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Let me warn you right now, the following article is a complete disinfo piece and a slap in our collective activist faces.  Under normal circumstances I would NOT give this joker…. er… journalist the time of day but within this shill article is evidence of an individual or group who has tried to reach out to educate and awaken the community of Minneapolis to the Geoengineering of the Skies.  Yes Dustin, Geoengineering really DOES exist.  There really ARE over 150 weather modification patents . (Thanks to Patrick Roddie and http://stopsprayingus.com/.)  Also check out this list of books referencing Geoengineering.  Doesn’t exist huh? Conspiracy theory? 

geoengineering books X

Frankly, I rather enjoy reading tripe such as  ” the conspiracy theory that makes other conspiracy theorists say, “Those people aren’t stable.”  Interesting since I really AM stable and so are most of the other anti Geoengineering activists I know.  And really, in the title, “Batshit crazy classes?”  I guess what else should we expect from a journalist who writes about “Dick Bidets” and “men getting their testicles stuck in Ikea chairs”?  Sarcasm may be his style but sadly this topic he is being flip and sarcastic about not only is real but is argued to be heralding in global climate change at an exponential rate.  People are becoming ill,  soils are becoming contaminated and water tests all over the world are coming up positive for toxic levels of aluminum, barium and others.  So go ahead Dustin, deny and mock, though I challenge you to do some real investigative journalism and google Geoengineering, or better yet, ask some of us anti Geoengineering Activists and have an open mind.  You might just be amazed at what they are doing with weather these days, WE are aware yet STILL amazed. 

And about the Environmental Research Letters…..  Over 400… yes… FOUR HUNDRED scientists were asked to weigh in.  These 77 scientists are 17% of the polled group.  Can we say “cherry picking the information you want to convey?” You see the thing about “research” and “statistics” is that they can be skewed to support whichever position you desire.  There is a VAST amount of independent research and scientists whose research does support Geoengineering aka chemtrails exist.  And lets face it, no matter how much programming, how many “chemtrail” pictures they paste on billboards, insert into movies and car commercials to make this seem “normal” it is NOT.  And we know it.  

The author references reaching out to MCE but getting no response.  As of this writing I also have left a phone message with Minneapolis Community Education and  have sent an email request for a information but sadly I have had no reply either.  I am also attempting to reach out to Minnesota anti Geoengineering groups in hope someone will know who was sponsoring or teaching these.  Because I sincerely want to applaud their effort.  It was a bold and logical move, this indeed NEEDS to be made public.  These classes were cancelled within 24 hours of being announced which tells me it was a “threat” to “their” agenda.  

More people are awake every day.  I see the evidence.  Their disinformation and mind control campaign is indeed massive yet our message continues to get out there.  I DO have hope!  (CG) 


By Dustin Nelson

Many community education programs are doing great work, helping residents to understand Excel spreadsheets, the finer points of knitting, or how to operate a bed and breakfast. Minneapolis Community Education (MCE) issued their fall guide last week and made good on the cover’s promise that you can “discover something different” inside. They offered three classes on “chemtrails,” the conspiracy theory that makes other conspiracy theorists say, Those people aren’t stable.

Chemtrail shill piece

For the uninitiated, the gist of chemtrails conspiracies is that jets flying overhead leave behind contrails, which you’ve no doubt seen in the skies above your home. Theorists posit that those contrails are actually a nefarious cocktail of chemicals, the purpose of which can vary depending on who you’re talking to. Theories range from weather control to theories about combating climate change with reflective particles in the upper atmosphere. However, outside the tinfoil hat set, these theories are largely dismissed.

Flyer 1

flyer 2

flyer 3

It didn’t take long for Minnesotans like blogger Scott Shaffer or state representative Pat Garofalo to tweet variations on “WTF!?” There isn’t much scientific ground on which to teach these courses and, aside from the descriptions of the three courses basically being jumbled up versions of the same class, it’s not clear what the credentials of the teacher would be.

So, it’s not surprising that about 24 hours after the classes were announced, the classes were pulled. Whether or not printed brochures with the chemtrails courses listed were distributed is unknown. MCE has not responded to a request for comment.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that, like any good conspiracy, the trail on how this happened may have gone cold. The hiring coordinator in charge of finding teaching staff resigned over the summer.

It’s not clear what about the classes didn’t meet their criteria, but it might be that, despite the class description claiming that “you can decide for yourself” whether chemtrails are real, there is not hard evidence that they are real.

Earlier this year, a paper published in Environmental Research Letters asked 77 scientists and geochemists to explore the possibility that chemtrails conspiracy theories have merit. 76 of those scientists said there’s no evidence that they have ever encountered anything indicating there is merit to the theory. The 77th scientist was a geochemist who found “high levels of atm[ospheric] barium in a remote area with standard ‘low’ soil barium,” according to Steven Davis, one of the study’s authors.

As the authors point out, any denial of chemical spraying programs tends to feed the beast and be used by conspiracy theorists as proof that spraying programs definitely do exist. That’s just how deep the conspiracy is. To say the least, it’s not the kind of research that will sway the true believers. But it is the kind of research that suggests it probably has no place being taught in a program like this.

MCE offers a lot of great classes and performs an important community service, but this offering was a strange decision. No doubt, theorists will see this as yet another turn in the conversation that proves the conspiracy runs deep. Who got to them and what are they trying to hide?


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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He holds a Guinness World Record, but has never met the fingernail lady. He’s written for Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, The Rumpus, and other digital wonderlands. 


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