Mumps Vaccine Failure Hits Nebraska

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

Ask yourself why the media and the medical community are in a frenzy over a multi semester mumps outbreak. All of us know the mumps vaccine has a high failure rate, but it seems much more is at play here. It has long been known that mumps is a trivial illness as far as severity goes BUT what most people do not realize is that mumps lowers the risk of ovarian cancer.

“A study from 1966 found that women with ovarian cancer were less likely to report having childhood mumps than women with benign ovarian cysts suggesting mumps may be protective against ovarian cancer. Additional epidemiologic studies confirmed that a history of mumps may be associated with a lower risk for ovarian cancer, but none of these studies offered a clear explanation as to why.”

Mumps has also been shown to lower the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and when a person has had the measles it reduces the risk of complications from atherosclerotic CVD even further.

Knowing that the childhood illnesses offer health benefits should be enough for every person to abandon the idea of vaccine choice and call for an end to the vaccine program. I am of the deeply rooted opinion that we should be seeking out these illnesses, having them, and gaining lifelong immunity. This of course would rob big pharma of future consumers and offer health benefits that would make people more productive members of society. The elite can’t allow for that can they?

We The People NOT They The Elite! (CW)



Mumps Vaccine Failure Hits Nebraska

By Paul Webber

As the rampant reports of  MMR vaccination failure continue, the mumps portion continues to fail at the college level at an alarming rate this year. The high profile Harvard epidemic has run through the 100% “well-vaccinated” population at that school at an epidemic level, causing a well know infectious disease specialist to acknowledge that the vaccine offers very little protection versus any type of direct contact with the virus.

Dr. Amesh Adalja, a highly respected infectious-disease specialist, states mumps vaccination may be sufficient to protect vaccinated individuals from low-level exposure to the virus. However, if one is exposed to high levels of the virus, vaccination may not be enough. 

Translation: your vaccination will work as long as you are not exposed to the virus.

Now another university, Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska  is reporting 10 vaccinated students have contacted the virus.

According to a press release from DHHS, those involved in the Midland outbreak received two doses of the MMR vaccine on schedule. “A third dose is not routinely advised but has been administered during larger outbreaks, as seen recently in Iowa and Indiana. At this point aggressive isolation is recommended for symptomatic persons for five days after symptom onset,” the release said.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services figures show the state averaged less than three cases a year since 2011 but has 12 already this year. After watching the Harvard epidemic run its course, Midland seems to be taking the more practical policy of encouraging students to avoid contact should they suffer vaccine failure, rather than continuing the push the ineffective vaccine.

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