The Enemy Of My Enemy Notion…

The Enemy Of My Enemy Notion…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Ukrainian’s get a new set of Allies.

Belarusian Freedom-Fighters join the Fight against Putin’s quest to reconstitute the former Soviet Union.

Freedom Fighters in Belarus have struck Russian assets in their Country.

Belarusian Rebels now FIGHT FOR FREEDOM for themselves and demand RUSSIA OPPRESSORS OUT there, as well as stopping the attempted oppression of Ukraine (YET AGAIN, by Russia, going over 100 years’ time).

Will Russians; who are not our enemy, just their Leadership is; finally get some FACTS/TRUTH and someone finally rise-up to over-throw THEIR DICTATOR of now 2 Decades (Installed over such time every bit as fraudulently as Biden here).

VIDEO (23s): The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy?:

But I said all that, to say this…

Is the Enemy of my Enemy my Friend? NO, but can be useful… And how it relates to MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS….

First: Dispelling the old adage/notion that: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend. NO! That phrase needs an update, like I will point out below…

If you are unfamiliar with the very misapplication of a temporary alliance between otherwise opposing groups – “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is an ancient proverb which suggests that two parties can or should work together against a common enemy. The exact meaning of the modern phrase was first expressed in the Latin phrase “Amicus meus, inimicus inimici mei” (“my friend, the enemy of my enemy”), which had become common throughout Europe by the early 1700s, while the first recorded use of the current English version came in 1884. And, yes, I cover the obvious situation where we cozied up to equally pathetic Russia (who was occupying Ukraine and invaded Finland before Hitler invaded anyone, and invaded Poland along with Germany (and slaughtered Millions both in and out of Russia)) and General Patton properly warned about, and everyone knew were just as evil and going to be a problem, in my book.

Next how this applies to/with “MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS” movie
[if you do NOT care, at all, about movies in general, though this applies in the Political senses, scroll down to next section]

[Warning: contains spoilers]

A brief break from Politics… Well, not really, because Politics is steeped in all the newer Matrix drama on and off screen…

Matrix: Resurrections
Yes, Effects A+
But, you’ll see the #BernieBros pot-shots lines at real World #RedPill folks following co-creators, in full control of this script (own admission is a Trans-allegory), following his dust-up with Elon Musk on Twitter.

I recommended then, still do now if you’ve not seen it yet, see it for free if you can via streaming somehow/someway. If IMO he wants to peddle FASCICRATS-ism in real life, deprive him of his expected revenues of this Film.

I will give credit where credit is due in so far as the cleverness of aspects of the script and making this both a true sequel and yet still a reboot at the same time. This is aside from on the Lefty loon inserts (some of them being very overt thinking he is being clever and distracting you from then paying attention to the actual indoctrination attempts by the more subtle left wing propaganda or woke ism in other parts of the film (including the usual left-wing diatribes about the patriarchy (and caricature/stereotyping of the Conservative perspectives on such about “Women’s roles” not our actual positions (of course, usual STRAWMAN manure of the left) and gender/sexual norms that would otherwise be subtle but if you know about them in advance may appear to be far more overt when you see the film)) that you will just have to roll your eyes about. Including the aspect of the beginning of the film where there’s a bit of a pot shot at Warner Bros and even poking fun at itself as the matrix itself, I like and appreciate not taking oneself so serious type jokes/humor/references. May not make sense as I just said it but I had to say it in that way as to not include any spoilers in so far as this part of the article goes and that will then make sense though if you do indeed see the film.

Do not get me wrong, ELON MUSK sure isn’t 100% Conservative Constitutionalist, playing with his Electric Cars to make Millions (including by, with, subsidies) etc…. but the enemy of my enemy (while not necessarily my friend) can be a useful idiot and temporary ally! (more on that in a Post of mine on MICD12GOP site that I am the Webmaster of/for, but now that I realize it isn’t in my original BeforeItsNews version I’ve put at as part of this Article below))!

VIDEO (1m 03s): NYPost: is Elon Musk Conservative (according to the Left, if you’re not stark raving WOKE 24×7 you must be):

And, for the record, let me state I still prefer THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR (c) 1999 (TTF) that came out just before Matrix. It is based upon the Book SIMULICRON-3 and frankly deals with the subject matter far more realistically. In TTF people enter and exit the MATRIX for entertainment. It is a realistic view of where we will get not too far off in VIRTUAL REALITY (the evolution of SIM CITY to the point where we will be able to download our consciousness into the game and interact with the characters.

