Music, TV, & Politics…

Music, TV, & Politics…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

A few weeks back I had a “Lets go to the Lobby for Snacks and Politics” piece and its follow-up “Movies, Snacks, Politics, part 2” so makes sense – lets talk briefly about Music and TV…

But first a brief reprise about Movies – I hope you all caught “They Live” 35th Anniversary this year (while showing in many Theaters September 2023) and if not at Theaters please rent or stream it after you read this. Reminder: “They Live” an early John Carpenter (Writer/Director) piece where he dared to go down ChristiTutionalist Politics line before I coined the term and “Aliens” (the E.T. variety) as stand-in for the #DeepState always moving and manipulating behind scenes. Human-nature of those willing to go-along-to-get-along to Cash in for themselves. The 15-minute (minor exaggeration) I hinted at in the Movies pieces is great metaphorical outline for the verbal back-and-forth we often have with DUMBocrats to get them to see Reality!

VIDEO (3m 08s): Jason Aldean – Try That In A Small Town (Official Music Video):


#IStandWithJasonAldean (and, yes, too Oliver Anthony)
CMT (Country Music Television) crumbles to Cancel Culture, pulls “Try that in a Small Town” Video. And what my book (Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You) about, not just Foreign Terrorists but USA Leftist Terrorism within & destruction of Western-Culture (as whole, not just US). #JasonAldean #BoycottCMT

I tack this on here, because Patriots in good Independent Studios or Patriotic Producers/Directors need to assure this Song gets on the Soundtrack of their PRO-AMERICA Movies as many times/places as possible!!

Lastly, I know this is OLD NEWS to a degree and you are well aware and likely heard this story for several weeks already via FOXNEWS, NEWSMAX, OAN, and other outlets (including the ridiculous attempts by Left #ENEMEdia to make this somehow a Racist song calling for violence when the Writers (no, not Jason) and he (Jason) indeed all on the same page as to why they wrote it and why he wanted to Record it. AN ANTI-CRIME and ANTI-VIOLENCE piece, but if/when push comes to shove that we do have a Right to Defend ourselves from it. To protect and prevent our Communities being Arsoned to the ground by ANTIFA and #BlackLyingMarxist Hitlerian Brown-Shirt thugs.

Only the Left and their constant Race-baiting have the gall to say scenes (that show people of ALL RACES) is somehow Racist as an indictment of Black people? Who are the Racists? They are, if they say crime automatically equals Black people! Meanwhile scuttling #BidenCrimeFamily investigations and still creating major reach (stretching beyond all credulity of those Laws intent) on Statutes to try to charge POTUS45/Trump! Spare us the “What about the Lynching that took place at that Courthouse a hundred years ago” manure that no-one knew about until the Leftists #ENEMEdia desperate for a Talking-Point managed to dig up that History. I guess the Hannah Montana and the Christmas Movie filmed there are now also Racist (just like they tried to deem Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” as somehow Racist). When are Black Americans going to wake up to this pathetic and desperate Race-baiting?!?! Whom, in Poll after Poll show they want more police protection from the runaway and rampant Crime happening due to FASCICRATS weak-on-Crime and other failing policies!!!

Thank you to all that emailed or called CMT or Cable Companies that carry CMT and let them know they would like CMT pulled from their line-up as money will be the only thing they understand. As discussed in the BIDENomics pieces they chase the Woke ESG pennies, we must make then suffer huge dollar loses until they learn to stop pandering to the Cancel Culture manure.

A friend of mine posted a Breitbart article titled “Woke Maren Morris Announces She’s Leaving Country Music: ‘Misogynistic & Racist & Homophobic & Transphobic’” (no, not gonna link it) that I would talk about but all our “kind” reactions (here are those) were “WHO?” And some “less than polite” responses too (including a few snide ones from yours truly). LOL

VIDEO (2m 24s): Adam-12 and Emergency! Crossovers:


That’s now Movies, Music, but what about TV? May as well take a pot-shot at that too?!?! I had for decades hoped we’d get a reboot of “The Streets of San Francisco;” like Hawaii Five-O was, and Magnum P.I. was; and while I liked those originals (I did not tune-in for those reboots) but that was long before Newsome, Piglosi, others, have completely destroyed it over these last couple of decades. So, maybe best we can hope for is reboot of Adam-12; though that was set in L.A. which has equally degraded into one of Dante’s layers of Hell, but maybe could be reset into a different City; as a method of bringing traditional values and BACK THE BLUE back; as opposed to all the Trash we’re getting these days (like, sadly, the reboot of Quantum Leap went all WOKE)?!?!?

Some final thoughts:

Now after three-parts total of/for “Movies and Politics (Music and TV tacked on in part 3)” I could go on forever, and probably no surprise to anyone that is a regular reader of mine that at some time in near future I would have a part three (more on Movies, and to pivot to Music and TV) as I now have!

Follow-up to the piece a few weeks back discussion of one of my all-time favorite Directors/Producers Roland Emmerich (and the part 2 “Movies, Snacks, Politics” piece): Many know Toby and/or Noah Emmerich, two of the people involved in/with the great Movie CELLULAR (with Noah Emmerich*, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, William H. Macy, Kim Bassinger, more) I just rented (via my DISHnetwork OnDemand feature (sign-up with my VCD0026116345 referral code for discounts)) to watch again as it is an A+ (remember, when that film came out was just at the time of proliferation of Cell phones with advanced features and therefore absolute genius script at that time). A good “temporary escape from Politics film.” From GOOGLE (about Noah): On television, the native New Yorker was a series regular on BACKWASH and played the despondent Dr. Edwin Jenner in the two-part Season 1 finale of THE WALKING DEAD. Emmerich’s brother is film producer Toby Emmerich, but they are not, Emmerich explains, related to Director/Producer Roland Emmerich.

The Emmerich lines via DuckDuckGo (here)

Gasp, can you believe it? YES, you’ve reached the end of this article already! LOL Hey, gotta poke fun at ourselves if we are to be able to laugh at others. I am indeed trying to SCALE BACK the length of my pieces! ?

VIDEO (33m 32s): ChristiTutionalist (S1E5) SNEAK PEEK @ Sat 7/22 “Let’s go to the Lobby, for Snacks & Politics” (the corresponding part 1 of this series) Show:

[Part 2 Behind-The-Scenes Sneak-peek Video]

Check out this article’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics episodes S1E15.


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”! & several other books (see below).

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