Scientists From Around the World Have Been Linking Vaccinations to the Autoimmune Disease CFS/ME for Many Years

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Updated 03/20 2015

TLB Note: America suffers the highest level of autoimmune dysfunction on this planet, with a massive rise occurring over the last three generations … America is the most vaccinated society on this planet with this mechanism seriously ramping up in the last three generations … Where does coincidence leave off and It’s a FACT pick up ???

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By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), as it is often referred to, is classified as an autoimmune disease and can be found listed as an autoimmune disease on the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association website.

The ME Association states on their website that the main symptom of ME/CFS is severe fatigue and malaise following mental or physical activity. Other symptoms listed are as follows

• Muscle symptoms include exercise intolerance and post-exertional malaise (i.e. feeling shattered the day after undue physical activity), pain/myalgia (present in around 75% of people) and fasciculations (visible twitching of the muscles which sometimes includes blepharospasm/eyelid twitching).

• Brain and Central Nervous System symptoms include cognitive dysfunction (problems with short-term memory, concentration and maintaining attention), clumsiness, disequilibrium likened to ‘walking on rubber’, and word finding abilities. Problems with control of the autonomic nervous system results in palpitations, sweating episodes and symptoms associated with low blood pressure/postural hypotension (e.g. fainting).
• Symptoms which suggest on-going abnormalities in immune system function include sore throats, enlarged glands, joint pains, headaches, problems with temperature control and intermittent flu-like feelings.

• Other symptoms which frequently occur in ME/CFS include sleep disturbances (often increased requirements at the onset followed by an inability to maintain a full night’s sleep), alcohol intolerance (a very characteristic feature, particularly in the early period of illness) and irritable bowel symptomatology.

• Some people also develop emotional lability or mood swings and features of clinical depression as time goes on.

• Besides these more obvious and wide-spread symptoms there are also myriad “minor” ones. Not everyone experiences all of them and often they are not mentioned when patients describe their illness; however there is often very visible relief when they find others, too, have similar experiences.

Interestingly, although a link between ME/CFS and vaccination has been denied by governments and the pharmaceutical industry, the ME association states:

“Commonly, a previously fit and active person finds their illness triggered by an infection. Less common triggers include toxins, organophosphate pesticides, vaccinations, major trauma or stress (e.g. a road traffic accident), pregnancy and surgical operations.”

The Vaccination Link

For many years, researchers and scientists from around the world have been finding links between vaccination and autoimmune disease. However, obtaining the funding to enable them to research those links further has proven to be extremely difficult, as one professional found out.

In 1992, Doris Jones, a postgraduate medical research student, applied for funding from the Medical Research Centre (MRC) to research what she believed to be the link between vaccinations, antibiotics and the subsequent development of ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis).

Her application was turned down because, according to documentation recently uncovered, it appears that the MRC tended to favor the ‘it’s all in the head’ theory over other viable possibilities.

Ms. Jones’s Application for Funding

Copies of the Doris Jones original paperwork exposed in full on

On May 25, 1992, Jones wrote a letter to Dr. Peter Dukes of the MRC, stating how a Ciba open meeting that she attended had been a unique experience for her. She explained that although she did not belong to the medical profession and was not affiliated with any patient organizations, she was studying the subject of ME/CFS for her postgraduate degree.

(Ciba Geigy Corporation is a Swiss pharmaceutical company now owned by Novartis.)

She described how shocked she had been when she discovered that there was “a huge chasm between how the illness was perceived by general practitioners and psychiatrists compared to how it affects sufferers in real life and what its true nature may turn out to be.”

Ms. Jones described in depth a comprehensive, multifactorial, epidemiological research project that she had recently completed on ME/CFS. Enclosing the abstract for Dr. Dukes to read, she wrote:

“You will note that details on associated factors like vaccinations, antibiotics and allergies may be especially relevant, as may those on diet, stress and earlier infections. It is disconcerting that some of these associated factors can also be seen in certain apparently healthy subjects, notably in normal students, which seems to coincide with concurrent emergence of similar symptomatology.”

