RAID! The Human Insecticide called GeoEngineering

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editorial Staff | Archive, Video & Satellite research Christopher Lee

Remember the RAID Insecticide commercial on TV?

That was one of the original commercials. Later commercials sold the idea of spraying a toxin to kill most anything that moved and even though it smelled “sweet and fresh,” we were assured it was effective.

Today’s Raid comes in the form of GeoEngineering sprayed at 40,000 feet. CA Spray 5 12 16

This Satellite shot above was taken May 12, 2016. The spray lines are so obvious over California and out in the Pacific that no further commentary is needed at this point.

More shots from today May 13, 2016, show California and Oregon really getting hammered as shown below:

CA Spray 2 5 13 16

In the next shot (below), we can see how the moisture is being held off the Pacific Coast by the spray applications. It is as if the incoming moisture hit a brick wall:

CA Spray 3 5 13 16

For any readers that are uninformed about GeoEngineering (and I can’t believe there are very many at this point) our government is spraying us like bugs for a number reasons, including Military, Depopulation/Health Control, Weather Control  and Social/Economic control.  More on this in my closing comments.

What In The World Are They Spraying? (Click here for Michael J Murphy’s Documentary by the same name.)

They are spraying Heavy Metal Particulates. These particulates are taking care of all of the items the GeoEngineers have on their agenda and then some.

The “then some” add up to other effects on nature which matriculates down to us, intended or not.

Mounting and New Evidence


From Stop Spraying

Aluminum 4700μg/L, barium 64μg/L & strontium 44μg/L in Sacramento rain, 5-5-16

May 5, 2016By Patrick Roddierainwater analysis

Aluminum was found at almost 100 times reporting limits – an astonishing 4,700μg/L – in Sacramento rain collected May 5th, 2016.

Lisa DeFinis writes “This sample was collected on 5/5/16 at approximately 10AM in Sacramento, CA, by the airport. We had just suffered 2 days of extremely heavy spraying and it was raining and hailing at the time. I collected it in a sterile cup that I had purchased for this.”

Barium was over three times the reporting limit (64μg/L) while strontium was more than double its reporting limit (44μg/L).

Thank you Lisa. If anyone else has noteworthy rain/snow/whatever analyses, please send them to me. If you’d prefer to be anonymous, I can take your name and/or address off it, but I feel it’s best to be open. We have nothing to hide – it’s the other team who conceal, mislead and outright lie. Ours is the side of truth, and I’m happy to be able to say yes, I want clean fresh air untainted by their evil crap.

(Click the picture below to see it full size.)

Lisa's water

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  1. Where have all the hugs gone? Honey bees, lighting bugs, June bugs, moths, Love bugs, Butterflies, etc

  2. I just cannot get over the deafening silence from our congressman on the most blatant poisoning of the planet.

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