Multiple European leaders have now confirmed that planning is moving forward to establish “protection centers” for migrants somewhere outside the EU.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz corroborated revelations made last week by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (see featured image of both).

“There are efforts underway to create sanctuaries outside Europe, where we can accommodate refugees and offer protection, but not a better life in central Europe,” Kurz told Austrian media.

“It’s really not a project of the Austrian [EU] presidency,” Kurz also said on the matter. “It’s a national project we share with Denmark and a small group of other member states.”

“People travelling to Europe illegally cross through several countries and pick their favorite one to lodge their asylum claim. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Questions about the project have been brewing since PM Rasmussen divulged its existence during a speech in Copenhagen in early June.

“Based on my discussions with other European leaders and on the dialogue that is taking place at the official level, I expect the first steps to be taken later this year,” Rasmussen said. “To put it honestly, this will happen in a country that is not on the list of favorite destinations of migrants.”

It is not yet known which, if any, country has accepted the responsibility and accompanying compensation for implementation of the scheme, but speculation is swirling that Albania is at the top of the list.

WesternBalkanRouteAlbania is currently experiencing a surge of migrants passing through on their way to Croatia and the EU beyond along what some officials are calling the “Mosque Route” – a replacement for the former “Balkans Route” via which hundreds of thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ passed during the 2105-2016 deluge.

The plan for ‘refugee’ holding camps on the outskirts of Europe should come as no surprise, however, as Kurz proposed the strategy in 2016 when he served as Austria’s foreign minister.

Additionally, Serbian MP Sanda Ivic warned months ago that the EU was potentially seeking to “bribe” at least one Balkan country to effectively turn the region into a “parking lot for migrants.”

“The EU is no longer ready to accept large masses of migrants, so it needs some kind of filter to stem the flow of refugees; but it can’t use Turkey for this purpose because the latter could start blackmailing Brussels,” Ivic told Sputnik. “Croatia is the EU border territory, located next to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.”

“These countries are weaker so you can always threaten them or bribe them so that they do you a favor and accommodate all those people.”


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