New Evidence of U.S., Russia, CIA and Clinton Collusion

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New Evidence of U.S., Russia, CIA and Clinton Collusion

Intro by TLB Editorial staff:

We have know since the days of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge stand off between the BLM and the Bundy’s about the Clinton involvement with Russia and Uranium.

What do the Bundy’s have to do with Uranium, you ask. Their take over of the Refuge brought to light the subject of land rights and the fact that the Clintons promised foreign government leaders certain Uranium rights on Federal Land once ‘pay to play’ money was deposited in their Foundation bank account. Bad timing for the Bundy cause and bad timing for… let’s call them… “Collusion Incorporated.”

In the following article, TheWebOfSlime connects the Dots as they have NEVER been connected. Strap in tight.. bumpy road ahead! (TLB)


The story that broke today about the Obama admin & Russia collusion is NOT old news. Yes, we knew they were involved in the sale of uranium but the kickbacks & other corruption is NEW & still developing.

by TheWebOfSlime

Look at this image:

It is the proof that started this avalanche of evidence. When the Panama Papers were released, it proved Troika Dialog is a Russian front.

That is proof John Podesta works for Russia. It is an LD 1 disclosure form. It shows he is getting paid by Troika Dialog.

Big picture, this means that the entire DNC is being kept in power by the Russians with Russian money.

But, it gets worse than that. Ruben Vardanyan has a lot of such companies, like Joule Unlimited that claimed to be able to produce clean energy from cyanobacteria… but was really just a Russian front to pay into the Clinton Foundation.

I’ve been trying to get people to listen for ages. The Clinton Foundation is a CIA front that runs pay for play and forensic interruption to keep it’s clients out of jail. Not only that, the CIA has co-opted resources in Russian energy.

Russia isn’t our enemy, they are our bitch and they have to pay into our protection racket. Meanwhile, the news is in the pocket of our intelligence community and it isn’t meant to inform you, it is used as a tool of policy change where it 1) is always gradually asserting authoritarianism and 2) always hiding the activities of the intelligence community.

The evidence is everywhere, but the bare bones are as follows.

Podesta also received 100,000 shares from Joule, over 4 years.

(Here is Podesta’s tax attorney:

That is the board at Joule. All Russian CEOs, including Sberbank, Troika Dialog, Rusnano and Rosatom.

They all worked together to make the Uranium One deal happen.

Chaika is exposed in this documentary that is banned in Russia.

Yuri Chaika was in put in power by Medvedev, but he indicates to an intelligence analyst that Sergei Ivanov is calling the shots.

Chaika said he has already been under a lot of heat because of the Politkovskaya arrests. He said that he would rather not tell me about the “Chechen mastermind” they arrested. I asked if this was because he was not really a mastermind and Chaika said that “many things needed to be tied up as we head into this election and the end of Putin’s reign.” [I know this is strange, but he kept saying things like, “Ivanov needs to have control over the situation he’s about to enter into…. Ivanov is known for his distance from such situations, so they need to be wrapped up.”

What is crazy, is that even organized crime won’t go near energy assets, which is a playground that Podesta, Hillary and the DNC have no problem playing in. That is a really interesting point… that they scare the Russian mob.

Either way, these people at the top of Russian politics are very often cooperating with our own intelligence assets. Here is a list:

During the course of the Uranium One scandal, Gazprom was also acquiring extraction rights and expanding with more locations and resources.

the company builds pipelines around the world and Gazprom wanted the the company, so the owner of the company ended up with his shoulders broken and stuffed into a pipeline. Then they turned on the nat gas and he suffocated while his limbs flew off in the 50 mph nat gas flow…..

The Russians seem pretty great at compartmentalizing, but all these paths seem to course through Dmitry Medvedev.

Meanwhile, the news in the US doesn’t actually educate people on how Russian corruption works because that would elucidate ties to our own government.