VIDEO (1m 03s): The Thirteenth Floor:

TTF is from The great Roland Emmerich, founder of Centropolis Productions, who was also behind Stargate, Independence Day, The Day after Tomorrow, 2012, and recently Moonfall, and so many other great projects!.

While I discourage paying to see MATRIX-4, it is worth seeing. Along with my mention of TTF above, I also highly recommend FREE GUY with Ryan Reynolds if you’ve not seen it yet. It is kind of a Matrix twist. Reynolds plays a video game character named “Guy” who discovered, becomes self-aware, and that he is a character in a video game. There are aspects of that in the newer matrix movie just says that concept was in the original matrix movie becoming self-aware that you’re not in actual reality and fighting to get out of the pretend universe.

VIDEO (3m 03s): Free Guy:

Back to MATRIX-4.dialog…

“Can’t you control her?” STRAWMAN (definition: an informal fallacy based upon misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To ‘attack a Strawman’ is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by substituting a superficially similar yet weaker proposition and refuting it, without having ever actually refuted the original position)!

Conservatives do not want to control anyone. Individual Freedom and Personal responsibility, is our credo – and, of course, individualism over collectivism in Martin Luther King Jr’s line the Left has long abandoned of “Content of One’s Character!” The Women in our Lives choose (are not forced by us, by anyone, not a Patriarchal society) to be with us, because we are not loons and morons like leftists. The Left must always make false narratives and stereotype what Conservatives are (based upon their moronic need to create the Strawman, or any or otherwise twisting of language/terms (and see too my TLB twisting/warping terms part 2). It is the only way they can Win any argument.).

VIDEO (7m 02s): New Rule: Straw Man Arguments | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO):

AND NOW, THE – IS THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY (as the old saying goes) MY FRIEND… extension/expansion….

The Enemy of my Enemy…. Temporarily useful?!?!??!?!?

CharlesWinston {GAB:@CharlesWinston}

@JLenardDetroit My enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend

And I’m happy to watch them tear each other apart

I felt necessary to CORRECT/AMEND the original adage….

Joseph M. Lenard {GAB:@JLenardDetroit}

@CharlesWinston LOL

I’m not laughing at you or your comment, but that someone repeated that “The Enemy of my Enemy” line to me just yesterday… To which I quickly told them, the old phrase needs an update – I always say:

“I may be able to make a USEFUL IDIOT for my ends/purposes of my Enemies Enemy, temporarily to defeat one Enemy today, but they certainly are NOT, nor likely ever, MY FRIEND, and likely someone needing defeating also tomorrow!”

And if you do see “Matrix: Resurrections” you will see the unlikely temporary alliances there-in that provide as a good fictional allegory to this point and perhaps now you more able to apply it In-Real-Life (IRL). Beyond that, just watch for the clear entertainment and fun and shit blowing up all over the screen enjoyment of the film (but, again, do not forget the lefty loon messaging they could not help themselves but put in as a middle-finger to all us that adopted THE MATRIX to IRL RedPilling)!

[—————————————- WARNING SPOILERS ————————————–]

The ultimate Lefty loonism… Gotta employ; no, wasn’t planned, that Wednesday March 8
th was “celebrated” as “Women’s Day” and now going to mention; Female empowerment (even though the Leftists don’t acknowledge proper/real gender (the usual hypocrisy, flip-flopping, when convenient, their usual “there is NO difference between Men and Women (when it comes to Trans’ destroying real female athlete records) til it suits their temporary purpose) h/t to mega Feminists (crazies today, not like real Feminists of yesteryear, like everything the Left coopts and distorts and turns it into just another identity politics manure hammer to divide with) and TRINITY was/is really THE ONE, the all-powerful. Yup, you were FOOLED it was really TRINITY this whole time and the BIG DUMB WHITE GUY due to HIS PRIVILEGE got all the Credit until now… And closing the RAINBOW dialog manure is NOT COINCIDENTAL.

