Kevin Shipp – Clinton Charity Crime Syndicate Nexus of Everything, Biggest Scandal in US History [Video]

Kevin Shipp – Clinton Charity Crime Syndicate Nexus of Everything, Biggest Scandal in US History


Are the crimes and treason of the Clinton Foundation the anvil that is about to drop? Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says, “It’s not just an anvil, I think it is a mountain and the nexus of everything.

This “Clinton Global Initiative” (CGI) is worldwide, and it’s been out there for a couple of decades. It has now intertwined former Directors of the CIA and FBI. George Soros is a part of it. It’s connected to all kinds of global financial institutions. . . . It is at least $100 billion. . . . All these people protecting and defending Hillary Clinton and knowing about her criminal syndicate, this goes into the so-called “Deep State” of our government, and it is connected, involved and intertwined in the global criminal crime syndicate called the Clinton Foundation.

This is probably going to be the biggest scandal in U.S. history–once it’s busted. I think they are quietly working on it now, and I think they have been for the last year. It is so huge the arrests and indictments could cause a Constitutional crisis with some people being removed. Maybe that’s why they are moving slowly. It all comes back down to the Clinton Foundation and the criminal syndicate.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

TLB published this video report from IWB with our thanks for the coverage.

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1 Comment on Kevin Shipp – Clinton Charity Crime Syndicate Nexus of Everything, Biggest Scandal in US History [Video]

  1. Thank you, Kevin Shipp, for exposing the crimes of the Deep State. You have and are continuing to put your life at risk for exposing the mass criminality of our govt. I have learned so much listening to your videos and it is quite sobering for someonee who is new to how utterly corrupt our govt is. God bless you.

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