by Rick Wells

Another conflict of interest for Rod Rosenstein has emerged. His wife is a lawyer specializing in keeping Dem info hidden from FOIAs, who worked for Mueller, Obama, Clinton and…

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Dick Morris points out other conflicts of interest in the Mueller-Rosenstein coup that should immediately end the witch hunt and have the participants under criminal investigation, and would if we had an impartial government by the people rather than a taxpayer-funded criminal enterprise running this nation.

Morris points out that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, the orchestrator of the witch hunt, is married to a top Democrat insider with connections to the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia. His wife, Lisa Barsoomian, “Is a Freedom of Information Act lawyer, who largely defends against suits brought by groups such as Judicial Watch and other conservative groups to produce documents from the Clinton and then the Obama administrations.

“Her firm, headed by R. Craig Lawrence, works for Democrats only,” says Morris, “and it’s incredible. They’ve represented Obama 40 times, Bill Clinton about as often, Hillary Clinton  17 times, Kathleen Sebelius 16 times, even represented Mueller himself on three occasions.”

Morris notes, “And yet her husband is the one that appointed Mueller and supervises him. The tentacles of the deep state run all over the place and this one really is surprising.”

But what Morris doesn’t point out is that none of this charade of justice and political action under the color of law would be possible were it not for the complicity of the Republican leadership in the House and Senate who are standing idly by, along with their fellow turncoats, allowing this distortion of justice and abuse of power to continue.

There’s no reason why they have to go along with an obvious frame up like this beyond that fact that the people they work for, the establishment special interests and the globalist anti-Americans are telling them to. They are every bit as corrupt as Rosenstein, his wife, Mueller and the rest of the coup participants.


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