Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Unconstitutional, Unscientific & Underhanded

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Unconstitutional, Unscientific, Underhanded

By: Mark Hanna

“Tonight, I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ[sic] over 80 million workers to ensure their workforce’s are fully vaccinated, or show a negative test at least once a week,”

Biden pontificated on Thursday.

The edict hasn’t actually been issued yet; it is only in the making. The White House has given itself several weeks — even months, possibly — for OSHA to bring it into force.

After cratering his own approval rating down to an unprecedented 39% — the lowest ever for a Democrat president at this point in his term — Biden seems to have retreated from his imbecilic “Ready, Fire, Aim” Afghanistan withdrawal strategy, which he boastfully executed under an immovable August 31 deadline.

Instead, he’s given himself a flexible time-frame if needed and even an escape route from the mandate if the push-back proves too damaging optically. This as hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S. citizens, U.S. visa holders, and Western allies still have no escape route from the new Texas-sized Democrat-created terror state of … Talibanistan.

The administration may also be looking for a way to turn the conversation from what may become (and some are arguing already is) the greatest hostage crisis in U.S. History. Could Biden be angling to get the GOP to stop talking about Afghanistan by infuriating them with a king-like edict that tramples the Constitution? Time will tell.

But if he’s genuinely planning to chain America with an unprecedented mandate, it will almost certainly be found unconstitutional, as were his other recent Constitution-usurping efforts to extend the CDC’s renter eviction moratorium and illegally suspend Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. The Supreme Court torpedoed both of these Democrat power-enhancing schemes.

With two SCOTUS rebukes after less than eight months in office, it’s become crystal-clear that Biden doesn’t give much credence to the constitutional limits of government — especially if they get in his way of expanding the Democrat power base.

One can imagine Biden reclining in the White House (possibly in a special room in the basement) and dreaming of a Biden-ista Revolution that creates an unstoppable permanent Democrat-controlled federal government, similar to what Democrats have done in California.

This brings us back to Biden’s mandate. Like the CDC mandate and Biden’s border betrayal, Biden’s handlers have assured and reassured the country that they are on solid legal ground. The precedent, they say for the mandate, is the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts decision, which states:

[I]n every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.

But what Biden and the Democrat dictatorship fail to grasp, or acknowledge, is that much later in 1990, after SCOTUS had ruled that the Constitution affords a right to privacy as part of the liberty the Constitution guarantees, SCOTUS found that “the forcible injection of medication into a non-consenting person’s body represents a substantial interference with that person’s liberty” (Washington v. Harper).

So as long as there is not a demonstrable “great danger” to the general public’s health, the government can’t order you to inject a vaccine into your body.

If we were in a an H5N1 or Black Fungus pandemic where fatality rates were north of 60%, mandates would be not only understandable, but welcomed. The federal government would not have to twist arms, bribe, and force the population to get vaccinated if a vaccine were available. More likely, there would be mayhem as people rush to get vaccinated.

But when the government has to use all its power, persuasion, profits, and punishments to push a vaccine, one has to ask, why? How can a disease be so dangerous to the general public if it has an overall recovery rate, according to the CDC, of greater than 97–98% currently? It’s a stretch at best to legally there is a “great danger” to society, at least a natural one from the virus. That there exists a great politically manufactured danger is another story.

“Yeah, but the vaccine has brought us to the 98% recovery point.” Not true, and here is where the mandate shows its ugly unscientific unevenness.

Even before the vaccine, the recovery rate during the early days of the pandemic in 2020 was between 97% and 99.5%. As the pandemic progressed, by September 2020 — several months before any vaccines were administered in the U.S. — the CDC said if you’re between the ages of 0 and 70, you have a 99% survival rate. And if you’re over 70, the survival rate is nearly 95%.

So the survival rate is roughly the same today with the vaccine as at any time during the pandemic.

Facts and science, however, aren’t important to Bolshevik Biden and the MSM (Marxist-Stream Media), the regime’s revolutionary mouthpiece. But instead of taking him to task on the anti-scientific basis of his mandate, they are bombarding the masses with relentless propaganda framing the unvaxxed as the new evil bourgeoisie. Disagree, and the Democrat red guards will shout you down, censor you, deplatform you, and threaten you, or, if they can, have you fired. Marx, Lenin and Mao would be proud.

But the science cannot be shouted down, and so, eventually, it will eviscerate the mandate, not only in courts of law, but the court of public opinion.

One of the most obvious scientific facts the mandate completely ignores is that there have been 41 million+ confirmed cases of COVID19 in the U.S. Add a mega-million more on to that number for the many asymptomatic cases that were never confirmed with a test. Add even more for the mild and moderate cases that were never reported since the infected knew they would recover just fine.

Whatever that number is, these previously infected are probably the most immune of all. At least that’s what the science is telling us. According the National Institutes of Health, more than 95% of those who have been infected develop lasting immunity similar to those vaccinated.

Science magazine reported in a groundbreaking study done in Israel last month that those who have recovered from COVID-19 have 13 times the immunity protection as those who have been vaccinated.

