Orwell Was Right

George Orwell was Right

By: Andrew W. Coy

From George Orwell’s 1984 “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” And to paraphrase Orwell’s Animal Farm, the paint is not yet dry on the side of the barn, and they are already changing the rules to benefit themselves…the Deep State.

This is Joe Biden’s America today.

It is so horribly unbelievable how far we have fallen since 2015. The America of Biden and the Deep State is unrecognizable to when candidate Donald Trump came down the escalators at Trump Towers in 2015. The Deep State has totally revealed itself, and thus far without impunity. It is hard to call America a democratic republic today. A liberal democracy under Biden, it is not. It is difficult with an honest intellectual argument to say Americans are free today.

This is what Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Lincoln, and Reagan had been warning us about. “Freedom is only one generation away from extinction” by RR.

Make no mistake about it, this dystopian government has come from the Left; the Progressive Left. This Orwellian tyranny has come from the Democratic Socialists. This China-Venezuela-Cuba type regime has come from the Deep State. The Progressives (Socialists-Globalists-Deep State) have now turned America into a Orwellian novel in which we don’t know what the final chapter will be.

If you are now scared for America’s and your grandchildren’s future…you should be. We don’t know if the final chapter ends with heroes akin to Bunker Hill, Normandy, Iwo Jima, and the First Responders that went up the Twin Towers. Or. Does the final chapter end with a 1,000 years of darkness?

One question must be asked of the regime that placed Biden in the White House. Who is actually in charge? Who is making the decisions? Who is demanding these new Nazi-like rules-regulations-procedures? Who is making the final call? Who has now said parents demanding to be heard at local school board meeting are now domestic terrorists? Soccer moms in prison with radical Islamic terrorists? WT* ? Who is keeping American citizens charged with simple trespassing in solidity confinement in prison? Who has instructed the FBI to arrest parents for domestic terrorism? Who has demanded “Google searches” now to be looked up for “wrong think,” for crimes against the state? Who continues to call a therapeutic a vaccine, when with this vaccine, you can still get the disease and also pass it to others? That’s not a true vaccine. Who states the violent riots from BLM/Antifa are constitutional protected free speech, while peaceful protests demanding a free and fair election of 2020 are the doing of insurrectionists?

Who is in charge of the Big Tech Social Media when they decide what words are “hate speech” and punishable by prison, while left wing/anti-Trump speech is constitutionally protected? Who decided that censorship by Big Tech Social Media of all the Patriot (Conservative-Christian-Constitutional) speech, ideas, and thoughts is an American thing to do? What American in their right mind has decided that putting America First is xenophobic, racists, and evil? What person decided that opening our borders to illegal immigration, allowing illegals to come into our country illegally, was constitutional and legal?

Who decided that it was noble and justified to have a five year coup on a duly elected president…oh that’s cool somehow; but at the same time states questioning the presidential election of 2020 is treasonous? Who made the decision to leave Americans behind in Afghanistan to a certain torture and death? Who made the decision to divide Americans by race and create further animosity between the races by demanding Critical Race Theory be taught in our public schools? Who has decided that hating people based on race color is now O.K.? Who made the decision that America did not start in 1776, but actually began with slavery in 1619? Who made the decision that America should not have borders? Who made the decision to allow China to become the de facto leader of the world?

Whoever he, she, or they are; it is evil. Pure evil. They are trying to destroy America.

One thing that seems obvious: it was not Joe Biden. One thing seems certain, it was not the guy who was placed in the Oval Office. One thing seems without question, the figurehead in the White House is not making the final call. He is incapable of doing this. He does not have the mental stamina, the intellectual girth, nor the energy level needed to carry this out. Nor the capacity to demand it get done. Biden is not the puppetmaster, he’s the puppet. Whether it is Susan Rice or Barack Obama, or even Ms. Jill Biden, we don’t know. Whether it is the permanent Deep State apparatuses, or George Soros, or Dr. Anthony Fauci, or Bill Gates – we’re not sure. If it is China making the final call, (which should make Taiwan very nervous), it is unclear but possible. It would not be hard to argue that the globalists in the New World Order are making the final call. But who or whomever it is, it doesn’t seem to be the present resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He is incapable. Remember the last six months of the presidential campaign, he basically hid in the basement, while the Deep State, left-wing media, and China/COVID took the election from Trump.

As Orwell has similarly written; every day seems darker, every moment seems more unjust, and every edict seems so un-American.

The Progressives will not stop unless the Patriots demand it. Will Americans allow themselves to walk into the “cattle cars” without fighting back? Will Americans allow themselves to be placed in reeducation camps to “learn more.” Evangelicals had better not allow their church doors to be shuttered again, because if they do, they might not reopen. The leadership of the GOP had better rise up and say “no” to lockdowns or worse, and “we will not comply.”

Where is the Supreme Court? Where is the ACLU? Where is Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Tom Cotton? Patriots need them to take a stand and to take a risk. Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Tucker Carlson are doing their part. But there must be more leadership and more voices from the “unwashed masses.” Otherwise, there will be a lot of parents who do not believe in CRT, who do not believe in gender fluidity, and who believe that they themselves, these parents, are the ones God has placed in leadership of their children’s education. These parents might in the end wind up at Guantanamo Bay as domestic terrorists, cellmates with radical Islamic terrorists. We had always thought the Patriot Act was for the likes of Osama Bin Laden; now we realize it’s for us! Orwell did not know America, but he did know the evil that lies in the hearts of men who have too much power.


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