Let Left Keep Pushing, Generational Shift Occurring…


By: Joseph M. Lenard

Quasi-Part-3 of “loosely” based Series – this now third week consecutively…

As I said (in-part, and expanding here) in last weeks article: this just happenstance-wise seems a perfect follow-up to last week’s “Continued Left-wing Violence” and the week before that “Issue, Never Issue” piece too… As Hannibal said on “A-Team” – “I Love It When A Plan Comes Together” especially when I really didn’t have to bother to make the plan; just working out this way.

[Image source: X containing references to TikTok Drew Barrymore Show (YouTube Show promotion clip) interview with VP #KacklingKamala… All Rights Reserved © 2024 to each respective holder]

All this pushing by The Left studies starting to show, are causing a Generational shift of many, hopefully most, of our Youth moving Rightward in their politics. They are casting off the shackles of Leftist think and Left’s forced Leftism indoctrination in our Schools and becoming more Conservative. Also, a NEWSMAX Report Thursday May 2nd 2024 stated studies showing an even push-back upon and return to more Orthodox Christianity from the more SHOW oriented Music and Productions of more modern Evangelical Churches (NEWSMAX (Emma Rechenberg “National Report” Show Reporting (story again on Friday morning May 3rd 2024) said: return to original Catholicism) – more traditional, and as indeed toward what I’ve coined as “ChristiTutionalist TM Politics” nature (including against (away from) Marxist (and as I coined him:) #nincomPOPE Francis’ “liberalization” of the Catholic Church; and who more interested in peddling Communism than Catholicism most of his time).

VIDEO (5m 18s): 5 Minutes for the Next 50 Years – Mathhew McConaughey Motivational Speech

You can see it at the Road-side Rallies for Trump. What was the last time you say Tweeners and Teenagers at Rallies for Republicans? Oh, sure, you might see some young kids that you can tell by the look on their faces they were dragged along by their Parents and NOT really happy to be there at some “events” in past – but I’m talking clearly “enthusiastic” to be there willing participants. Many Young Adults (shouldn’t really call them kids) too – College Students that understand “No such thing as FREE” and the College Debt Redistribution scheme not Constitutional but Marxist Redistribution (no Congressional Authorization, nor authority for them to do so either clear violation of “Equal Protections”) from some to others – and in the end COSTS US ALL more in the long-run.

Those College Debt Bills are not being erased, and will lead to (as always happens, with Fascicrats policy) higher costs that future Students will be expected to borrow for. And also those getting worthless Degrees should not be bailed out of/from their Stupidity while others earn real Degrees that will set them up to/for good future earnings and capable of honoring THE DEBT that THEY freely signed on to and under Contract Law obligated for.

VIDEO (13m 25s): ‘They’re teaching children to hate America’: the culture war dividing US schools (The Guardian)

We may be seeing a small numbers of very vocal and willing to be hostile/violent Youth occupying spaces (whine about “Colonialism, yet Colonize space not belonging to them (again, Issue Never Issue and their rhetoric almost never matches their hypocritical actions)), damaging property, blockading (illegally) others, etc., but what the #ENEMEdia will never show or Report is the endless that this piece is about. A more “Silent Majority” of our Youth! More “Right” in their politics and recognizing Leftist power-hungry Fascicrats policy (and desires to grow Government intrusion into “Average Folks” lives while at same time excusing Leftist Criminal activity and having the more “Right” philosophy of wanting a Government SMALL that works at what it is supposed to, and otherwise LEAVES THEM ALONE!

VIDEO (24m 29s): Issue, Never Issue (CTP S1E46)

Did you notice when the University insurrectionists gig was declared OVER? When the University Leftists decided to call in the LEOs (where they have, other places are still trying to placate, cater, “appease,” these Leftwing Terrorists (as I put this piece together the Newsmax scrawl mentions LEOs moving to break up the encampments at MIT, Penn, and Arizona)) to finally put an end to the illegalities (after they turned the Grounds into looking like a War-zone (vs TEAParty “protest” back when and they kept the Grounds cleaned))? When the “BDS” topic kept topping the list of demands by the Mobs. OH NO, you do not dare demand University Leadership do anything that messes with their Endowment Slush-Fund Money-Laundering operations (The Leftist Elitist Rich love the “Eat the Rich” lines to sell to their useful-idiot/moron Voter base for suckering them (just look at idiot Bernie-Bros supporting Multi-Millionaire Bernie Sandtards who talks the Commie anti-Rich line all the time) regarding Voting for Rich Leftists that pretend to be against the Rich, but never if it actually effects Leftist Elite Rich people) – they will never give up anything they are invested in to give them continued growing Endowment Slush-Funds!

Let us assure… never-more… never any more UNFORGIVEN…

VIDEO (6m 24s): Unforgiven (Metallica)

SNEAK-PEEK: The next several TLB pieces and correlating/corresponding Shows (planned going forward from May 11th – June 8th) already outlined, ready to go, in some cases actually already pre-recorded. Why mention such? Well, it means I can add this COMING SOON (and/or recently dropped) addition/section to the Show Notes…

  • May 11 – S1E47 (this piece): Continued Left-wing Violence

  • May 18 – S1E48: Let Them Keep Pushing, Generational Shift Occurring

  • May 25 – S1E49: Mother’s Day retrospective (Ex Post Facto piece, just as last year’s Memorial Day and 4th-Of-July pieces were)

  • June 1 – S1E50: Slaves To State

  • June 8 – S1E51: Is Prayer Alone Enough?

  • June 15 – S1E52: Rising Tides Lift All Boats

If you’ll pardon modern parlance, The Left pushes but our Youth SHAKE IT OFF (LOL)…

VIDEO (4m 01s): Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)

[and, while I am not a #Swiftee; and despite the lines “borrowed” from Eric Church* (The Outsiders – “Players gonna Play, and Haters gonna Hate, and a Regulator’s born to Regulate”) who was also NOT the first to use the “Players” and “Haters” lines, and in fact 3LW filed Suit against Swift for copyright infringement (but you can Trademark a phrase, not copyright one line but a whole song); this is a very clever set of lyrics and annoyingly catchy music tune.]

* … and my apologies to Eric Church, in past I kept saying that “The Outsiders” was/is a “Charlie Daniels Band” song – is not, never was, but in my mind it always sounded like one.

Know anyone else that would put Taylor Swift and Metallica in the same piece? LOL!


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About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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