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By TLB IT & Radio Network Director: Randy Maugans

For an explanation of the dialectic method listen to the June 10, 2007 Exotica Radio Show: Not Of Our Own Making: Social Control, War, and Dialectic Materialism In The New World Order

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I watch the posts go by on Facebook…Twitter…. The recent events of Paris, now San Bernadino, and countless other violent mass trauma assaults on the human psyche. And the polarity, which is the INTENDED OUTCOME, rolls out predictably. Most of you are so entrained by mass media that you have lost your perspective. Gun controllers vs. gun rights. Muslims (so-called) vs. Christians (so-called). “Truthers” vs “Sheeple”…count the ways you slice and dice the perceptual landscape.

Let me be blunt: FEW of you actually think for yourself. Most of you are knee jerk reactionaries who process MASS MEDIA events from the surface level—without benefit of actually doing the deep research and the mental integration required to even hold an informed opinion.

Posting graphic “memes”, slogans, mis-formed headline news clips from dubious sources; sources that FIT your pre-defined opinions (which were spoon-fed to you over the course of your lifetime by MASS MEDIA). Hell, most of you are too freaking lazy to even read entire paragraphs anymore! Most probably won’t even read THIS. It might as well be “War and Peace”, that is how LAZY people have become.


ant-deadSocial media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, et al. were financed BY the same people who gave you MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN…because they KNOW you will gravitate towards your own entrainment. They also know how to PROFILE you based on your affinities. They, then, know how to NUANCE media presentations (like the Paris “Terrorist Attack”, San Bernadino…Boston, Sandy Hook…) to gain maximum impact. (How many of you pasted a French flag over your FB profile picture…?) They already KNOW how you will respond. They simply CONTOUR the stories to lead you to your most predictable conclusions—and YOU become the shit-carriers for THEIR propaganda.

Sort of like an ant trap: one ant tastes the poison. It tastes like food. It carries it back—voila! The nest is poisoned. Only the smart, discerning ant, who knows how to test the food survives.


SOME OF YOU WON’T SURVIVE what is coming. The mind control of mass media is nearly completed now. They actually have now empowered YOU—the shit-carriers; the non-thinking, knee jerk reactionaries to complete their work.

And you will VOTE based on those opinions. CONSUME based on those opinions, PROPAGATE, and eventually, GO TO WAR based on opinions which you, yourself, were too lazy to ever properly assess and formulate.

YOU, who identify as “liberal”, “conservative”, “patriot”, “environmentalist”…or any other “isms” or ideologies, will ultimately act in some manner to vindicate your particular positions—and do so at the hand of your well-intentioned government/religious/corporate leaders. The same leaders who seeded these ideologies into you via their MASS MEDIA-MASS TRAUMA MIND CONTROL GRID called “NEWS”.

There is no NEWS. It is the same sad story told over thousands of years. Only the details change. The NEWS is a self-perpetuating feedback loop that both designs and reports the events you believe are part of YOUR REALITY. (Suggest you watch the films, “Network” and “The Truman Show”).

The NEWS, and the MEMES which circulate via social media (the ants who carry the poison) are just the current iteration of the ongoing war on on human cognition. The triumph of ideals that emerged when DIALECTIC MATERIALISM (Marx/Engels) met MADISON AVENUE (Edward Bernays) met the Soviet ideal of PROPAGANDA:

~The law of the unity and conflict of opposites
~The law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes
~The law of the negation of the negation. (Frederich Engels’ Dialectical)

These three sequences are inherent in EVERY “news” event, “meme”, “popular opinion” and deeply held “belief” that is popularized under a multitude of banners every day. Repeated, circulated, looped, and recombined to INSTALL, like software programs, an ENTRAINED ATTITUDE OF POLARITY that negates the natural human functions of deliberate, conscious decision-making, based on dynamic, HUMAN processes of empathy, volition, and conscious intentionality.

Most of you are angry. Some enraged. Many are perplexed, numb, overwhelmed by the profusion of endless streams of disjointed data presented like cartoons on scrolling web pages and YouTube vids. Most of you NEVER take time to “ground”, to introspect, to tap into the inner human spirit where ALL knowledge lives in the stream that Lao Tze called “the ten thousand things”. Most of you are programmed like animatronics…automatons…and you will ultimately congeal into a mindless mass of murderers in the NAME of your own particular “GOD”, be it the gods of humanism, radical religion, or the machine messiah of the technocracy.

You are to be commended if your have read this far. MOST people on social media never get beyond cat pictures, glib graphic “memes”, selfies, foodies, and other trivialities. They also never go outside their own comfortable “FRIENDS”, who mime and parrot their particular views and ideologies.

IF you read this far, I presume I did not offend you enough to discourage you from reading it in full. It means there is HOPE. Become a beacon and share passionately the message that HUMANITY has a COMMON ENEMY. It has many names, faces, and a myriad of different ideologies…ALL designed to take the focus from the REAL ENEMY, which lurks behind the scenes of the NEWS every day. If you read this far, you are capable of discerning IT—and combatting IT. Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be patient. Above all: THINK about the state of humanity and PRAY for WISDOM.


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