Since the start of the Russian, unprovoked, invasion of Ukraine there are some Putin puppet buffoons singing his praises because he said one or two things, they liked in the past…

From GAB: Joseph M. Lenard @JLenardDetroit :

Still seeing some PUTIN PRAISE posts, mostly on other platforms.

So, gotta say this…

Has Putin said some things that are CORRECT! – YES, that is the HONEST answer (did you see my last two TLB Posts?? Twisting-1 and Twisting-2!! Honesty, sometimes even a Leftist moron can, like a stopped analog clock, be correct) and I’m here for THE BRUTAL TRUTH even though I know some won’t always appreciate seeing/hearing it….

HOWEVER – YOU ARE A USEFUL-IDIOT if you think he says them AS YOUR FRIEND and AS IF HE IS YOUR ALLY! He knows, there are plenty of AMERICAN SUCKERS that can and are easily played! And you are likely one of them if you are running around praising him. Clearly, IMO, again, a useful-idiot, likely engaging in hyper-partisan Alinsky attacks rather than thoughtful reasoned thought and logic based upon more than a Century of History of what has gone on in that region, sucking up to/for a Tyrant!! Engaging in Personalities, and the disdain we rightly feel for the buffoon in the White House right now, but as I discussed in several of my last TLB articles/blogs WE MUST ALWAYS CHOOSE PRINCIPLES OVER PERSONALITIES.

VIDEO (1m 29s): Mr. Jones (1930’s oppression of Ukraine by Russia):

Saying an occasional few things to BLOW SMOKE UP YOUR ASS that you lap up, makes you A SUCKER! Him saying some things, and he has, and when he has, I AGREED WITH HIM, doesn’t make him ANY LESS EVIL and NOT OUR FRIEND. He says things TO EMBARRASS the West on the World stage and provide deflection for his own corruption in Russia, idiot, not because he “wants to help your root out the problem!”

Putin is not stupid, as former KGB he knew a large part of the reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union was not just Western Military might and Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” but Pope John Paul II efforts to reawaken Christian sensibilities in the Atheist region. Putin recognizes, as did Johnson in signing the Civil Rights Act, to engage in “let them have just enough” an illusion of having the shackles removed and actually turn/twist the Russian Orthodox Church Leaders into apparatchik under him as the new Russian Dictatorial Czar-dom (spare us the “Free/Fair Elections” manure); with him as “President” and then supposedly subordinate as “Prime-Minister” to Medvedev for eight years, now El Presidente’ again. Putin putting on a “Christian” as well as “dutiful Elected Leader” façades, no more a “Christian” nor Elected than idiot Biden, here in USA. And, as to that Religion part, add fake Christians Pelosi, et al, and fake Jew Schumer.

VIDEO (13m 13s): This Is What Putin REALLY Wants (It’s Not just Ukraine)

And, yes, let’s Jen Psaki circle-back to that whole Matrix thing!! Are you one choosing to Live in the ALTERNATIVE (Matrix like) delusion (probably not You, but someone you know?), or REALITY (been Red Pilled)?!?! What this have to do with Orwell, Leftists, Globalists, China, Covid, Masks, WEF, Gaslighting, propaganda, my book, more? Guess that remains for a potential part 2 – if this is starting a new TLB trend for my writings?!?! Or would that be an upcoming part 4? As this is somewhat a continuation (therefore part 3 to Twisting-1 and Twisting-2) in a seeming on-going series (and here when I released Terror Strikes I said I would never write a Trilogy, LOL, and now I’m like all HECK WITH IT let’s add a 4th addition and see if it Sells!


Image Credit: Graphic in Featured Image (top) – Pixabay License


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
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Former 12CDRC, Wayne12, WCRC, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
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Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
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5 Comments on The Enemy Of My Enemy Notion…


    Yes, I do have RED-LINES and a BRIDGE TOO FAR…

    Some folks are talking a TRUMP/RFKjr ticket?!?!? LMFAO
    Nope, sorry, would NOT Vote for Trump if he shows such horrible judgement to be talked into such – though politically I get some DESPERATE FOLKS wanting to create some kind of UNITY TICKET nonsense. RFKjr while says some REASONABLE THINGS is a fucking nut-job, and the only (and I do mean ONLY) good Kennedy was JFK – and we can only say that cuz we didn’t see his full term or a 2nd term and what HE TOO may have been talked into by the nuts on the Left in that Party even back then!!!