And according to a study published in Nature Communication, the 41million–plus who have been infected have or have had at least seven months of lasting immunity via stable antibodies (the NIH study found up to 8 months). However, those who have been vaccinated, according to a study released last month by researchers at Oxford university, see a much faster rate of immunity decline. According to their results, the Pfizer vaccine decays in immunity and protection by as much as 22% for every 30 days after the second dose. Natural immunity doesn’t.

Science invalidates Biden’s mandate, which unjustly and illegally discriminates against those who have had COVID-19 and likely have better immunity than those vaccinated. But there is no exception in his dictate for the tens of millions with natural immunity. Then again, leftist revolutions don’t make exceptions, only extinctions.

The blatant unconstitutionality, illegality, and unscientific hypocrisy of the Biden mandate – if it ever really becomes one — will sink it. And if not in the courts, in the states, where nearly half the nation has already affirmed that it will not comply.


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About the Articles Author: Mark Hanna holds an M.A. in international studies and has provided briefings to government officials on immigration, radical Islam, and other national security issues. He has worked for CNN as well as NBC and PBS affiliates and has been published in Real Clear Politics, PJMedia, ZeroHedge, and The Investigative Project. He can be reached at the following –  [email protected]

Image Credit: Graphic in Featured Image (top) – “Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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5 Comments on Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Unconstitutional, Unscientific & Underhanded

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    TLB Staff

  2. First of all, let’s start about by pointing out what a snowflake you are! Why don’t you whine a little more… like a middle school girl!
    Now that this out of the way… a Democrat-created terror state of … Talibanistan…? Really? I totally remember Trump being the one that negotiated with the taliban and thus was the one that gave them the power. Check your facts!
    You then make a comment about Biden trampling the constitution with a king-like edict. Well if it isn’t constitutional, then won’t it be fought and won in the courts? So really, what are we complaining about?!? And how many times did trump abuse his powers to trample on the constitution? Continuously!
    Your comments on the two other supposed constitution-usurping cases of “remain in Mexico” and eviction moratorium… the first should be done away with as its inhumane to say the least and the later is to help struggling Americans… I know. How terrible! What a dictator!!! Trying to help people!
    Lastly, because that’s as much of your nonsense as I can handle to read. You make comment about Biden hiding in the basement of the White House… do you mean like trump did when there were peaceful protesters? Lol. He’s such a tit… fake tough guy! And then he wanted the person who leaked the story to be executed. Now how constitutional is that?!?
    Oh, a democrat controlled government like in California… first, didn’t trump try to take over the presidency, permanently? And it’s not as if republicans can’t run for office in California??? Didn’t they just try to take out the governor in California? And then lost, “biggly”?!?
    You sound and most likely are a weak minded little b*tch. So does us all a favor and keep your propaganda to yourself. The rest of us, the educated, and vaccinated are doing great without you idiots in power! Good luck dying of covid… and when you do get it. Do us all a favor and die at home… why go to the hospital if you know better than a doctor?!?

  3. Well, there’s those saying its about depopulation, and the “Great” reset, and such.

    Ok, so how many people can die in short order and leave the world capable of collecting lobster and caviar for Schwab, Gates, and Co.? It’s well under the number vaxxed so far. But, if you hit 85% vaxxed you’re in range, according to Gates himself. IF your goal is to kill off the unvaxed.

    As for those that live, a life knowing they were complicit in killing billions. A live of never ending vacinations through which further culling can proceed in a more orderly fashion. A life living as an industrial chicken, eating bugs in what amounts as an industrial chicken coop.

    Our “betters” have spoken nothing about this pandemic, except in forked tongue. Biden is willing to kill for convince, just ask that family in Kabul.

    The vax is designed to chase the virus, we know that already. They built the current virus, and probably already have the Marek’s version on reserve.

    Reach 85% (ish), and a world I guess is best described as the biblical Apocalypse unfolds.

    Choose wisely, don’t get vaxed under any circumstance. It isn’t a pandemic. It won’t kill you… They will.

    This is why the “unvaxxed are a danger to the vaxxed”. This is why all the urgency. Global enslavement is the entire goal.

  4. Joe Biden and accomplices is actually committing war crimes against the American citizenry. Whoever is behind him encouraging his criminal antics is manipulating the FDA’s so-called and suspect “approval” of the cv vaxx and forcing Americans to submit to it, and illegally doing so. Biden and collaborators are committing treasonous and impeachable crimes, as defined under the US Constitution which also defines the punishment for such crimes against Americans. It should also be noted that he and fellow reprobates are prompting medical workers to commit these violent acts for the purposes of wealth and fortune, all violating the Hippocratic Oath they swore to engage.

  5. Just because the FDA supposedly “approved” any presumed vaxx doesn’t mean that it’s constitutional to force it upon the citizenry. Fact is that Biden has been compromised years ago while a good portion of the medical community has been polluted in their pursuit of wealth and fortune as they violate the Hippocratic Oath to benefit themselves. Don’t even trust your own doctor.

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