Police Use Water Cannons on Protesters in Paris [Video]

WATCH: Police Use Water Cannons on Protesters in Paris

By Kate Prengel


#GiletsJaunes 👉🏼 #ChampsElysees : Des #pompiers sur place pour éteindre les feux pic.twitter.com/9fTPpVVv0d

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Remy Buisine@RemyBuisine

Utilisation du canon à eau sur les Champs-Elysées. #GiletsJaunes #24Novembre

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Remy Buisine@RemyBuisine

Énorme tensions en cours sur les Champs-Elysées. #GiletsJaunes #24Novembre pic.twitter.com/kdBViXsKsN

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You can see the makeshift barricades the protesters built — and the fires they built — here:



The “yellow jacket” protests started last week and have spread across France. Demonstrators have set up burning barricades to block highways; other protesters have used trucks to block access to gas stations, stores, and even factories. The protests even spread to France’s overseas territories, with demonstrators setting fires and protesting in Isle de la Reunion.

The French president imposed the higher tax on diesel in an effort to fight climate change. But demonstrators say that they rely on their cars to commute to work, and that the higher tax is a hardship. The French president’s popularity is at an all-time low, with his approval rating hovering at around 20 percent.


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