    I do get the allure of the concept, and I supported the concept that McLame (horrible choice for GOP nominee) to pick Joe Lieberman (one of the last/few semi-reasonable (though I disagreed with him on most things, he was a FASCICRATS Party member after all)) and at the end of the day may have helped McLame – but a bit redundant having a RINO atop a ticket with a (more honest, admitted Leftist, unlike Senator Aricept that pretended to not be a Liberal) Democrat (two DEEP STATERS) as the under-card.

    ALSO, HELL NO to Tulsi Gabbard too. I’ve met her here in Michigan, great to talk with – would not trust her as far as I can throw her (as saying goes)… Yes, SHE (as with RFKjr in this case/respect) can be USEFUL IDIOT TEMPORARY ALLIES in going at the Left – BUT, nope, sorry, could NEVER, EVER, support a Ticket with Klaus Schwabb WEF stooge Tulsi on it.

    Though, REMEMBER how well the UNITY TICKET worked for Abraham Lincoln – IT GOT HIM KILLED as the South wanted Johnson (D) to ascend to POTUS after Civil War knowing he would GO EASY on them post-War (unlike GOP promising that “40 Acres and a Mule” reparations thing that would have cost WHITE LIBERAL DEMOKKKRATS dearly). But, sadly, most have ZERO EDUCATION REGARDING HISTORY and no clue on/about all that.


  2. Related, coming from discussion at another SocialMedia platform… The main discussion was about Leftism Alliances, but evolved into the USEFUL IDIOT TEMPORARY ALLIES that “Enemy of my Enemy” sometimes affords…

    @Scamdemic101 – You gave me PAUSE and some good “Food for thought”… I had to stop and carefully potentially rethink at least partial aspects of my argument(s)… After careful consideration, my reply….

    I hear ya,
    but I might dare to differ only to degree of saying
    LEFTISTS/FASCICRATS EMBRACE ANYTHING ANTI-AMERICAN-VALUES (so, from that perspective, it makes sense WHY they would embrace the Alphabet-Mafia crowd (while at same time idiots like Biden, Pelosi, et al, PRETEND to be Christian ( )) as Allies to help destroy USA (and as Left has no REAL VALUES/PRINCIPLES would just as easily and quickly if/when convenient TOSS THEM ASIDE if/when no longer useful to/for them)).

    They like to coddle to make USEFUL IDIOTS of them (that then are loyal, and) as just another Violent aspect of the Brown-Shirts principle to rile up to attack others (in this case NORMAL PEOPLE).

    But, again, I get what you’re saying versus the more strict set of “acceptables” to the NAZI notion of purity. That, yes, of course, MAJOR DIFFERENCE, but bottom-line in this case is JUST WHO HELPS FASCICRATS ELITES GET/HAVE/KEEP POWER/CONTROL.

    ALTHOUGH, Reports were, could all be propaganda to try to discredit the NAZIs (as if anything needed to be MADE UP about them to make them more discredited than should have been by the clear/visible/OBVIOUS shit they needed to be defeated for/about) that Himmler had plenty of GAYS in SS squads, “the Good Gays,” and plenty of Gay Orgies supposedly; but who knows – at this point who cares —– other than to continue the point about WHOMEVER IS WILLING TO SIGN UP FOR THE CAUSE (even if it may be counter to their otherwise own Personal best interest). Think too, the numbers of USEFUL JEWS (LIKE SOROS WAS) given “AMNESTY” by the NAZIs as long as they helped sell-out the majority of German Jews!

    And, frankly, there is SOME MERIT in that last point. WE TALK ABOUT INDIVIDUALISM and CONTENT OF CHARACTER and not lumping all, broad-brushing, entire CLASSES of peoples together, and in a regime that was Publicly all about CONDEMNING ENTIRE CLASSES they somewhat practiced that “individualism” value in granting EXEMPTIONS. Again, just dealing in REALITY, always willing to discuss GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY, as no-one is generally ALL GOOD or ALL EVIL – lots of SHADES OF GREY areas at times.

    I get your point, and I think you get mine
    but, certainly NOT DIRECTLY RELATABLE here, but again another side-point I think we’d generally be on the same-page about/with.

