Linderman Unleashed – The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room: Aluminum in Vaccines, Medical Tyranny & Pharma Influence in Medicine

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By TLB Contributor and Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room: Aluminum in Vaccines, Medical Tyranny and Pharma Influence in Medicine.

This week on Linderman Unleashed I will be discussing aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and how a doctor known to many as The Father of Immunology is pointing his finger at aluminum with regards to many of the auto-immune issues that we are seeing rise exponentially in our society. How many people do you know that are currently suffering from autism, arthritis, MS, Mitochondrial dysfunction, diabetes and a slew of other chronic auto-immune conditions?

How many of those have been vaccinated? I’ll also be discussing why a “recent” vaccination may not be the culprit at all, but perhaps one that they received as a school child decades ago. Numerous animal studies have come out in the past decade implicating aluminum in vaccines to many debilitating issues and yet you won’t hear about that in the media or your next visit to your sawbones of a doctor …  because they don’t know … nor do they want to know!

I’ll be discussing why the above information isn’t in the media or in the hands of those treating physicians. I will also talk to the incredible influence that groups and organizations like the AMA, AAP, CDC and others have on the minds and pocketbooks of the young and old doctors alike out here on the front lines.

Add to this issue, the power and influence that Pharma has with these organizations and lobbyists in D.C., and you can easily begin to see just why we may sound like our tin foil hats are on a bit too tight … but we’re actually the sane ones in the room screaming about the gorilla at the end of the bed!

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  1. Oh no. Not again. More vivisection brought up to “prove” the already obvious. I found out about vaccines and the damage they do via my opposition to animal experiments. They are largely what gave us vaccinations in the first place. We cannot obtain anything good out of evil, let’s just stop the evil. Read these books and discover how vivisection not only does not work, it causes a lot of damage, and it is misleading . “Vivisection or Science, A Choice to Make,” by Dr. Pietro Croce. “Slaughter of the Innocent” and “Naked Empress, or The Great Medical Fraud,” by Hans Ruesch. There are many more, but that is a start. I know that “Slaughter of the Innocent is online, via ‘whale.’

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