She backed up her theories with references to other published research, in particular the work of Professor Behan and she enclosed one of his papers for Dukes to read. She wrote:

“Indeed one of Professor Behan’s teams recently identified sequences of an enterovirus which were identical to the polio vaccine virus in a proportion of carefully selected PVPS patients.”

Jones offered various other examples of carefully researched material to support her claims, mentioning various vaccinations and antibiotics as possible triggers to ME/CFS.

Although Jones appeared to supply the MRC with sufficient documented evidence for funding to be granted, she was turned down in favor of other research projects that supplied less evidence to support their application.

At the time of her application, ME/CFS was being portrayed as a psychiatric disorder and Jones wished to dispel this myth, proving that ME/CFS was in fact a physical disorder caused by vaccinations, in particular the tetanus vaccination and/or antibiotics.

Unnecessary Human Suffering

It is interesting to note that Ms. Jones may have hit the nail well and truly on the head as to why she was refused funding, when she innocently wrote:

“You may agree that in the circumstances an in depth large-scale epidemiological research project into the disorder would seem advisable. Whilst possible consequences for the pharmaceutical industry need to be considered of course, these surely should be offset against not only an incalculable amount of perhaps unnecessary human suffering, but also against what may be a rapidly growing number of middle-aged or even quite young incapacitated, perhaps permanently disabled and STATE BENEFIT Dependent subjects!” (emphasis added)

The documents demonstrate evidence of how various discussions between Ms. Jones and the MRC grew quite heated, especially when it appears the MRC did not seem the slightest bit interested in supporting Jones’s application, advising her instead to apply to a charity for funding!

Was her application denied because research into vaccinations and antibiotics is financially beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry and therefore, not a viable option for research? It certainly appears that way when reading the supplied document.

On December 22, 1992, the MRC wrote to Jones, seemingly rebutting her suggestion that it was because she was studying vaccinations as a trigger for ME/CFS that they were refusing her application. They claimed that it was more to do with the fact that she was not “competitive,” stating:

“You suggest that there may be a link between vaccinations and ME. The sequelae of immunisation in general is of an area in which the Health Departments in particular have a special interest. The problem is to establish the specificity of that link to CFS. I can however assure you that the MRC is certainly not reluctant to support research or any other area that may be related to CFS, as long as it is competitive.” (emphasis added)

Playing Favorites

It appears from reading the documentation that instead of researching a wide range of possible causes, the MRC continually favored research undertaken by the Institute of Psychiatry, stating this fact in at least three documents.

Obviously researching vaccinations and antibiotics as a possible trigger of ME/CFS was not scientific enough to meet the ‘high standards’ required by the MRC. It is a real shame that the MRC did not realize Doris Jones’s true potential, as she went on to gain a Master of Science degree and publish a selection of papers on the subject.

In 1997, she published a paper titled ME and Vaccinations in which she wrote:

“Cases where ME subjects had been vaccinated in the month before developing an infection and/or other health problems which resulted in ME, attracted my particular attention; in some instances there were no infections – an immunization alone seemed to have triggered the onset of ME. There was also a small group who informed me they had received long term corticosteroid treatment for health problems before receiving a vaccination which triggered their illness. Significantly perhaps, adverse reactions to vaccines, drugs as well as sensitivities to chemicals and foods were reported with almost predictable regularity. Results of my study were first shown at the International Conference on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dublin, in 1994.”

Her results clearly indicate that vaccinations are a contributory factor to the disorder.

Was the MRC already aware of the link between vaccinations and the condition and is this the reason why they decided not to fund Ms. Jones’ study?

It is interesting that the same links are still being found today.
Years Later Researchers and Scientists Continue to Make the Same Connections

A decade later, Shmuel Appel, Joab Chapman, and Yehuda Shoenfield published a paper titled Infection and Vaccination in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Myth or Reality?

The authors state that although syndromes that included chronic fatigue as a symptom, such as Gulf War syndrome and macrophagic myofasciitis, were found to be related to vaccinations, there had been no evidence found to support a link between vaccinations and chronic fatigue syndrome per se.