    As the saying goes:
    HISTORY may not exactly Repeat, BUT IT SURE AS HELL RHYMES ALOT!!!

  3. —- MONDAY APRIL 3, 2023 UPDATE  —–

    BREAKING: Tucker Carlson to move his ProPutin Show to Moscow, to more easily/readily get/share SOVIET Talking Points… /sarcasm

    #Finland officially admitted to NATO today… #TheRestOfTheStory

    Sad people DO NOT KNOW #HISTORY!
    I am glad Finland joined #NATO.
    #RUSSIA (#Soviets) invaded #Finland in 1930’s and were occupying #Ukraine LONG BEFORE #HITLER #Annexed / #Invaded ANYONE!

    #Sweden MUST BE allowed to join next.

    We must FORWARD DEPLOY into the #Baltic States to preserve their #FREEDOM. #NATO, purely defensive, DOES NOT THREATEN ANYONE!

    #FACTSmatter #HISTORYmatters #CONTEXTmatters #PeaceThruStrength #NevilleChamberlainismWeaknessBreedsEnemyHostilities

    more in my TERROR STRIKES #book:
    and (including UPDATE on Belarus FREEDOM FIGHTERS trying to over-throw Belarus Putin Puppet Regime and Soviet Bloc loyalty)

    Stop being a USEFUL IDIOT, study some History!

    AND LEARN WHY THERE  IS A “SUPPOSED” NAZI BATTALION, They in Eastern Ukraine saw the NAZIs (as did many NAZI COLLABORATORS IN THE MIDDLE EAST as LIBERATORS of Russian or British occupation) #FACTSmatter #TheMoreYouKnow #TheRestOfTheStory #CONTEXTmatters — they are NOT Hitlerian AntiSemite Holocaust supporting NAZI SOCI’s!!! There are more NEO-NAZIs in CA USA than Ukraine, should Putin invade COMMIEfornia?!?!? Wake from your idiocy, and the Putin Fake Talking Points!

    —- END —- MONDAY APRIL 3, 2023 UPDATE  —–

  4. This day in History…

    The Madrid 3/11 Bombings and Spain’s Jihadist Networks

    On the morning of March 11, 2004, Islamic militants detonated a series of explosives placed on four commuter trains in Madrid, Spain, killing 191 individuals and injuring an additional 1,800. It was the worst terrorist attack in modern European history.

    Ten years later, Professor Fernando Reinares, a senior analyst within Elcano Royal Institute, has now published a definitive account of the attacks, entitled,¡Matadlos! Quién Estuvo Detrás del 11-M y Por Qué Se Atentó en España (Kill Them! Who Was Behind 3/11 and Why Spain Was Targeted). Reinares provides evidence showing that the decision to attack Spain was made in December 2001 in Pakistan by Moroccan Amer Azizi – previously a charismatic member of Al Qaeda’s Spanish Abu Dahdah cell – and that the Madrid bombing network began its formation in March 2002, more than one year before the start of the Iraq war. Al Qaeda’s senior leadership then approved the 3/11 plan by mid-October 2003, Reinares reveals. Today Spain battles the challenge of jihadist radicalization and recruitment networks that are sending fighters to join the wars in Syria and elsewhere.



    PLUS, you do NOT want to miss the MADRID chapter in my book “TERROR STRIKES: COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU” Historical-Fiction (I call it “FACTion”) novel…

  5. Like I say in my HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED book that no book is ever really finished/complete, there is always room to add, change, whatever, content there-in — same is true of articles/blogs, and this one is no different. So I want to briefly add here in the comments – remember: CONTEXT MATTERS (the context of all other articles/blogs written by any Contributor). Why do I say this? Well, CONTEXT of “Biden is CORRUPT, Zelensky is CORRUPT, Putin is CORRUPT” that I mention in one of the sub-linked pieces (as I know some will try to use Biden/Zelensky mentions as Deflection to the substance in this piece) I should have repeated in this piece. NONE of that changes the unprovoked invasion and ATTEMPTED OPPRESSION OF UKRAINE BY RUSSIA — AGAIN (and the important MR JONES movie reference here-in since so few know any History beyond what they want to and usually take OUT OF CONTEXT)!!!

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