Remembering Freedoms & Rights (Part 2)

Remembering Freedoms & Rights (Part 2)

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Yep, you probably guessed it, this will be based upon and basically a follow-up to both the “Remembering Freedoms & Rights beyond 4th Of July Holiday” piece from last week here on TheLibertyBeacon as well as now (more or less, a part 3 to) “Honoring the Fallen beyond Memorial Day” (released Sat June 3rd, as again I drop a TLB piece each Saturday) piece. As Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than one Generation away from extinction” and we all can likely do more, I want to assure I am doing as much as I can without it further harming my Health issues! Note that this is part 2, of planned 2 part series, this and last week, so please be sure to check out part 1 that released last Saturday July 8th 2023 (link down-thread).

Something came up locally to me (actually on Sat. June 24th 2023, just now able to share with my #TLBfamily) via the NEXTDOOR App (as it implies, App for “neighbors” to connect, converse, create Neighborhood Watches, discuss local issues, etc.) worthy of sharing here….

Matthew” (last name not really relevant here) posted: “It’s 12:40 am why do people think it’s a good idea to be shooting off bottle rockets and mortars. Have some consideration for your neighborhood and the vets who have PTSD. Think about the poor dogs who are afraid of loud noises.”

My response (which some will see, before I suspect Leftist Snowflake whiners, moaners, and complainers, will “Report” the post as “upsetting their Feewings” and ask (neigh, demand; because that what Leftists do “DEMAND” things; and as an aside – see what I did there? “neigh” as “no” in discussion of NEIGHbors! LOL and by extension about Leftists always being no, no, no, YOU do NOT get to exercise Rights unless without their express “conditional” consent and control over when/where/how you can) it to be pulled (rather than just BLOCK me so they don’t see it, as (of course) Leftists attempt to SILENCE SPEECH inconvenient to their bogus narratives)…

OK, with all due Respect, but someone really need say it (things are “more complicated” than a Tweet like soundbite)…

First off, yes, there are Ordinances, and most locales this would be UNACCEPTABLE (Noise* (please see more on this from my Personal/Local complaint stand-point at bottom) and Fireworks (normally limited to certain dates/days/times) Ordinances, usually must end before Midnight) as “neighborly” Societal standards (Cities, of course, just ignore their own Rules for displays they engage in, not sure that is the case here or not, I am making GENERAL/GENERIC response overall on topic)…

BUT… and I get it, and I absolutely have “sympathy” for Veterans with PTSD (my book has a whole sub-section dedicated to their plight) and my book is dedicated to ALL who Serve, Served; Military branches, LEOs, more; to Protect our physical bodies, aid us in times of trouble/need, and help preserve our Constitutional Rights (which includes Freedom of Expression, not just Speech, and to Celebrate said Freedom), as well as to Gold Star Families and/or those dealing with PTSD and Survivors Guilt from Terror attacks, and more!

I too had a Dog (actually a few over my 6 decades of Life, and Living and dealing in Reality vs “only my Feelings”) that had “issues” with Fireworks and we would put him in a Room with soothing music on for him WHILE WE AS PATRIOTS CELEBRATE U. S. HOLIDAYS with LEGAL Fireworks — BUT within the Local Ordinances that is to provide a degree of “balance” of/for our Freedom’s but “compassion” and/or “concern” for those that have “issues” or may work “odd shifts” and sleep odd hours, etc….

No-one I know wants ANARCHY (No Government) just varying degrees of what we all consider “acceptable” Govt interface and restrictions on FREE PEOPLES. It is NOT all about the Person WE look at in the morning Mirror (there can and almost must “if we’re ‘GOOD’ people” some compromising)! And, yes, I know, I know, this response will PISS SOME PEOPLE OFF (that is why there is a MUTE and BLOCK functions, like other Social-Media platforms (don’t like me, BLOCK ME, or potentially I do others that may whine about my reply unable to deal in this Reality)), as indeed we try to avoid Political discussion (with occasional, what are our Mayors and Council’s up to) around NEXTDOOR; however this cannot be addressed WITHOUT SUCH IMPLICATIONS mentioned.