And here is how the news tricks you while attempting to appear neutral…

The New York Times and Media Matters work together to “set the goal posts” of this issue:

Cash Flowed to the Clintons Amid Russian Uranium Deal:

NBC News Just Admitted The NY Times’ Story Based On Clinton Cash “Doesn’t Hold Up That Well,” Here’s Why:

At no point do either of these articles mention some of the most important evidence. They don’t explain Troika Dialog. They don’t explain the Panama Papers. They never get around to addressing the 100,000 shares of Joule vested over 4 years at 25,000 shares per year into Leonidas. However, reading both of these articles, you can feel informed about the issue, while never being able to come to any type of solid conclusion. That is how the news works.


The truth is that the deal started with Kazatomprom and the guy in charge was arrested and jailed for treason, abuse of power, corruption, and embezzling natural resources for his own personal profit. His name was Moukhtar Dzhakishev

One country already found this behavior treasonous, and then the same thing was done in America, by selling off US uranium to Uranium One, which is owned by the Russians. US politicians were making millions selling off everyone’s Uranium, including our own.

Why do we not bring democracy to Russia by leaking all of their corruption? The same reason Russia doesn’t do the same thing to us. They have an ongoing financial relationship.

Qatar and Glencore are both involved with the Clintons in questionable ways. Marc Rich, the CEO of Glencore was given a last minute pardon by Bill Clinton, while in office. Ironically, James Comey was the prosecutor. The documents are partially available in the FBI Vault.

Qatar’s US weapon purchases were expanded 1400% after donating to the Clinton Foundation.

It should trouble every American that this is business as usual. Particularly when the press is in on it.

This is a list of journalists who collaborated with the DNC, to varying degrees, as exposed by Wikileaks:

Still, there are other channels of communications than just Podesta’s Gmail account or Hillary’s private server. The Wikileaks list is only a glimpse.

Scandal forced the Podesta Group to amend their past relationships AGAIN and we start to see how things really work in Washington. A lobbying group accepts money from foreign countries and private companies so that they have more of a voice in government and policy than the American voters.
After Donald Trump won the election, the Podesta Group filed the most revealing list, yet, in a form known as ‘Amendment to Registration Statement Pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended.” This is one piece of that document that shows that lobbying firms make deals with the news to represent their client’s interest. We already know what these conversations look like from Wikileaks; varying degrees of cooperation.

This is the whole document:

So, what is being revealed here is that the Clinton Foundation has taken over for the American Security Council Foundation in looking out for the mining interests in the world. What is scary is that, even according to the State Department Reports, the Kazakhstan mines use slave labor. Glencore uses slave labor. VCS Mining uses slave labor.

You should be aware of the proven criminal conspiracies that the CIA has subjected American citizens to, and why they really, really want torture to remain legal.

“Several of the children who Cameron experimented on were sexually abused, in at least one case by several men. One of the children was filmed numerous times performing sexual acts with high-ranking federal government officials, in a scheme set up by Cameron and other MKULTRA researchers, to blackmail the officials to ensure further funding for the experiments.”

We are lead to believe that they are doing this for our own good. But, what are they really up to? The leaks reveal some interesting things, but interpreting them can be difficult without historical context, so I’ll stick to the easy ones.

Subject: Re: El Paso Gunrunner and African Merc Dad is June 1951. Looks like his social is somehow connected to Francisco Bustamante, the pool player.

Re: El Paso Gunrunner and African Merc Stand down, Agency front

In 2006, Howard Dean’s campaign plane crashed with 5 tons of cocaine.

In 2007, a plane that was used in extraordinary renditions and carried prisoners to Guantanamo, crashed with a few tons of cocaine, as well.

The planes and pilots disappeared.

Marine Special Forces are eliminating the Sinaloa’s competition, the Zetas.

“the operation known and authorized at the highest levels of the Justice Department and which included agents from ATF, DEA, FBI, ICE, and the IRS, allowed guns to be illegally purchased in the United States and transported to Mexico to end up in the hands of members of drug cartels.”


TLB published this article from TheWebOfSlime with our thanks for the coverage and research of this pertinent story.

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