You Weren’t Worried About WWIII Then

You Weren’t Worried About WWIII Then

Commentary by: Bill the Butcher

Trump was the first American President to visit Korea since Jesus was a corporal. He flew in to meet with Won Hun Lo and took a stroll right across the 38th parallel like he had good sense! Just stepped over the line like a Mexican in Nuevo Laredo. And the dictator of South Korea was grinning like he’d given him a big bowl of fried rice! You weren’t worried about World War III then, were you?

Donald Trump was the first real president we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt shot skeet on the White House Lawn. During a real live international event, thereafter known as The Perdicaris Affair, and you don’t have to Google that, I’ve already done it for you, just follow the link, Teddy (Bully!) Roosevelt just up and jumped on Morocco without a declaration of war and when reminded by his staff that such an action was totally illegal under international law, Roosevelt told them that he wasn’t going to destroy that beautiful action with useless legality!

We put up with Obama for eight years. Eight years of rainbow lights on the White House, Gay or not so Gay marriages, China and Russia masquerading as world powers with something to say, and places like North Korea threatening us with, you guessed it . . . World War III! So, let’s call a spade a spade. Little things like stepping right into North Korea’s backyard went a long way to reminding the world who the big dog is or was.

Trump upset so many well-established political “truths” that the Chinese had to invent a virus just to stop him. He had such disregard for protocol he left Queen Elizabeth walking behind him like some old lady he was helping across the street. He tried to build a wall on our southern border. I don’t know, he was only a billionaire who made his chops building five-star hotels all over the world. I don’t know why he’d believe he could build a wall! And as the Democrats did everything in their power to defund it, he was building it until Joe (I’m here for your daughter, Chuck) Biden took office and started tearing it down! But when Trump started pouring that cement you weren’t worried about WWIII, were you?

He knocked those rusty locks off of the West Texas oil rigs and the price of gas went through the floor. Your Democrat buddies didn’t do that did they? I saw that, so don’t Google it! During a drive to Utah in 2019 I saw pumps going up and down that hadn’t gone up and down since King George I went to work for the Saudis! I don’t know about you guys but down in Texas the price at the pump was so low we could pay with change.

The Dummycrats had to finally resort to viral control to destroy the economy, the schools, and mom’s apple pie, which you couldn’t get anymore because there weren’t any trucks to supply your shuddered stores. Oh . . . they got the churches, too. We had COVID I, II, III, until that wore thin, and they come up with Monkey Pox to distract us from all them ballots being dropped off at 2AM!

But during all this you weren’t looking up in the air for incoming ICBMs. And we went from that to being told that because some Cossack jumped on his back yard nuclear destruction is just a button away. And right now, while you’re worried about Monkeysama over in China an actual COVID lab has been uncovered in LA infecting rats to feed the homeless.

And what’s the next big thing? They indicated Trump again! He’s been in court more times than I’ve been divorced, and brothers and sisters, I’ve been divorced a lot! But there is a high side to this charade. I want you you to learn the word “Ludicrous.” Yeah. Google that. More charges coming from some hillbilly prosecutor down in Georgia somewhere. Then everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Anybody who wanted to run for anything indicted Trump for anything. Boy! Trump really must’ve grabbed these folks by . . . well, you know. Ain’t seen the Democrats so mad since the Republicans freed the slaves. But it’s ludicrous. And it gets more ludicrous by the day. Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more! I mean, how many banks could he rob from the White House?

But Biden and Company did build one thing. They built a house of cards. (That would be the White House.) And just like any house of cards, one card flips and there you go. Little girl tells mommy, and Hunter’s special prosecutor throws a Laptop monkey wrench into Sleepy Joe’s Re-election dream. Trump’s gonna take the nomination. He’s gonna return to the White House and then you’re gonna stop worrying about World War III. God Save The Queen?



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