With this in mind, the authors began to investigate whether or not they could find a definitive link between CFS and vaccinations.

They wrote:

“As discussed above, the exact pathogen of CFS is unknown, but the leading theory is that an aberrant immunological response to infection causes a chronic activation biased toward a Th-2 dominant reaction. This theory raises the suspicion that vaccinations that are given in order to trigger an immunological defense reaction, may cause in distinct cases an aberrant reaction that will be expressed as CFS by the mechanism discussed above.”

The authors went on to discuss that cases of rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, vasculitis, encephalitis, thrombocytopenia and multiple sclerosis relapse had been documented after hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination and theorized whether or not chronic fatigue syndrome could also be linked to a vaccination.

However, after exhausting the limited number of studies, which had been written on the subject, they found little evidence to support a link between vaccinations and CFS per se; however, they did discover that numerous case studies supported their suspicions.

They concluded by summarizing their findings:

“We can summarize carefully that except for several case-reports, there is no study that found induction of CFS by vaccination, but only few studies concerning this issue have been published. Further studies examining this question should be carried out and the physician’s index of suspicion should be raised because this possibility of vaccination-induced CFS is reasonable in view of the ability of vaccinations to cause Th-2 dominant response.”

Research Did Not Stop There!

Over the years, additional research also unearthed further correlations between CFS and vaccinations.

In 2008, Professor Christopher Exley et al. published a paper titled A role for the body burden of aluminium in vaccine-associated macrophagic myofasciitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The paper examined the case of a 43 year-old man who developed chronic fatigue syndrome after receiving the hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio and tetanus/diphtheria vaccinations. The authors discussed whether or not it was possible that an overload of aluminum used as an adjuvant in the vaccinations had led to his illness.

They wrote:

“This is the first report of the coincidence of macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and aluminium overload in an individual. While the initial diagnosis of CFS did not identify a disease trigger the condition developed progressively following five vaccinations over a period of four weeks. Each of these vaccinations included an aluminium-based adjuvant and, 3 years later, the persistence of aluminium salt at an injection site was confirmed by muscle biopsy in the diagnosis of MMF. Aluminium overload was diagnosed 4 years post vaccination though the provenance of this condition is unknown.”

They concluded:

“We have described for the first time a case of vaccine-associated MMF and CFS which was coincident with an aluminium overload. We have shown that the latter might be addressed non-invasively by regular drinking of a silicon-rich mineral water. We have discussed this case in the light of a burgeoning acceptance that some individuals may be hypersensitive to aluminium-containing adjuvants in vaccines and we have suggested a possible mechanism of aluminium-induced immune disease. When it is considered that as many as 1% of recipients of aluminium-containing adjuvants may be sensitised to future exposures to aluminium then a cautionary case can be made in respect of future mass vaccinations (eg. against HPV) which include this form of adjuvant.” (emphasis added)

Since this paper was published, many more cases of vaccine-induced chronic fatigue syndrome have been diagnosed. Just as Professor Exley had prophesied, many of these cases include young women vaccinated with the HPV vaccination, a vaccine said to protect women against cervical cancer.

In 2014, Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic et al. reported on one such case in a paper titled Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia With Chronic Fatigue After HPV Vaccination as Part of the “Autoimmune/Autoinflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants”: Case Report and Literature Review.

Dr. Tomljenovic and her team discussed the case of a 14 year-old girl who, after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil, developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), an illness that predominantly affects women of the childbearing age with a 5:1 female–male ratio. She stated that:

“The estimated prevalence of POTS is at least 170/100 000. This estimate was based on the finding that 40% of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) also suffer from POTS.”

She wrote:

“For example, CFS and cognitive dysfunction associated with the aluminum vaccine adjuvant- induced macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) syndrome are disabling in 87% and 53% of cases, respectively and impair both professional activities as well as numerous aspects of daily life. Similarly in our case, the patient was unable to attend regular school due to progressive and disabling POTS/CFS symptoms. In addition, some of the nonspecific ASIA manifestations have the potential to progress over time to a full-blown autoimmune disease, especially following subsequent vaccine re-exposure.”