* and, yes, I get it, deal with, an idiot behind me, across the alley, that often has Parties that go LOUDLY WELL INTO EARLY AM (like 4am-ish many times) and complaining to City/Police ZERO RESPONSE because of course “those with connections to the corrupt City Leadership” do whatever the Hell they want without regard for Ordinance THE REST OF US be demanded to follow and go ignored (year after year, decade after decade, ad infinum). Joseph M Lenard Wyandotte – Pulaski Park area

See too TLB “Republic, if you can keep it” piece. Check out part 1 “Remembering Freedoms / Rights Beyond 4th-Of-July” of this 2 part series (part 3 of 3 if you count the “Remembering/Honoring Fallen Beyond Memorial Day” overall as “Remembering/Honoring” series) that released last Saturday July 8th 2023

And so happy to repeat (one last time), yes, the ChristiTutionalists Politics podcast is indeed now ongoing on a weekly (weekends) News/Opinion-cast

By now I hope you’ve seen via my previous last few TLB pieces, but will repeat ONE LAST TIME (not trying to annoy folks with continual repetition) that I have started a weekly Podcast of my own (though, no, I will NOT be leaving my Savaged Unfiltered Podcast co-host duties) mostly to discuss items of my latest TLB pieces) which will introduce TLB to “others” outside the TLB current sphere-of-influence. #ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast.  (SUBSCRIBE)

[image source: Joseph M Lenard media]

ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast S1E4 will be on the very topic you just read (and, in the plans, the expectation will be to while “honoring” those so kind to tune-in; when there are, as ListenNotes Reports: 168.9 MILLION+ podcast shows episodes (a few Shows never making it past their 1st and only Show) from which to choose from; to also honor my Father (RIP) and his Music – which is where I inherited my creative genes from (but, yes, plans can/may change a bit come Recording time).

Yep, promote, Promote, PROMOTE!!! Hope those of you that read this article will check out the podcast (really appreciate if you’ll help me get the Show off-the-ground, as all podcasts unless done by Celebrity with large already developed following, have to start somewhere and usually fairly humble beginnings. And, of course, since the episode will be on this topic, I’ll be asking the podcast listeners of S1E4 Show to come to TLB to check this article for more details.

And, NO, I do NOT anticipate continuing beyond this TLB to keep repeating the podcast, the process, going forward and hope people understand by this point the now ongoing “connection” between my pieces here at TLB and the Show. And, of course, hope you’ll tell all your Family, Friends, even random strangers at the Supermarket, if you’ve not done so already! ? LOL

VIDEO (1h 22m 19s): An American Carol (if you haven’t watched this (Freeview); as relevant (if not more) today than when released; if you like my TLB pieces (and you are here reading this one) consider it a Personal “favor” to/for me (one you will not regret) and view it NOW):

Always remember: #PrinciplesNotPersonalities

Check out this article’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast episode S1E4.

Rare opportunity for me to tout some upcoming TLB pieces from me; as I have several already (about 95% complete) awaiting some minor final touches just before these expected/anticipated publication dates:

Sa 7/8/23 – TLB: Remembering Freedoms & Rights beyond 4th-Of-July Holiday – CTP: S1E3

Sa 7/15/23 – TLB: Remembering Freedoms & Rights (part 2) [this piece] – CTP: S1E4

Sa 7/22/23 – TLB: Let’s All go to the [Theater] Lobby, for Snacks & Politics – CTP: S1E5

Sa 7/29/23 – TLB: Movies and Politics (part 2) – CTP: S1E6

Sa 8/5/23 – TLB: BIDENomics, ‘working’ (Alinsky / Cloward & Piven planned) – CTP: S1E7

Sa 8/12/23 – TLB: ’Norton v Shelby,’ and Government over-reach / usurpation – CTP: S1E8

And, yes, again, be sure to tune-in to each Saturday’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics (SUBSCRIBE) shows (Season 1, Episodes 3-8) for further additional/exclusive content on those topics, as well as see the CTP Show episode transcript for additional bonus material.

My Closing …

All gave some, some gave allhonoring fallen beyond one “Memorial” weekend (LEO’s, Military, others that faithfully PROTECT AND SERVE to preserve Freedom and Security under our Constitution (equally/equality) and remembering our Freedoms/Rightsfor all. They make it possible for me to be able to freely post this, and you to read it without threat of FASCICRATS beating in your door for (Orwell style) WRONG-THINK (at least, SO FAR, for many/most (some illegally, improperly, held as Political Prisoners on trumped up charges that is happening already) sadly many refuse to do even the bare-minimum to preserve our Freedoms/Republic so many fought and died for). Remember those Fighting, fought, or died in Service to our great Nation


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About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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