LEAK: Feds Planning Massive “Land Grab” Through Executive Order


We’ve apparently just seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Bureau  of Land Management’s efforts to seize as much land as possible and put it into  federal lands.

After terrorizing a peaceful rancher with militarized  federal police just a few weeks ago, the BLM announced an effort to seize  90,000 acres of Texas land, which sparked outrage from Texas leaders including Lt.  Gov. David Dewhurst, Gov. Rick  Perry, and Sen.  Ted Cruz.

Now, a western House member has apparently discovered 14 pages of leaked  documents which indicate that the BLM’s land grab doesn’t stop with Texas.   The bureau apparently wants to acquire 13 MILLION more acres in the American  West, an effort which Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) said in a  press release would “vastly expand the power, reach and control of federal  land managers.”

“These 14 pages are further evidence of this Administration’s efforts, under  the guidance of Secretary Salazar, to control western lands by unilaterally  locking them up without input from local residents and stakeholders nor the  approval of Congress.   Their plotting behind closed doors is  disingenuous at best and flies in the face of this Administration’s so-called ‘transparency’,” said Congressman Bishop. “Thousands of westerners whose  livelihoods depend upon access to our public lands stand to be affected by these  decisions and yet this document blatantly goes out of its way to exclude their  input or participation.  If there was any question about whether or not  this Administration has declared a war on the West, these new documents are  evidence enough.”

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Here are some excerpts from the documents, with commentary added in the press  release:

Page 3, paragraph 6: The sentence, “In order to expand this network of  treasured lands to include the diversity of landscapes currently managed by the  BLM…,” shows that the          Administration is working to broaden the jurisdictional scope of lands currently  managed by the BLM.

Page 5, paragraph 5: The sentence, “Should the legislative process not  prove fruitful, or if a nationally significant natural or cultural land resource  were to come under threat of imminent harm, the BLM would recommend that the  Administration consider using the Antiquities Act…,” shows that the  Administration is constructing a new management structure without the approval  of Congress.

Page 6 (b), page 7 (4.), page 8 (3.):  Details planning for  further land acquisition and funding mechanisms.

Page 7, paragraph 1; Page 6, paragraph 7:  By their own numbers,  the Administration will target the “acute” problem of private landholdings in  BLM administered areas to the sum of 412,675 acres, or more than 370,000  football fields.

Page 9, paragraph 5: The sentence, “The BLM recommends that any major  funding increases be phased in over a five-year period to allow the BLM time to  build capacity in order to accomplish the increased work-load,” shows that the  BLM will require an increase in funding to accommodate the proposed expanded  management of lands throughout the West.

This is all the information we have right now, but Rep. Bishop says that  there is a lot more waiting to be uncovered:

“The reality is that this is NOT the complete set of documents pertaining to  the Administration’s plans to overhaul the way public lands are managed in this  country.  We know that other documents like this are out there. We’ve  requested them, but the folks at Interior continue to stonewall,” Bishop  added.  “My biggest concern is that if they’re willing to let  documents this damning out from their safekeeping, they are surely protecting  others that are far worse and even more revealing.” […]

“I remain committed to forcing Secretary Salazar and all others involved in  this matter into the light of full transparency, which as these documents prove,  is not a place they seem to be comfortable,” Bishop concluded.“But this  potential land and power grab needs to exposed, it needs to be laid out before  the public, and it needs to be stopped.”

We don’t know whether these allegations are true, but if so, this is an  egregious power grab on the part of the federal government. What’s worse  is that this isn’t even going through Congress, where the people representing  the citizens of western states have a say in how federal land is managed. Obama is doing what Obama does, legislating through executive fiat.

We’ve known for a long time that the liberals in power want to control more  and more of American land, especially in the West, for a variety of  reasons.  Many hardcore environmentalists are pushing for us to purchase  more land to keep economic development from occurring.  In many cases, it’s  just about control.

When you’ve got US government documents calling private landholdings an “acute” problem, you know that the feds have zero interest in private property  rights.  Pushing for government ownership of everything is nothing short of  socialism, and it must be stopped.

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Read more at http://conservativetribune.com/feds-planning-land-grab/#1vIB5jzTeL4avd2s.99

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