Remember The Alamo

Remember The Alamo

Commentary by: Bill the Butcher

Sam Houston stared across San Jacinto the morning of April 22, 1836. He, his army, and practically every settler in Tejas had been fleeing the troops of Mexico under the command of El Presidenté Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in a massive evacuation known as the Runaway Scrape since the fall of the Alamo on March 6th.

Americans when viewing the battle of the Alamo tend to see it through racist glasses. Either subliminally or consciously, the image of the Mexican army was that of a rag tag bunch of street fighters who overwhelmed the mission San Antonio de Valero from sheer numbers alone, not realizing that Mexico had the best trained, best equipped army in the western hemisphere, and had that army entered American territory while pursuing General Sam and his group of merry men it wasn’t written in adobe just who would come out on top! Santa Anna called himself “The Napoleon of the West,” and a conciliation between him and the fledgling United States of Manifest Destiny would take a full minute to resolve! Viva San Tanna!

But Houston noted something that day. There was little activity in the Mexican camp. This was caused by two things. Santa Anna had split his forces and sent half farther north to round up any Gringo stragglers who might be retreating along a Sabine path and upon learning that Houston was only two miles from his position, thought it might be good to settle in for a siesta to rest up before ending this action once and for all. They were taking a nap!

Houston roused his men and prepared them for battle. Now this wasn’t a West Point caliber army by any stretch of the imagination. They really WERE a rag tag bunch of street fighters led by a drunk who got up one morning and walked off his steady job as the governor of Tennessee to go to Texas and beat his creditors. As opposed to a highly trained army sitting a football field away being led by Prussian advisors, hired by Santa Anna specifically for this purpose. What could possibly go wrong?

What went wrong that day was audacity. Houston was not a quitter. Facing insurmountable odds, with everything against him, including the entire congress of the newly formed Republic of Texas, who were seriously thinking General Sam might not have been the best choice, he ordered his men to walk across San Jacinto and eighteen minutes later the war was over and there was no Mexican Army as the constituents thereof desperately tried to swim the adjoining river to get away. You know about Mexicans and swimming rivers! Who said that? Then Houston topped it off with capturing Santa Anna and gave him the choice of a tall tree and a short rope or his signature on a complete surrender of every taco in Mexico. What international law? They didn’t have that yet. Poor Santa Anna had to take an American partner and invent Adams Chewing Gum to pay off Mexico’s national debt. Don’t worry about him. He took over Mexico six more times. The boy done good!

Texas proved that audacity would take you a long way, especially if it doesn’t make any sense. If you will note it also proved that Texans would back up old church and shoot at you. And they can’t count to five thousand. Nobody in their right mind would have expected Sam Houston to gallop across that field and Santa Anna would run away in his monogrammed Long Johns.

The whole thing was unbelievable. Scientifically speaking, bumblebees can’t fly either. Well, PIGS flew on April 21, 1836!

So what did I put you through that history lesson for? Throughout history the underdog rising to the occasion happens more often than not. From Marcus Licinius Crassus’s excursion against Parthia’s badly outnumbered force to Vladimir Putin’s “Not a War” war, men (and some woman) have followed their egos into the pages of history. And it always ends bad. Or Funny. Or funny and bad!

Originally, I was gonna give you the name of the prosecutor in Georgia who filed those original thirty-four some odd charges on Trump, but, as you may know another one popped up yesterday, and I suspect there’s more down there who will be looking for a book deal someday, so let’s just call them “Hillbillies “(which they are) and be done with that. Also, one of them is “Fran” something or other and suspecting that they are Democrats or RINOs I don’t have time to run down there and pull down their pants or chance using the wrong pronoun so Hillbilly will suffice.

So, they presented their case to twelve or so Grand Jurors who signed, sealed, and delivered up all them there indictments about things they had no way of understanding or even pronounce! And, of course, CNN, and all the alphabet people were all over it.

It’s all very impressive to stack charges, but when you do that there is one of two reasons for it. It usually leads up to a “deal.” If it’s the cops it’s a cool way to clear your desk. Put all these cases in one folder and call it the Zodiac Killer, or Bonnie and Clyde robbed sixty banks. But the “deal” strategy works like this: “If you don’t run for president all this will go away!” Such a deal. Only one little problem. Donald ain’t done yet! He came to town to empty the swamp and the critters are nervous. And just because he’s up to his hips in alligators it doesn’t scare him. Because he has audacity!

Remember that house of cards! It only takes one card to turn a winning hand into a busted straight. The Dummycrats are drawing to an inside straight. One thing . . . one mid-statement . . . one 5th amendment, and it’s reassignment to the sanitation department. Think I’m wrong? Did someone say, “Ben Barnes?” You don’t know who I’m talking about, do ya?

These people aren’t practicing law anymore. They’re delving into politics. National politics. With some rather large dogs who don’t give a hoot or holler about an election in the state of Jim Crow. They just want to keep Donald J. Trump OUT of the White House! Well, guess what? It’s becoming more and more obvious every day that the American PEOPLE want him back IN the White House. And no amount of Main Stream Media is gonna cover that UP!

You will see this dog and pony show draw to a close. Politicians are peculiar people. And they are Captain Obvious. They always have to get next to a happening guy. Hoping some votes will slop off on them. Oh, I’m sorry. You’re looking for integrity. Well, they ain’t got none! Why do you think Caesar was stabbed so many times. Couldn’t find his heart.

Trump will not quit. He will not pull back. A couple of articles ago I said he is the lamest duck since Jimmy Carter. Like the Parthians, like Sam Houston and the Ukrainians. Look at your choice in 2024. One train blows black smoke, the other one blows white. Which one will you get on that day?

This is an opinion piece. I hereby swear by God, and five other old white men that everything herein is true, even the parts that are not true which are true too!

The Butcher!



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