The Story of Funding

When Doris Jones began her studies, she was unable to secure funding to enable her to research the truth between vaccinations and ME/CFS. Sadly, government based agencies and the pharmaceutical industry continue to remain reluctant to give funding to students and scientists such as Doris Jones. This had made it very difficult for patients to know whom to turn to when seeking information about their conditions.

When healthy individuals become sick following vaccinations, it is often attributed to coincidence due to a lack of rigorous investigation into the triggers. A new registry for chronic illnesses which develop following vaccination has been established. The ASIA Registry (Autoimmune/Autoinflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvant) is a resource for clinicians for all over the world to enter patient data and conduct research into causes and treatments of post vaccination adverse health outcomes.

A public charity, Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute, is funding basic research on the toxic exposures which may be contributing to the rise in chronic illnesses such as CFS/ME. CMSRI’s focus on the adjuvant aluminum toxicity and its mechanisms is increasingly shedding light on the links between aluminum, used in vaccines as an adjuvant, and chronic illness and disability.

An International Conference About Autoimmunity in France

In March 2014, the CMSRI held an International conference in France, titled The 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity.

Although little reporting on this event has taken place so far, I can report that during the conference, which lasted four days, one whole day was dedicated to concerns that are being raised about childhood vaccinations.

One of the topics that dominated much of the time at the conference was the dangers of aluminum, particularly its use in vaccinations.

Around fifty scientists, medical professionals and researchers spoke at the event and many of their lectures can be viewed on the CMSRI website.

The conference was such a success that the organizer, child health advocate Ms. Claire Dwoskin,was awarded the AESKU Award 2014 for her efforts.
AESKA Diagnostics, reporting on her success, stated:

“Ms. Claire Dwoskin, USA

Ms. Claire Dwoskin is a child health advocate, philanthropist and leader of an international effort to address the increasing incidence of chronic illness and disability, including autoimmunity, and age related neurological diseases.

Ms. Dwoskin pursues autoimmune disease research as part of her family foundation’s charitable work in the area of vaccine safety and advocacy and she is also founder of the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute. Prominent peer-reviewed journals including Annals of Medicine, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Lupus, Autoimmunity, and Vaccine have published research and articles funded by her foundation.

Ms. Dwoskin is an active volunteer board member of the US National Vaccine Information Center. She is co-founder of the Vaccine Safety Conference, which was organized in part to address the acknowledged significant increases in autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases in children and adults. She co-chaired the 2nd International Symposium on Vaccines at the 8th International Autoimmunity Congress in Granada, Spain.

Ms. Dwoskin has been active in charitable, community, state and national political efforts. She has served on numerous boards including those for higher education, public libraries, public broadcasting, performing arts and historic preservation. She is a graduate, magna cum laude, of Marymount University, where she co-chaired the University Center capital campaign.

Her goal is to contribute to understanding the causes of chronic illness and disability so that prevention, treatment and cures will follow more quickly. She and her husband Albert have two children and live in Virginia.”

The news of this award could not have come at a better time. Ms. Dwoskin certainly deserves to have her work recognized as she has been working tirelessly highlighting these issues for many years.

For many years, scientists and researchers have been making strong connotations between vaccinations containing the adjuvant aluminum and the debilitating illness CFS. Despite their evidence, however, world governments and the pharmaceutical industry have continued to manufacture more and more vaccinations containing the toxic adjuvant.

In this article alone, a total of six vaccinations containing the aluminum adjuvant have been identified. Each and every one of these vaccinations is included in our childhood vaccination schedules and each is deemed necessary by “experts.”

Surely it is time that we as parents said that ‘enough is enough.’ More research is necessary to investigate these links further and until this is done, it is in my opinion that all vaccinations including the adjuvant aluminum should be suspended until further notice.

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