Mainstream Media & The “REAL” Fake News [Videos]

Mainstream Media & The “REAL” Fake News [Videos]

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

As long as Mainstream Media (MSM) keep pumping out their Government Sponsored “Libtard written” Propaganda in the form of “Fake News,” the more Alt-Media (TLB included) is going to keep throwing it back in their face as well as the face of their *Corporate sponsors.

(Side Note: Ever notice how a majority of those *sponsors are the folks involved in making War materials, GMO foods, Vaccine/Big Pharma meds, High-Tech products that produce extreme amounts of health threatening Radiation and Toxic Chemicals for use in your home and yard?)

I almost feel sorry for MSM… I said ALMOST… as they have a lot on their ‘plate’ between their horse Hillary not crossing the finish-line, the Russians Not Doing it and now being called out at every turn by Alt-Media for the very thing MSM invented, Fake News. Nice try guys at trying to deflect the Bright Light of Truth away from the Dark Cave of deceit and hypocrisy you occupy… especially the false appearance of virtue and morality.

Let’s take a look some of the best Fake News MSM can produce:

MSM has some familiar Names that are enablers and fellow liberal travelers.

The Fake News, Propaganda and just out right Lies can have Global implications for all of Humanity.

While MSM editors, anchors/reporters set in their air-conditioned offices and studios flooding the broadcast and print media with their daily dose of Propaganda Pablum… we have to ask ourselves whose side are they on? (RE)


Videos used in this post, with our gratitude, are from HighImpactFlix and their YouTube platform.

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