

“Cyber-spying is being presented in nearly a totally fraudulent way to the US public and it’s really just effectively stealing the truth from people,” he said. “The US actually started and was the leader in cyber-spying for many years because we had the technical advantage and, of course, we did not see anything wrong with it whatsoever when we knew we were way ahead of everybody else,” he added.

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